Wednesday, June 25, 2008

new house

music: a gritos de esperanza by alex ubago
series: gol & gincu
movies: devil wears prada (i know. lame. can't help it dude. there's no cinema here. haha)

yay! im done moving my stuff to the new house. it's like a temporary house for us because our house is still under construction. insyaAllah by october it will be ready for us to live in. the temporary house is so small for 4 us. there are only 2 rooms. we all sleep in one room and the other room will be the place where we keep our stuff like clothes, books, etc. but for 500 l.e, it's definitely worth it. the new house costs 1000 l.e but it's quite huge. each 1 of us will be having our own room.

yesteray around 10pm, we all started to bring down the boxes. just the light one. we called burn and the geng for help but suddenly our mushrif also came up to help us out. quite number of guys were present. later we waited for the truck for nearly an hour. at first we thought of moving there by using himar. but somehow we couldn't find 1. the 1 that we found asked for 150 l.e. too expensive! kak sya got it for the price of 10l.e only. nampak sangat menipu. so we seeked help from burn and he managed to find a truck with muaz an it costs 25 l.e.

while waiting for the truck, we all chit chat with burn n the geng. they told us la "aku pun tak faham macam mana la korang boleh terfikir nak guna himar. mana ada orang pindah guna himar. orang pindah guna truck la". so we all said "manala ktorg tau coz kak sya pindah guna himar so kitorang pun ikut jela". then we all strated to laugh. later the truck arrived. suddenly alip and the geng passed by. so they all help us to load the stuff onto the truck. i said hi to him an he said "hi sab. banyak orang tolong angkat barang ni". then i said "tula. berbesar hati sngt"

kak nani and bobo hopped into the passenger seats. the guys were all standing behind the truck. me, ecah, aten and aniq walked. so we chit-chat about going back to malaysia etc while we were walking. as we arrived, the guys were unloading all the stuff from the truck. aniq was like "nape x bukak pintu rumah". i was like "dah bukak dah. kena belok tepi and then naik tangga". he was like so concern about everything. he thought we're going to sleep in the new house but i told him that we're going to clean up the house first then only we'll be heading back. he was like "sape musyrif korang. macam mana korang nak balik". so i just keep quiet and keep on walking. don't know what to say and don't know how to lie. hahaha

after the guys finished moving the stuff to our house, they all went back and we started to move the furniture and clean up the house a bit. we went back home nearly 1 am and went to bed the time we got into the house. i woke up quite early this morning. around 8 am. suddenly i received a message from my mum

mama: sab, atok went into the hospital. heart attack but still can speak. doakan dia k!

me: how come? i thought he never have 1. only drah tnggi right?

mama: tula.. baru tau. he keep on feeling pain on the chest. im at the hosp right now settlekan evrything. later klu ad pape mama bgtau k!

me: k ma. thanks a lot. btw, which hosp is atok at?

mama: atok is at pantai. 1 more thing. atok wah masuk hosp again. she's at tawakal. sakit yg dia slalu kena

me: wat? atok wah also? mm...

mama: don't wry so mch. jst pray for them. insyaAllah nothing la

me: ok. u still rmember i'm coming back on 6 july ryte?

mama: yep but myb i can't come and fetch you. super bz. i'll ask abah to take half day

me: ok then. can't wait 2 c u guys

mama: me 2. c u soon. cont later k. have to go now. bye

i love atok so much. can't imagine not having him around me. please help him god. i'm not ready for him to leave me. he's been taking care for me since i was a baby. when i was in kindergarden, he used to send me there. and sometimes she will pick me up from school if i have any extra-curricular activities. he's only 62.

as for atok wah, she has been sick for quite some time. she lost a bit of her memory. sometimes she just couldn't remember us. quite sad. she's been taking care of me since i was in standard 1. my parents will send me to her house after subuh and they will come and fetch me at night. when i was in form 1, i stayed by myself at my house because my parents made a house nearby atok wah's place so that we can always come and visit her. but now she's been staying with me because her house is under construction. hope she'll be fine soon.

p/s: to all the readers, do pray for my grandparents' health yah! do appreciate it much.

Monday, June 23, 2008

histology in history

alhamdulillah. finally the exam is over. not officially yet but my mind is at ease now. it has been a pretty tough almost 3 months for me waiting the exam to be over. if u have the exam everyday, it won't take that much of a time. the uni here will give some gap between subjects for you to study. it's hard because you are tired of waiting for the exam to be over but looking on the bright side, you can study in balance and it won't be likely for you to forget the facts. starting from mid april, we have practical exams for all the subjects except for anatomy. there's a day @ two gap between the subjects.

early may, we kicked off the exam with anatomy followed by biochemstry near the end of may. we had physiology n histology on june. today's the last paper. on 29 i'll be having english and computer on 2nd july. i'll be heading back to malaysia on 6 july. can't wait to go back. i'm so exhausted and really need some time to get away from here.

remember during the previous post that i wrote about finding new house? well, too bad i'm not moving out with my housemate except kak nani. looks like i'll be getting 2 new housemates and they are aten and bobo. we are not that close but i'm pretty sure we'll be good housemate 1 day insyaAllah. we are trying our best to fit in right now and i must say that they did a very good job at the moment. haha

did i make the right choice? honestly i don't know. i'm just hoping that i did. i guess there'll only be kak trah, zaty, cida and lani moving to the new beyt keberkatan. maybe xde rezeki for me to stay with them. hard to let them go but maybe it's for the best. like fakhry said, love is sometimes about letting go. people were surprised when i told them that i'm moving out with aten and bobo. i didn't expect this at all but hey! we'll never know right? the chemistry will come later but we are doing fine right now. just hoping for the best.

feeling sleepy right now. gossip girl needs some rest. ciao. -xoxo-

Monday, June 16, 2008

there goes physiology, here comes histology

yay!!!! physio is over. wat a relieve. finally the last paper on the list. not last actually since there are english and computer but it's the last main paper. honestly, i don't feel like happy though the exam is really over. i think you all can guess what actually happened from my previous post. don't fell like talking about it again. this is what i actually want to talk about. yesterday we had a blast. had a birthday party on the rooftop and it was so much fun. 3 persons' birthday at the same time. save budget. hahaha. it's been a while since i attend any party.

after isya' my friends and i went to baron to get the cake. it's a chocolate with nuts for the price of 60 l.e. cheap huh? hihihi. the most important thing is that it was delicious. then we went to pizza party to get 2 large hawaiian pizzas which was delicious. when we got home, they all made preparations for the party. the ballons, party hat etc. i didn't help that much. was too tired of waiting for the pizzas before that. just 2 large pizzas but it took like forever waiting for them. b6 bought 3 large pizzas from pizza king. delicious but i prefer pizza party.

around 11, we went up to the rooftop and the party started. wani and jijie found out about the party before so it wasn't so much of a surprise for them. nad was really surprised. she was like mamai because she was asleep. she looked so blur and we just keep on singing and popping and spraying the party stuff. everyone put their party hat on and it looked so cute. like kanak-kanak ribena. hihihi.

they said there'll be games but maybe there's no time to plan for it but instead guess what we had? karaoke. aten just bought the amplifier and mic. thanks to her we had so much fun. i kept on singing from 12am till 3 am non stop. me, aten, ummu and nas were all conquering the mic. giler kuasa wit the mic. hahaha. they all just keep on listening to us singing. around 1 am, all the guests left and there were only me, aten, ummu and nas. so what else? quartet in action la... we sang lots and lots of song, we danced, we jumped. btw. bobo joined us during the last minute (i edit this post because she's been asking me how come i missed out her name. sory dude! haha) so.......... much fun. love the party so much. hope there'll be another party soon. before we leave egypt for malaysia, the toiron people said they'll make a farewell part for us. can't wait for it though

as for the photos, i'll post it soon yah! didn't bring my camera along. have to grab it from someone. the cake was so cute. can't wait to show it. i love the candles. it has sparkles on it. wait for the updates yah! hihihi

birtday girls: wani(19), nad(20), kak jijie(21)
menu : pizzas, chips, float, cake, sodas
guest : we just grab anyone to the party but mostly block b residence

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

i'm 20

can't believe it people. i'm actually 20. i'm an adult now. no longer a teenager. i love birthday so much. many people think of it as just a day. but for me, it's a day of something. quite sad because i can't celebrate it with my family but i'm lucky to have a big family here in mansourah. everyone just keep wishing me birthday just now. rasa malu plak. hihihi. i came quite late for exam just now. people were all in d exam hall. me n my housemate still terkedek2 finding for out seats. on the way up to my bench, people keep on wishing. feel like i'm a princess. hihihi. i don't really care bout the presents n cakes actually. for me, thoughts that count. so to all those who wished me, from egypt @ malaysia, thank you so much guys. i'm so happy today. i keep on smiling and i'm still smiling while i'm blogging now. thanks alia for d macarona n the kiss. hihihi. still can't believe i'm 20. felt like i just started my school yesterday and suddenly here i am. my parents can't believe it too. my dad said " i feel like so tua already. hahaha". of course la bah. you memang tua. he's turning 48 on 29th june. to my bro, khal, happy 12th bday. wanted to call you on 6th june but there's no internet. have 2 wish you the next day after your birthday. but i think it's still cool. just imagine, i'm someone who'll never forget bout my family's birthday but i forgotten ad's (9 dec last year) n lee's (19th february). ad didn't feel a thing because she's still a little girl but talk about lee. she was fuckin' mad with me. when i called her, the tone was like so scary. hahaha. i'm her best friend. she ought to feel that way. my mistake. huhuhu. sorry dik. promise i won't do it again yah! kakak love you so much. she's like my besties. we've been sleeping in the same room like forever. tought of having my own room but it didn't work. insyaAllah, i hope i can celebrate my mum's birthday on 27th july because i'll be in malaysia by then. she's turning 43. i love my family so much. i don't know what would i do without having them around. sabrina love you so much mama abah. to all my friend out there, pray for my success yah in my exam and whatever i'm doing right now and in the future insyaAllah. that would be the best birthday wishes in my whole life

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

KMPP H7P2 06/07

me kneeling fourth from the right@left

it's been a year since i left matrix penang. miss the place so much. there's nothing that i hate bout that place so far. i miss my practicum, my besties, lecturers, etc. heard that my pracm8s are all doing good right now. have quite a number of doctor, pharmacist, scientist, etc soon-to-be. so proud of you guys. make sure we meet some time yah! keep in touch always. don't want the friendship to end just like that. we will always be a big family. though it's only for a year that we know each other but it feels like we know each other for years. there's nothing that can buy the moment that i had with you guys all this time. you guys are always and forever in my heart.

p/s: thought of writing down the kmpp anthem but too bad i didn't remember a word from it. pardon me please. i'm not really a good citizen of kmpp. hahaha