Thursday, April 10, 2008

happy birthday

happy birthday 2 my sis kak nani n lani. though d surprise was not so surprise to lani but at least it was a surprise 4 kak nani. ive been brainstorming for the past few days on how 2 surprise them. at first i thought of pretending 2 injure myself n let them 2 enter my rum where there will be the cake but eventually, thanks to lani coz she couldn't help but to read d conference i had with kak tirah n zaty. so, change of plan. but still, lani keep bothering me coz she's been trying to "korek" d secret from me. sibuk je lani ni. haiz. so its not really a surprise 4 her. nvm. there's stl rum 4 improvement. how we did it? hihihi. we did it yesterday where i just stayed at home doing nothing. according to my plan, lani was supposed 2 cook as usual but i don knw y suddenly kak trah told syida to tell lani not to cook coz she wana cook 4 d bday gurl. i just stayed in my rum surfing d net etc. d day b4 that, kak nani went to toiron 2 ask d dtails bout d flight. 2 my surprse, she told me that im goin bck on 8 jul n i'll be separated frm d rest of d gang. i was lke what??? no way man!! really pissed off by tht tme. sddnly kak nani msg me n told me that actualy im going bck on 6. she was just actually tryng 2 pull a prank to me. i was lke wat the !@#$!@#$%^???. few hours lter, kak nani msg me back. sab mrh kt akk ke? i din rply at tht tme coz i was stl mad at her. then she msg me again. sab mrh kt akk ke? honestly, i was cooled down by tht tme but i was thnkng 2 get it bck 2 her. hihihi. (jhtnye sab ni). i din talk wit her that night. when i woke up in d morning, i straight away went 2 prac anat alone without her. n i din talk 2 her d whole day till after isya' when d surprise began. we turned off d main switch in our house. our house all went black n we were lke wat d heck s goin on??? hihihi. kunun jela. lani was in d bathroom and she couldnt help herself but 2 giggle at us. kak nani was lke so blur n she just stayed in d rum. we were lke "kak nani... kluarla. bt pe dok dlm blik glap2.meh la rmi2 dok kt luar" n she was lke "la..dh glap dok jela diam2 dlm blik. watpe nk kluar" n she camne out btw. so we started 2 sing d happy birthday song but lani couldnt help herself but laughing all d tme( knon dh taula ktorg wat surprise. sakit hti tol dgn lani ni). kak nani was lke so shocked n speechless. ya la.... we din talk 2 her 4 d rest of d day. wat u guys expect. hihihi. she told us that she was sad coz we din wish her hppy bday. we were lke "allah...xknla kmi lpa kot. kmi xkn lpa la bday bdak rmh ni". later, we cut d cake n start d mkan2. we gave out sme fud 2 our best neighbour b12(dba, nas, naza, wani, ya, su) n b9(ju, ecah, ha, najwa, anis). we even invited sam, ummu n cikin frm rmah atas 2 celeb wit us. it was really a simple party but fun.cnt wait 4 d next girls' bday ie kak trah n zaty. i wonder wat d surprse will b. lets jst wait n c. cao

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

first timer.....

hey ya people out there. this is my 1st time typing in a blog. not really 1st time la coz i've typed in my friendster's blog b4. huhuhu. very tedious. nvm. will get used to it sooner or later. wish me luck yah. by the way, can't talk much. got exam coming up in less than 2 weeks time. honestly, i din study a thing. haiya... pai seh la. xm will be from 19th april till 2nd july. on 6th july, i'll be heading back home... malaysia ku syang. hihihi.can't wait 2 go 2 usm n see my rum8 phui yhee that will be graduating soon. actually, she was supposed 2 graduate last year but have to extend 1 sem coz she went to japan 4 d pertukran pljar thingy. can't wait 2 c my neighbour szsaz n my beloved coursem8 ramesh. wait 4 me u guys. hihihi. well, gtg. got tons of work 2 do. daa