Friday, January 28, 2011

post midterm

what am i supposed to do when twitter and facebook both are blocked here in egypt? blog of course!!! due to the riot here, egypt has blocked both websites and us malaysians here don't have anything else to do especially it's holiday now but to stare at the ceiling in the room doing nothing. thank you very much! im kinda worried because both my parents are coming here soon but how are they gonna enjoy the vacation if it's riot everywhere. whenever i walk, i could see police everywhere and it's kinda creepy you know. to all people out there, do pray for our safety here and please let my parents arrive here safely amin,,,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

happy exam =)

mama: did u buy something online? the bill has just arrived. apa tu?

me: ouh aah. i unlocked my BB

mama: kan mama da cakap jangan purchase online lagi takut nanti fraud

me: desperate da tu. sorry ma!

ha kan da kena marah padan muka!

daddy: from what i've heard from mama, u've ordered so many things to bring and take along with us. looks like it's not gonna be a honeymoon for us. ha ha

me: ala, alang2 da datang. bukan selalu. nak tunggu balik malaysia lambat lagi. hehe

ok since when daddy started to use ha ha? that's odd. this one for sure mama da tension sebab anak dia ni dok text dia hari2 suruh bawak itu ini sampai bagitau daddy and daddy pun nak convey kan kemarahan mama tu by saying ha ha or maybe i'm just plain wrong :P