Thursday, December 30, 2010

pecahkan minyak tengah malam

congrats to malaysian team. finally you guys did something that's worth the government's money by winning the game. sila jangan terasa. betul la kan. i didn't watch the game by the way. anyhow, mid-sem is around the corner. i can't wait for it to be over. first thing first, i have to study like hell so that i can get a good result and then i can have a family vacation with my loved ones. like daddy said "focus on your study and exams. forget bout everything else for a while". ergo, let's start studying and stop twittering, facebooking and blogging. haha. to all mansouriyyin, good luck with the exams. have a great month of burning the midnight oil. till then, see ya when i see ya

us with husna's daughther (husna is my colleague here)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ahlan winter =)

i'm back safe and sound from the longest fever i ever had in my entire life. this year, the weather is a bit colder than usual. when i check the weather forecast for mansoura, the lowest temperature is 3 degrees compare to the usual one 6@7 degrees. everyone's status on facebook is about the coldness in egypt. so here's a list of what to do when it's winter

1. put on ur boots
2. turn on the water and room heater (i can die from heart attack when i get the electric bills =_=')
3. duvet to cover you up when you are asleep
4. winter coats
5. watch your weight (my record is 5kg so far. i'm trying not to gain any weight for this year's winter. will i be able to do it? let's just watch and see)
6. flu, sore throat and fever medicine
7. food! tons of em' :p
8. hot drinks (i love this one)

i hope it helps you. cheerios people ;)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

how i spend my day-off

we've come to the last month of the year - december and it's gonna be 2011 soon. my my. time flies really fast. i'm gonna be 23 next year. feels like i was still in high school juggling with my studies. happy thanksgiving and merry christmas in advance to all my friends =)

my days here are as usual. wake up, go to class, go back home and revise. the same routine everyday from saturday till thursday and i have friday off which doesn't feel like a holiday at all cause it's only a day. *sigh*

last friday i went to cairo with ummu to watch harry potter. it was good compared to the previous 1 which i almost fell asleep watching it. wanted to watch at 10am but the tickets were sold out. so we watched the one screening 1pm and guess what? we got the front row seat. i was having a hard time adjusting my posture cause my neck hurts every 5 minutes or so =_='. while waiting for the screening, we had our lunch at MCD. after the movie, we went a lil' bit of window shopping

after we left city stars, we went to the music store nearby and i bought a guitar for myself :D . by that time, it was already maghrib so went to syari' robik to visit ummu's friends. around 8.30pm, we left cairo and we reached mansourah around 10.30 pm

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

raya haji style perantauan

4th day - kacaks ;)

singing to peterpan - dan mungkin bila nanti kita kan bertemu lagi. hahaha

cute guys above us. that explains the awkwardness

me with bibi =)

thanks for coming over guys

i heart you

3rd day - at the wedding reception with ummu ulfah

2nd day - tya, tqa, paah n' me

batch 07/08

with a good friend of mine, wan

before going to istaad gamaah

1st day - the 1st one on the table. giler pelahap. haha

with Alia Ishak. single n' available. roger me for her number ;)

all of us

with Ummu Ulfah. she's never been single. haha

just like in malaysia

drools all over the place. haha

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

berihitam yang putih

i just unlocked my blackberry yay! regret that i didn't do it when i was in malaysia. if not, i can use it with my malaysia's number. after i paid for the unlock code which is 15usd, i came across other website that offers cheaper price which is 9usd. hish! what a waste! i could save 6usd which is rm18. but it's okay. sometimes, you gain some money and sometimes you'll lose some.

me: ma, kawan balik bulan 1. nak kirim baju boleh?

mama: ha? again? bru 1 week balik da mintak baju baru ke?

me: hihi. stock for 1 year la ma

when i arrived here, i logged into my bsn account using paah's laptop. somehow i didn't enter the correct password. after three times, my account got suspended. i'm just worried that i might not be able to withdraw my money cause i only have 1 atm card. then i remember i got a cousin working at bsn. she really is my lifesaver. hopefully, everything goes well and i'll be able to log into my account =)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

new chapter of my life


i've safely arrived here in egypt. here goes the new chapter of my life. new year, new resolution. please let me pass with flying colours this time around i'm begging. the first day i went to class, my back hurts like hell. PMS i guess. yesterday morning, when i wanted to get up from my bed, i can't move. it hurts so much that i have to stay on bed all the time. this morning, Alhamdulillah, much better but i can't do much of walking. if by tomorrow, the pain is still there, guess i have to go to the hospital. hopefully, there's nothing serious. do pray for my health peeps. i'm just plain scared if anything happens to me. my parents are just too far away. =(

Friday, October 22, 2010

sayonara =)

do you people know what cheers me up everyday when i wake up in the morning? when i online and read all the updates from the bloggers. blogwalking is one of my favourite pastime. therefore, thanks to all the readers who update their blogs as frequent as possible cause you guys put a smile on my face. keep updating so that i won't be bored.

1 week left till i hit the air as in flying back to my 2nd hometown, egypt where i spend part of my life there. sad that i have to leave malaysia but as mama said, you are a student. you have a responsibility towards your country, family and the one and only Allah. be blessed that you can come home at least once a year. yes mama i am grateful. who said i didn't??? guess i have to wait another 9 months=273 days=1092 hours=65520 minutes=3931200 seconds. august 2011 - see you soon Malaysia. i'm gonna miss you so much. till we meet again

Monday, October 18, 2010

ed and qash early birthday celebration

it's been a while since my last post. frankly speaking, i feel like i've lost the momentum to blog. i'll try to update my blog as much as possible. the days that i went through here was superb! im still in malaysia and will be leaving on 31st of october. it's gonna be soon i know. sad to think of it. wanted to come back home during winter but come to think of it, it's better if i spend the money to travel elsewhere right?

so how do i spend my days after raya? well, i spend it with my friend of course. i went out with my BFF put couple of times. thanks to her, she's willing to travel quite far just to pick me up. don't worry buddy, i won't charge you any consultation fee if you come to my clinic in the future insyaAllah ;) . did lots of shopping with her. god knows how much i spent since i got here. when i checked my acoount with mama, she asked me "berapa duit tinggal?" and i went "rahsia!. haha". not that i don't wanna tell her, but i just couldn't bear the nag that i might be getting if i tell her the truth. haha. but she knew eventually when my brother spilled the amount.

besides put, i managed to went out with my coursemates from egypt of course since most of them stay nearby to my place. not to forget, my friend from my primary school. imagine meeting them after 10 years of not seeing each other. quite awkward in the beginning but it went well. thanks for coming over and insyaAllah we'll see each other again next year insyAllah :)

when i feel sad counting the days to go back home, this one man said, stop counting the days and enjoy the rest of the days left sab! what a good way to cheer me up buddy! haha

i just got back from my 4 days 3 nights of vacay in medan. it was superb i must say. mama scored herself curtains from there. it's quite cheap compare to the price here in malaysia. usually, mama sew the curtains herself to reduce the cost because if you buy it ready-made, it costs you double. but now, i guess she could just fly there and buy herself the curtains.

since daddy went to bandung last friday and there are only mama, me , khal and ed, we made a lil' trip to aunty na's house. we cooked lunches and made mama's famous fruit jelly cheesecake and we brought it over and had at aunyt na's. later, we made a tour around shah alam and we went to pesta bunga at PKNS before we went back to aunty na's home for tea. had some chit chats and we went back home by maghrib. i went to bed early last night and woke up with piles of dishes to do and dusty floor. my brother is so gonna get it from me later when he gets home. argh!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

wake me up when october ends =(

oh hati kenapa dikau bersedih
silalah bergembira selagi ada peluang di sini
tabahkan diri sendiri
insyaAllah dapat pulang kembali ke tanah air tahun hadapan
1 tahun lagi?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

14 syawal

with the youngest of my siblings ed

while mopping the floor before the open house - pura-pura ceria

hari raya yay!!!

with my lovely cousin nad

well well, when was my last post? 2 months ago? i have no idea what the heck i've been doing all these while. well, to all my peeps, im in malaysia for nearly 2 weeks now. malaysia is heaven!!! it's nice once in a while getting away from egypt hence the reason why i come back every year. call me spoiled or whatsoever. try to live in egypt and you'll know why you'll feel like studying in malaysia. though it's a bit late, but it's not over right? i would like to wish all muslims, selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin. sorry for all my wrong doings and do forgive me. to my peeps nearby, do not hesitate to come over berhari raya. i'm at home 24-7. you guys can pm me for my number

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ramadhan al-mubarak

few days left till ramadhan. a month that most of us been waiting for. hopefully this ramadhan, i can do more deeds than the previous year insyaAllah. i already booked the ticket and i'm coming back home soon. to all my friends, i can't wait to meet you guys up. right now, i'm at the new house. so far so good. it's weird having malaysian housemates after almost a year living with saudian. back to polishing my bahasa skill =p. i hereby would like to wish all the muslims, happy ramadhan and do have a good one =)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

samanoudy - a place call home

OMG! t's been ages since i last updated my blog. blame the exams. tee hee. so what's with july? the month of putting on kg's. i lost few kg's during the exam period and now i'm gaining it back and why is that? it all comes from the foods and cakes of birthday partayssss!!! to jajana, lina, umu, and ime fathi - happy belated birthday. i'm sure you guys had a blast during the party. many happy returns and may you guys find your mr. right ;). the exams are finally over and now i'm still waiting for the result from gamaah. i hope it'll be a good one cause i'm dying to go back home. i miss malaysia badly =(. if only i could fly back home right now. i miss fasting in malaysia. i miss the bazaar ramadhan. it's been ages since i last went there. malaysia i miss you... uh-oh and btw, i'm moving out from this 2 years house of mine. i'm so gonna miss my neighbour (peluk cium). hope it'll be fine for me at the new place. do wish me luck with everything people =)

Monday, July 5, 2010

poker face

july already? my my. time does fly. it's the end of the written paper. right now, only psychology and oral left. do pray for me here. i just can't wait to finish it all and go back to malaysia. few days back, my brother add me on facebook. "Aleeq Put" is his profile's name. what the??? xde keje ke letak nama girlfriend skali? aigooo!!! i wrote on his wall "i don't care but you have to change it to your real name. geli kakak tengok. aman yang 12y/o and harith yang 10y/o tu pun pandai letak nama sendiri". kids nowadays are making me pusing already. just imagine having your own kids. haiya cannot tahan la

Monday, June 28, 2010

half a century

me: oh my daddy is turning 50 tomorrow. happy birthday dad!

dad: da tua da. thanks sab!!!

note i that i have to type in full sentence cause till now my dad still can't read short forms. haha. sometimes, i accidentally send it in short forms and mum will reply after with "kamu type short form ur dad can't understand. ni dia suruh mama translatekan". you're a funny one dad. anyhow, happy 50th birthday. panjang umur murah rezeki and please make more money for us. i love u dad =)

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Sofina Atan (aunty) and Abdul Karim Alias (uncle) dah ada. Rafina Atan (mummy), Abdul Halim Abdul Malik (daddy), Zarina Atan (aunty), Israrr Ahmad (uncle) and Mahadzir Atan (uncle) bila lagi? hahaha. anyhow, facebook welcomes aunty fina =). it's nice to see lots of families on facebook. me to nad "OMG nad ur mum already has a facebook. kena control kegedikan sikit. hahaha".

enough with the mukabuku thingy. yesterday, a truck hit the electric pole near the fruit stall. the electric cables were disconnected. it fell to the ground like "ular mengesot" as sarah said with thousands of volts i presume. i was surprised when i heard a "dang" and sparkles were everywhere. i straight away close the window when i saw the electric cables were disconnected. there were no electricity for nearly 6 hours if i'm not mistaken. i haven't had my shower because there's no electricity. if there's no electricity, the motor is off. when the motor is off, there's no water. i laid on the floor wrapped around my towel and fanning myself with paper. it was really really hot.

i went down to take my shower at eza's and chubby's place. then had a talk and stayed for a while at jaja's, ime's and ad's because their house is less hotter than my room. later they came to my room to see the progress of the elctricians. alhamdulillah the electric is back. no longer need to check in at ramadha's hotel.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

10.06.2010 - 22 y/o

yes i am 22 now. OMG!!! can't believe it. when i reached here in egypt, i was 19 and now i'm 22. how time flies.

on 9th of june, 6.30 pm - i jus had my shower and came out of the bathroom. suddenly someone rang the bell. jajana came to my house

jajana: sab baru mandi eh?

me: aah. hehe

jajana: tolong kita bukak pintu. xley bukak

me: ouh ok2 jap pakai bju

so we went down

me: nape x sruh ammu islam?

jajana: ada tetamu kat rumah dia so malas nak mintak tolong

me: mana yang lain?

jajana: sume kat restoran makan. kita sorang je

me: ouh ok2. jaja tarik pintu then tolak

suddenly when i opened the door "surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!". ok it was really a surprise cause i didn't expect that they would plan anything at all because of the exams and everything. i was like so speechless i couldn't say anything. terharu nak nangis ok!

so we had pizzas and cakes from baron. it was well-planned i must say cause i never guessed it all. big thanks to jajana, ime, ad, chuby and eza. love you guys mucho mucho. =p

during the celebration, we played a game. "sape paling lama x cakap dia pemenang". for sure i da kantoi awal-awal. haha. so the winner goes to ime and the reward is - cuci pinggan. they didn't say a thing for like nearly an hour. crazy huh? but it was fun watching them. haha.

thanks to ad for the chocs. i ate them all and now i think i'm fatter and i'm having toothache. =_='

as for the exam today, it wasn't that good but i'm still hoping for the best insyaAllah. thanks mye!!! felt so good after talking to you. a 19 y/o girl who talks like a big sis to me. love you adik!

last but not least, thanks for all the lovely wishes that keeps pouring on my facebook. i'm deeply touched by every bit of it. sure it's a bit tough having birthday 2 days before the exam as being told by wan j cause i didn't study at all on 10th of june. ym-ing with lotsa people and replying all those lovely wishes. if only i can can store it somewhere and keep it =(

anyhow, to all mansouriyyans, bitaufik wannagah. kita boleh!!! kita hebat!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

current me

yup! this is the current me. 6 days till finals. si gemok, sepet, hidung kembang yang rambutnya toncit ke atas macam baru lepas pantang, muka kerut 1000 bajet khusyuk. oops! forgot to draw my speck cause i want to emphasize on the sepet thingy. hehehe. imagine it yourself

and last but not least, happy 14th birthday to the one and only teruna in my family Abdul Khaliq bin Abdul Halim. have a blissful years ahead. though i'm not there to celebrate it with you, my thoughts are always with you debab. i love you khal =)

till then, buh bye

Monday, May 31, 2010


mum: sab, yesterday naemah took d pic of our house. de projek kt uni dia ke? dia xprasan kot mama nmpk dr luar rmh

me: hahaha. i'm d 1 who asked her to do that. saje nk tngk progress

mum: brtuah pny bdk. x surprise la mcm tu. nape x sruh mama hntr je tp mama x reti la nk hntr mcmn. hahaha

me: sbb tu x sruh mama sbb mama x reti. hahaha

me: nekmah, thanks 4 d pic

nekmah: wcome. no problem. cuak k ambk gmbr sbb sure org ingt i nk rompak rmh u. hahaha

me: agakla kan. mak i volunteer nk send pic tp x reti nk guna mms tu mcmn. lwak snguh

***guess mum is more cautious now that our house had been entered by burglars before and according to my neighbours, two men were wandering near our house few days before they entered the house

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

sab, mummy, daddy

me: dad, i want ur bank acc number. my friend mntk cause nk bank in ur money

dad: dah

me: ap yg da nye? ingt x i told u b4 tat my friend used my card? so she wants ur bank acc no

mum: sab, hp abah button rosak. dia kt tngu sttement bank dlu bru bank in d money

me: haha. ok. lwakla abah tu. hp bru pun button da rosak. tkr blackberry jela mcm mama

mum: abah kata xde duit da nk tkr cause u, mama n lee mntk mcm2. dia kt mmpu beli buah blckberry je. tngh bedek dia share d cost for renovation

me: haha. skali skala. bkn slalu mntk. duit bnyk pn x guna smpan. kena spend skali skala

***my dad x banyak duit pun. saja nak perli dia ;). btw dad, if you think you can't take care of your handphone, just use like mine. jatuh pun x nangis. cool je lagi.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Majo No Jouken a.k.a forbidden love

everytime i watch this series, i'll cry till there's no more tears. basically, it's about the love between the student and the teacher. 'geli' upon hearing it at first but i find that it's a pure love. uh-oh and btw, i've been having crush on hideaki since like forever. i remember watcing this series when i was still in primary. kecik-kecik dah menjiwang ok! haha. the theme song itself makes me wanna cry. i guess most of you guys familiar with utada hikaru - first love? my all time favourite tune. nothing beats it

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my 2 different tears

anony: anything change ke lama x ym?

me: i dunno. maybe

anony: herm. so fast? xpela

p/s: perlu cakap ke? sendiri mau taw la. 1 month kot! + your fault pun. boleh pulak nak blame orang lain. in a nutshell, you weren't there when i need you the most. blur agaknye. benci la. g jauh-jauh. lemas!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

officially missing you

i'm so lame cause i just listen to bunkface's situasi. keep on playing it on my playlist. khal told me bout this song before but just being a typical sister, i ignored everything that he said.

i'm a future samanoudy-ian. bye bye to all my lovely neighbours. i'm gonna miss you guys like crazy. after 2 years together, sure it's gonna be hard to be apart from you guys cause you guys are like my family here T_T. thanks for everything that you guys have done for me. hopefully we can stay this close forever. <3

right now, i still can't get through dino. he promised me to accompany me to metro to buy some groceries cause i'm going to cook dinner as requested by my neighbours. bangun la dino ui! dah tengahari ni. ponek eden tunggu

Friday, May 14, 2010

mama and her blackberry

these few days, i've been texting mama a lot but i just received a simple reply from her. sad sad sad. takkan mama lupa anak sendiri. suddenly this morning i received a text from khal, my bro

khal: kak, mama guna blackberry da. woot woot!

i was like what the? biar betol? mama ni buta it sikit. she doesn't know how to use all these gadgets. i was quite surprised when khal said she's using blackberry. so i text-ed her right after and i received her text 8 hours later. thank god she replied. if tak, kecik hati anakanda

me: omg mummy is using blackberry. baru la hot mcm mak datin. can't believe it though

-8 hours later-

mama: of course! tapi gelaba cari hruf n fullstop.

wanted to reply but no credit. tsk tsk. no wonder she replied me a very short text. budak baru belajar. layan!!! xaci orang tua guna blackberry. orang muda macam i ni pun guna handphone chokia je. T_T

tag from kak nani

1)adakah anda rasa anda hot?

of course! kita semua hot. hehehe

2)upload wallpaper pc/laptop yang anda guna sekarang.

3)cerita pasal gambar

saya bersama zura. diambil sewaktu rakaman parody lagu-lagu korea untuk knani dan aten

4)bila kali terakhir anda makan donut?

sehari sebelum pulang ke egypt bersama-sama mama di Big Apple kerana dia teringin. i love u mama! hehehe

5)lagu terakhir anda dengar?

after school - bang!

6)apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ini?

baru online setelah pulang dari rumah jiran

7)selain nama sendiri,anda dipanggil nama aper?

sab, sabby, cik sab

8)tag lagi 4 orang

siapa-siapa sahaja

9)berikan 5 yang anda tahu tentang orang yang meng-tag anda

kipas susah mati dbsk dan beast
mahu yunho menjadi future husband
garang tapi baik hati
tidak sabar mahu kahwin

10)gay or les?

both are the same kan. who cares??? hahaha

Thursday, May 13, 2010

nekmah and i

ym-ed with nekmah, my neighbour in malaysia few days back

nekmah: sab, rumah u renovate ke? tngk lori bagai sume ada

me: aah

nekmah: sape kawen?

me: i la kawen. jemput dtg nnt tau

nekmah: ok. beres! dgn sape?

me: oleh kerana calon tarak, sndri jela. kekeke

nekmah: haha. xpe i dtg nnt

me: ala,,, mak i pnjgkan porch dia n tmbah awning kt kolam ikan tu. dia kata pnas sngt. plus tukar gate cause da runtuh. hahaha

nekmah: ouh yeke. ingtkan nk wat knduri kawen u blk nnt

me: dpt la plak kan. lmbt lg nekmah ui. hahaha

p/s: her real name is naemah, but i call her nekmah. haha. as in nek-mah. get it?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


the exam schedule is changed again for like i don't know 5th? 6th time? well, there's nothing much i can do. the last paper will be on 15th of july which is oral biochemistry. the result will be coming out arround end of july. so most prolly im going back by august. and guess what? it's all the same for all the universities in egypt - tanta, cairo, alex, ain shams, azhar. i guess the aeroplanes will be super duper pack with all malaysian students and not to mention whether will there be any seats available plus the sky-rocketing price for the ticket. sob sob. hopefully, i'll be getting the chance to go to bazaar ramadhan. it's been ages since i last been there. the last time i went there i was like 17? tsk tsk. to all my friends, gud luck with the papers. together we aim mumtaz for this imtihan insyaAllah. uh-oh and btw, the paper will be starting 2 days after my birthday. so no celebration i guess huh? hehehe.

well, the day before yesterday, i received a bad news. my landlord is raising the rent from 300le to 500le. giler x giler tu? very mean!!! i mean c'mon la. few days before exam and suddenly you're talking bout rent. right now, my head just feels so empty. i don't know what am i supposed to do. talked to mama bout it. she just said that "do you wanna stay or not? if you wanna stay then stay, if you don't then just move out. just do whatever is the best for you. i'll always pray for you". see, making decision is not that hard for me cause my parents has been making me do so since i was very young. so everything i do, they just agree with it and if they have some thoughts, for sure they'll say something. after taking other people's opinion, i've decided to move out. 500le is just not worth it for this kind of house. the landlord just provide me with bed and the rest are mine. i'll consider if he raises it to 400le or if it is 500le, everything is included plus i don't have to pay the bills. but i guess he's just very hard to deal with. hopefully i'll find a house and i can move out as soon as possible.

p/s: i really need some luck. lots and lots of unlucky situation lately. why is it? i guess my relationship with Allah is drifting away. i need to repent soon before it's too late

Saturday, May 8, 2010

malam menyulam kasih

supernatual is coming to an end. good! 1 less series to follow. hehehe. i do miss blogging. but i'm just too tired. not tired of doing something that i can be proud of but tired of doing nothing. i guess i'm just good with wasting my time. "sigh". yesterday, there was solat hajat at gmn centre. i went there a bit late cause i accompanied jaja to meet the dentist. we got there just right after the prayer end. we went back home earlier cause the thing was just too long and we live quite far from the rest plus no musyrif. it was a good night actually cause after nearly 2 years, i was able to meet my batch. miss them mucho. there was this slide thingy showing the first time that all of us got here. now i realize that all of us were so small compare to the recent figure. hahaha. happy i guess??? anyhow, double thumb-ups to those who worked really hard to make yesterday happened. i was really happy though we are not that close but still, we are family right? hopefully, more are yet to come insyaAllah. uh-oh and btw, no photos. forgot to take 1. huhu

p/s: u dah lupa kat i ke? T_T

Saturday, May 1, 2010

saya bukan jiwang

the new schedule for exam is out but no news from the oral paper yet. i wonder are they gonna squeeze the date in between cause the dates of the exams are day after day. or is it gonna be around july?

i just watched the trailer for lagenda anak setan. frankly, i have no clue bout this movie but ulfah told me bout it. so i guess why not check out the trailer. looks cool though but i fall in love with the background song. serious mendayu-dayu. makes me cry babe!!! at first i thought it was acha but i'm not so sure when i here the chorus part. mengada la kan cerita melayu tapi suruh indon nyanyi.

i've been trying googling for the song but can't seem to find it. if anyone knows, do let me know k! i'm not so sure whether the song is being played by the radio cause the movie is due for screening somewhere around june or july if i'm not mistaken. btw, 1 last sheet paper tomorrow before my written. wish me luck people. buh bye

Thursday, April 29, 2010

i know u want me

done with the practicals and sheets and now it's time to focus on written and oral. "huge sigh". it's ok! i love exams cause it's fun fun fun. you are definitely attempting suicide if you wanna be a doctor without exams. so, be positive people!

after the exam yesterday, went down to metro cause dino wanted to draw some cash from the atm. after that we went to samanoudy cause i wanted to go to the tailor to alter my jeans. too bad the shop was closed. i found a fish shop and i bought samak mashwy (fish grilled) for my lunch and dinner. went straight back home uh-oh and did i mention that i walked from university to metro. then from metro to samanoudy and finally back home. it's like a marathon!!! haha

the agenda of the day - marathoning gossip girl and 90210. done with malrose place and adamaya. hehe. gotta start moving my ass working on my study. till then, bye peeps

Sunday, April 25, 2010


dear blog, mummy feels so sorry for abandoning you for such a long time. been super duper busy. forgive me kay?

so far, practicals are going down soon. next - written. the most killer one. aim high people. i really need mumtaz for my papers. like really really bad. T_T. hopefully i can get it insyaAllah

after the sheets today, went out and had lunch at shruk with dino. window-ed shopping at ravin and i found a perfect pair of jeans for me. too bad i didn't bring extra cash with me so i'm coming back to ravin the day after tomorow after my anat paper. wanted to use my card to buy it but i just spent it on paying my bills. so, have to wait then. as-sobru minalkhoir. hehehe

the first time i went to awadalla (kinda like tesco, carrefour etc), i went with bobo. she told me the cab was usually 5le. i was like what the heck? it's not that far. even if u wanna go to dirasat, it just costs 2le. but when i went with dino, it was actually 2le. liar cab drivers. musy kuwayyis ya ammu. haram alaik!!! i'll just go to awadalla if someone's accompanying me or if dino wants to go there cause he really loves that place. don't have the guts to go there. one, cause it's quite far. two, i'll be struggling with the stuffs that i buy and three, afraid of being tricked by the cab drivers.

lots to blab about but i just couldn't find some time to type. exams are like day after day. i don't even have time finish my study. serves you right!!! who asks you to do the last minute thingy??? besides, just when you are busy, lots of idea on what to write about but just when you are a bit free to blog, the idea just seems stuck

i'm going to cairo with dino after my practicals are over to claim the money. the conflict right now - whether to go or not to city stars? herm,,,

Friday, April 16, 2010

p/s: i love you

i miss him so much. it's been few days since we last chat. he's busy with his assignments and i'm busy with my exams. T_T. ottoke??? when i'm free, he'll be super busy and vice versa. how can i go through this till june?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

1 down, tons to go

alhamdulillah the post-midterm papers are over. right now, have to focus on the practical sessions. though it's just a 15-30 minutes of exams but the list to study, fuyo! quite a lot to be read actually. again the schedule for the exams was changed. let's just hope that this will be the last one cause i keep on changing my study scheduly for like couple of times. alhamdulillah i got some cash from zakat selangor. thought of going to cairo around july after i finish all the exams but i just read the notification that i need to claim the money by june before the validity ends. anyone wants to go with me to cairo? if possible after the practical sessions end. please let there be somebody.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

2 months to go

for what? today is 10th of april. another 2 months - 10th of june. so go figure. haha. ok i should do countdown for my exams but instead i'm countdown-ing for something else. ish3. 1 down and more papers yet to come. bittaufiq wannagah kullu mansuriyyin insyaAllah. do amin this for all of us here readers. really need it. hehe. usaha, doa and tawakkal. insyaAllah,,,

i miss si sepet. T_T

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my saving grace

phew! it's been ages since i last updated my blog. super busy. revisions, study groups and going to the museums. alhamdulillah all the classes and lab sessions ended. i got full marks for my practical and log book. yippie!!! i forgot that on sunday there was still last session for histo. the thing is that i was at gamaah after all but studying the jars. if only there's someone to remind me. haha. now i need a reason to go to gamaah to take my histo book back and give my photo to mr. ibrahim. any volunteers? keke

on the 1st april, there was this solat jemaah thingy for 3rd years. i went to paah's first and together with tya and tqa we went to fifi's house. met all my batch from there. it's been ages!!! lots of hugs and kisses. saw jajana and the geng so i decided to went back home with them. at first wanted to sleep at paah's but i forgot that i need to help jaja to decorate her house for ad's surprise birthday party the next day. the next day, went down and blew all the balloons available. had cakes and kfc at the party. ummu's housemates and aisa were even there. played games till midnight. but i had lots of fun. fun before finals.

kata orang tak kenal maka tak cinta. i totally agree with that. lots of people that i don't really know are now my close friends. therefore peeps, don't judge a book by its cover. get to know that person first, then you get to decide. to all my mansourian friends, thanks for making my days. i love you all so much eternally

Friday, April 2, 2010

award no. 2

Here are some rules to accept the award:

1.Thank and link the person who gave you the award.
thank you to put and sabby for the award.

3.Contact the blogger and tell them they've won the award.

4. State seven things about yourself.
-loves shopping and dine
-family comes first
-trying really hard to lose her weight. like serious shit! haha
-addicted to dark chocs
-same BFF since 7 ----> put
-used to hate her life but now loving it (bersryukur di atas setiap kejadian tuhan)
-a bit slow in her studies

award no. 1

Here are some rules to accept the award:

1.Thank and link the person who gave you the award.
thank you to kak diyya dizarch for the award. didn't know she reads my blog. silent reader la ni kan. hehe

3.Contact the blogger and tell them they've won the award.

4. State seven things about yourself.
-loves shopping and dine
-family comes first
-trying really hard to lose her weight. like serious shit! haha
-addicted to dark chocs
-same BFF since 7 ----> put
-used to hate her life but now loving it (bersryukur di atas setiap kejadian tuhan)
-a bit slow in her studies

Saturday, March 20, 2010

every part of me

halloo halloo halloo

guess now i can't update my blog everyday. super busy. presentations, logbook, practical book. aigoo. damn! i forgot to read for anat tomorrow. ok2! gotta make this A.S.A.P. for sure i'll be updating my blog once in a while but not as frequent as i did before. finals just around the corner. welcome april, may and june - the months of exams. 3 months dude! giler la kan? be positive sabrina. don't worry my loyal readers. hold on a sec! ada ke loyal readers? tepuk dada tanya selera (karam singh walia mode). i won't leave the world of blogging cause i love blogging. like really really love that the first thing i do when i wake up in the morning is to check my blog for any updates. just hold on sab. only for 3 moths and you'll be free. 3 months = 91 days. wow! that's a long one. hang in there. sure you can. you're a smart and cute girl (perasan mode for a while. ye sila la muntah ok!). sure you can do it. after that you can marathon all the movies and series. and you're going back to malaysia after you get your result of course to meet all your love ones. weeee,,, can't wait for it. amin,,,

punk versus afro. which 1 is cooler?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


i'm taking back what i said before that "single is better" cause "two is better than 1". at least that's what boys like girls and taylor swift said. and this one "ustaz" said manusia diciptakan untuk berpasangan. kita sahaja yang perlu mencarinya. ye siapa makan cili silala rasa pedasnya. we are finally a step ahead. next one - are you the one for me and am i the one for you? let's go figure

still waiting for duah to come back home along with the matches and indomee. i'm hungry and i can't cook plus i'm not in the mood to go out. still thinking whether to roger dino @ not and ask him to go out with me. tons to study yet i'm still here blogging. bila mahu insaf?

saw uncle mike online but he didn't buzz me. are you ok? just hang on uncle mike. no matter what happens, you still have mama, aunty na, aunty fina, atok and nenek. not to forget us, your nieces, nephews and kids. we all love you. you're part of the family. remember that. to aunty nana, congrats on your wedding. and good luck with your business too. though we are no longer a family, i'll always remember you as my aunty that always drive me to whenever i wanna go when no one can send me. i love you aunty nana

i heart all of you

Sunday, March 14, 2010

exam's schedule is out and i'm very bergoncang

ya Allah ya tuhanku, kurinakanlah mumtaz buat Nur Sabrina Binti Abdul Halim dan rakan-rakan untuk imtihan yang mendatang. lapangkanlah dada dan fikiran kami untuk menerima segala pelajaran dan tenangkanlah kami sewaktu menjawab kertas nanti. amin amin ya rabbalalamin...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i'm a loner

loner ke sab? you gotta be kidding me! you have friends and family around you. what else do you wish for? not the loner me actually but just a song that i'm addicted to. hehehe

went out with dino last night. finally kan dino? after few days not seeing him. i bought myself a cute blue pouch. for raya maybe. crap! shopped for raya already? if i'm not using the bag then i'll be using it for raya. this year's color - turqoise. herm,,, finally a change. usually purple all the way. boring ok! what to do. just bear with it. can't complain much

finally i managed to pay my bill. what a relieved. had ice cream and grabbed a bite from brema. i'm getting fatter ok! i mean seriously. padan muka! eat eat eat all the time. let's go healthy people. gotta get slim and slender before i go back to malaysia. T_T

final is on the way people and i'm super duper scared. ayuh berlari berkejaran ke arah mumtaz. study is fun! i love studying! (lots of sighing while trying to write about study. heh!)

once upon a time during my choir practice. kekeke

Saturday, March 6, 2010

just a random crap

yesterday was such a happy day. for the 1st time since i got back here i called my parents. called Lee but she was at genting watching movies so she told me to call her back. movie is more important than you sister who's alone in egypt that you haven't seen for like 4 months??? herm,,,

mama: ye ada apa cik sabrina boleh saya bantu?

me: ma, nak kahwin boleh? haha

mama: amboi! nape gatal sangat ni. kahwin2 jangan main2 ye

me: yela,,, i was just joking. best engagement kak intan?

mama: okla. not bad

me: sabrina punya nanti kena meriah tau ma

mama: harusla. 3 hari 3 malam mama buat

me: tahun ni gak sabrina balik kahwin. haha. mama sponsor kan?

mama: eee,,, xde maknanye. duit sendiri la

me: mama ni kedekut la. semua x boleh

mama: go and ask from your dad. abah loaded sekarang

me: haha. abah lagi kedekut. siapa sponsor balik ni? mama ke abah

mama: go and ask from your dad too. i'm saving for the renovation

me: hi abah. buy me a car can ar?

abah: what car?

me: saga boleh? please3!

abah: eee,,, xde taste langsung. serious ke nak kereta?

me: xdela. main2 aje. mestila serious

abah: no money la. give me money then i'll buy you 1

me: heh! kedekut la abah ni

abah: mestila. duit nak simpan for ur brother and sisters to study

me: yela

ed: hi kak. masak apa hari ni?

me: ayam masak pedas

ed: wah! sedapnye

me: mestila. tengok sape yang masak

ed: hihi. ed da potong rambut da. macam victoria beckham

me: phewit! adikku sudah gedik. haha. how's your study?

ed: okla kot. ni tengah wat exercise and revision

me: can get no. 1 in the class x ni?

ed: boleh kot

me: your voice da pecah. you're turning into a man soon

khal: mestila. dah 14 kan

me: how's study?

khal: okla kot. tengah wat exercise gak ni. kla kak. cakap dengan mama. xtau nak cakap apa

me: haha. ok

aunty na: hi sabrina. sihat? da ada boyfriend ke?

me: sihat je. xdela. aunty na de calon untuk sabrina ke?

aunty na: uish! ada je. balikla malysia cepat. then we story2. kita raya sama2 skali ok?

me: haha. ok. hari ni gak book ticket

qash: hi kak tabina

me: hi baby! sihat? da makan?

qash: sihat. da

me: makan apa?

qash: makan ayam. ok bye

me: ui! cepatnye. haha. ok bye

baby qash

Friday, March 5, 2010

in my head

oho! planning on updating my blog everyday but no one cares anyway. like sape je yang read my blog kan? haha. so i'll just update it whenever i feel like. class from 8-5. lots of revisions and works. so much to do so little time. anyone can help me? T_T

i haven't completed my log book, i haven't finished drawing my slides and i have biochem presentation soon. die3x. haiya!!! paiseh la. ummu said cannot say die3 cause later you're going to die. ok2. i'm officially taking it back

finally i've paid the fees. went to suez canal bank but they don't accept cash in genih. gedik ok! ap punya bank macam tu? so i went to all the banks available at muhafzah and finally alhamdulillah i managed to change it to GBP at united bank (serious layanan memang tip top. double thumbs up!). then went back to suez canal and paid the fees at the pak cik (ok, not pak cik la but abang. abang? euw!!!) yang sengal lagi poyo. arrived at gamaah around 1pm just in time for my physio and anat class. i skipped biochem and histo. tsk tsk. wanted to copy the resit before we enter the lecture hall but the machine broke down.

ummu : sab, nape la time u nak bayar fees macam2 betol dugaanye.
me: kan3? mana la i x tension

what a tiring day but like ummu said "walau macamana teruk pun hari kita, tapi bila da selesai sume alhamdulillah". nice tip there bebeh! ok2! now i'm sounding like my daddy who keeps on saying bebeh whenever he texts me

me: yoohoo abah yg hndsome. wat u doin? do buy me a car so that i can jln2 in msia yah!
daddy: will discuss together when u get back here. bye n luv u bebeh

i'm not excited at all cause he's been saying that since i 1st got here. habuk pun tarak. haha. i was just bored and suddenly felt like ubah angin. always text with my mum and now it's my dad's turn.

btw, i went out with dino last night to brema burger. bila gebuz jumpa propa, gossip time. haha. kiding!!! discuss bout our studies (kononnye!!!) then we walked along nil while eating ice cream. on the way back home, i stepped on a nail and it went thorugh my slipper and a bit through my sole but don't worry. just a minor injury. dino straight away picked up my slipper and took out the nail for me. auw! propa memang gentleman. haha. he felt so guilty asking me out late at night. soccay dino, i need fresh air too setelah bergaduh dengan you-know-who.

money all gone after i paid my fees. ish3. excuse my attire and face

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

tired of anything

i went to etisalat to pay for my bill on 28th cause earlier when i 1st pay for the etisalat broadband, that lady told me to pay the bill by the end of february. when i'm at the counter and about to pay, the man check my account and said "your bill is not out yet. come on 2nd of march"

i went there again today and he said "your bill is not out yet. come on 4th of mac"

again? damn!!! luckily that guy is cute and friendly unlike typical egyptian. if not, you'll see lots of curses here. haha

this morning went to physio extra class. ummu told me to come but she didn't come. zura told me to wait for her but eventually she didn't come too. after class, went to see mr. ibrahim to get my izin dafa' to pay for my fees but i didn't manage to pay btw cause the office is closed at 2pm. what the heck? memang pemalas!!! sorry to say but it's the truth

went to metro cause ummu wanted to withdraw some money but she didn't bring the card so we just shopped at metro. i didn't buy a thing cause i just did yesterday after my anat lab. then went back home by cab and that ammu stop very far away from my home.. again damn!!! not really a pleasant day yet i am thankful cause ummu was there to cheer me up. thanks ummu!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

i go crazy because of you

so wat did i do today? herm,,, had hash brown for my breakfast, egg and lanchun sandwich for lunch and nasi goreng for dinner and now i regret it all cause i ate a lot. T_T

ummu gave some cheese cake to me and it's super duper yummy. next time, you can bake again for me yah! me likey. i love ummu mucho. here comes calories!!!

then i ym-ed with naemah. we talked bout all the updates from our friends during primary time. btw, naemah is my neighbour and my childhood friend. dunno why but we are getting closer each day. maybe cause we are grown-ups now. during our childhood, very the shy shy cat. hihi

dino wru? feels weird not ym-ing him even for just 1 day. nampak sangat gosip hari-hari dengan dino si ratu propa. haha. oops! (pinjam quote aten) . joking k dino! no hard feeling. keke

suddenly i miss my buncit sis - lee halim. huhu. online la. kakak misses you so much. huhu

Saturday, February 27, 2010

me invisible

i'm about to lose another friend cause he@she might be getting married. sad3x. why everyone around me is getting married? you guys making other people jealous la. haha. sure lagi sayu if Put is getting married. i'm so gonna be lost Put! literally. x tipu ni. to shah, don't propose my besties so soon k! huhu. what to do. 22 already. so tua. haha. my mum is married at this age. it's not like i wanna get married at this age. honestly i don't but one by one people around me is getting married making me feel more and more lonely each day. T_T

today i woke up with a happy face cause it's raining and it's friday. friday means holiday for me. no classes no nothing. just lepaking around doing nothing. as if you're doing anything la other days kan sab? haha. i love when it rains but only during holiday cause you'll have a very nice, good and comfy sleep. i've been using my boots these days cause it's muddy outside there. keep washing my jeans n kurung over and over again. haiz

ym-ed with my not so close friend tonight and it was such a good one cause we're kinda like the same. how we hate our teen lives and everything. really glad we had that talk buddy! didn't know we have way much in common. who would have thought that huh? hopefully, we can be good buddies in the future k! really had a great time tonight

Friday, February 26, 2010

salam maulidur rasul

thursday was a hectic day as usual. class 8-5. during biochem, ummu entered the class and she sat beside me

ummu: sab, jom g malam nanti ceramah maulud nabi

at first, i wanted to say no but later she added

ummu: ummu xde geng. housemate sume xnak g

so i was thinking then ok la

sab: ala siannye. ok2 i teman

see? i'm such a good person right? hehe. kidding! after class, i got back home, on9 for a while, didn't change my clothes all cause i'm meeting ummu at 6. besides, it's my red flag day. hihi. so later we walked together to gamaah without musyrif and suddenly dang! muaz was riding a bicycle behind us. ketua musyrif ok! haha. luckily we were already in the gamaah so he didn't say a thing. we got there and the talk was a good one. all the seniors who are married came with their partners and they have glow on their faces. haha. happy la kan dah ada spouse. the thing finished at 10. when i was about to pass the exit door, i saw kak tirah

kak tirah: parents dtg x hr tu?

me: xla kak trah, cousin tunang tb2. so mama kena wat hntran n blik sume

kak tirah: tunang? sab tunang? yeke

me: hish kak trah ni. dpt plak sy tunang. haha. calon pun tarak

again, we walked back home without musyrif. we ran as fast as we could so that ketua musyrif couldn't see us. on the way back home, i bought to'miyah cause suddenly felt like eating it. got back home, on9 for a while and off to bed. didn't study at all yesterday. T_T. you malaysian people are so lucky cause you have maulud nabi's hols but we didn't. class as usual

with ummu. credit to syida pishal

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

try to copy me

suddenly this afternoon mama text-ed me

mama: salam sabrina. long time didn't hear from you. how u been doing? hows result? heard u been chatting with ur cousins

me: hi ma. as usual. class 8-5. everyday except friday. super bz. result carry to finals. yep. saw ur photo. u look a bit chubby

mama: mn tngk? i am chubby. haha. btw, i just bought 2 pieces kain 4 raya. u wnt normal @ pahang?

me: i wnt pahang. can u buy the krung cotton ala-ala kg 4 me? saw ur pic from kak intan's fbook. but u still look pretty though

mama: that 1 bju krung bru. tdung ppl from indon bg time visit depa

already going to tempah for raya? cepatnye ma!!! but just when i'm about to reply my mum, i ran out of credit. damn! tomorrow have to reload. story continues tomorrow. hehehe

last word from me, single is better. literally people!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

take my heart back

when you're alone, hungry and got nothing else to do, emptiness strikes you. T_T. i miss my family. yesterday when i chat with my friend, with full of pride i said "tak rasa nak balik malaysia la this year". sangat berlagak ok! i'm officially taking those quote back. haha.

to my friend FR, hopefully you'll get the job in UK so that later i can come and visit you. mata dah bersinar-sinar mahu ke UK. hahaha. please say it's a yes. enough with the crap. study tah ke mana ada hati mahu vacation. stop it sabrina!

i need to buy the groceries soon. i've got nothing. not even the onions to salte'. feels like going to metro. therefore, let's roger2 dino. is he available? cause he'll be going to cairo today and i don't know what time he's going. dino please la online. ngee

btw peeps. let me remind you that most of the title doesn't really relate with the post yah. harap maklum. =p

nasi lemak sabrina :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

no one cries because they want to

i already off my laptop and everything cause i wanna take my shower and start my revision but here comes problem again. my landlord yang ku puja dan ku sayang... NOT, NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE THAT IT'S GONNA HAPPEN turned it off and it's already been 1 whole day. damn la that woman. the water in the pale just finished cause i used it for my nature's call and my ablution. and yes i haven't had my shower yet. so suey la. whats the point of paying 15le every month for the motor if you keep turning it off then keep blaming that i didn't turn it off which by the way so not true ok! get a life la you moron! hish! and my phone keep ringing like 10 times per day? i can't block the number cause it's just a less than rm100 handphone with polyphonic ringtones. no camera no nothing except that it has color screen. this egyptian people seriously got no other things to do is it? nak menggedik call2 orang. don't be so batak la ok with the handphone. i felt like just throwing the handphone down from my 3rd floor apartment.

if only

i really need the strength to get over with this fella. i can't do much with him around me. literally!!! sabby , sure you can do this. you're a tough girl. remember abah, mama, atok and nenek. they sacrifice so much for you. yes i can do this! if everyone else can do it then why not you. you never learn from your lesson huh? enough is enough. the sacrifice starts right here and right now ok? april is coming soon and that means final till the end of june. august means malaysia. can't wait for it. n_n

Sunday, February 21, 2010

say aah,,,

1st day of class yesterday, still blur. even the caffeine doesn't make me stay awake. still in holiday mood i guess. even the lecturer said - all of you are still in winter mood but don't worry. your spirit will increase gradually. nama pun doctor kan, so the term pun dah jadi medical term. haha.i need to start my revision soon but too many distraction. the class yesterday wasn't even full. some of them still vacationing at luxor, aswan, hughada and guess who organizes the trip? gamaah. naughty ye gamaah ni suruh student ponteng kelas. haha. got my biochem and histo lab later in 1 hour. not in the mood to go but what else can i do. like it or not i still have to go. till then. ciao peeps!

picture doesn't have anything to do with the post. just love the pic. haha

Friday, February 19, 2010

bersuka ria dan bergembira

i'm officially an etisalat broadband user. paah: if lembab gak, u letopkan etisalat jadi salad. nice tip paah!!!

happy birthday to Nur Liyana Binti Abdul Halim who's turning 18 today Malaysian time. the fatso is slim now and i'm so jealous. T_T. when am i gonna be slim? god knows that. huhu

the day before yesterday i went to city star cairo cause suddenly i feel like eating MCD thanks to paah who keeps reminding me bout it. the 3 of us - paah, sab and tya went to cairo together leaving the house at 7am and reached our destination at 10.30 am. we went to the cinema to buy the ticket and straight away watched it cause it already started half an hour earlier. we watched The Lightning Thief. saw the billboard in france and thought that it was a french movie but it was an american movie actually. each 1 of us had a popcorn for ourselves cause we were to hungry. planned to watch the movie after we eat but mahu ticket murah punya pasal . after the movie, we went to MCD and later we walked walked walked but couldn't find anything worth to spend your penny on. before we got back home, we had our dinner at panda house and after that we finally reached mansourah at 12am. i went to paah's house cause it would be easier rather than staying at my place. haha. this afternoon had lunch at KFC and finally bought a broadband for myself. saya puas!!! no longer online-ing at the hall.

these few days, suddenly a bunch of my primary school friends add me on facebook. same question pop-up "nape makin gemok @ tak kurus lagi ke?" tsk tsk. kejamnya dunia ini. haha. it's ok. no hard feelings actually. i'll try to slim down my figure right before i go back to malaysia insyaAllah la kan. haha

ronggeng at city star

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


yes @ no???

i said yes. ottoke? i can't take it back can i? haiz. whatever la. let's just wait and see how it goes. btw, i finally managed to open my bag. haha. already unpacked my stuff. few more days till the school is about to open. i need to gather my strength soon. i feel so unproductive these holidays. wake up, coffee, eat, net, movies, sleep. same thing happens everyday.

nenek, atok, uncle mike, cece and lee are all at penang right now visiting my aunty. judging from their pictures, they are definitely having lots of fun. it's not the same when i was there. T_T

Alhamdullillah kak intan is now officially someone's fiancee'. happy happy happy. as if i'm the one who's engaged la kan. haha. mama really did a great job with the hantaran and the room decoration. she's been doing the job for all my aunties and cousins but when it comes to me - "sabrina g butik jela k sruh org buatkan. mama nnt da tua n xlrat nk buatkan". mama kejam!!! haha.

my hair is getting longer now. i didn't realize till this morning when i looked at the picture when i just cut my hair back then. definitely a big gap. feel like cuting my hair short but when i chat with lee just now - "xsesuai. muka bulat. rmbut skrg ok da". tension!!! when la i'm gonna be kurus??? i had done lots of style to my hair. short, long, curl. afro je blom. haha. gler ap! what's next? i dyed my hair but the color didn't stick to my hair. why oh why?

i like my hair during the recent raya. cedit to khal my bro :P

p/s: saya sangat lapar. mau ke kedai ammu khalid mencari chipsy yang menggemokkan itu. manala tak kurus. ish3