Friday, July 29, 2011

goodbye to you? never!

people said that i should come out from my shelter, stop being invisible. but for me, i love keeping a low profile though i must admit, exposing yourself is a good thing in a way or another. what shall i do? i'll take the safe approach. be in the middle i.e not too exposed and not too invisible. agree?

the post-exams should be something that we should celebate right? not with a party like what all those mat salleh do but just hanging out with friends, watching movies and chilling around. especially now that ramadhan is coming soon, we can do iftar together, terawih together. having fun while doing something for pahala in return =) . but i realize, all of my friends seem to be stressed out though it's over. why oh why? just let me know and perhaps i can do something to cheer you guys up. ok? ;)

and to YOU, i miss the old you. where have you been? come out come out wherever you are. i've known you for 4 years now. it makes me sad watching you behaving like that :( . ya Allah, please help her find her inner peace. i'm begging you. amin ya rabbalalamin

Sunday, July 24, 2011

besides tweeting and blogging

i'm so sad. i wanted to tell someone but i can't. i wanted to to blog about it but i can't. guess i'll just have to keep it to myself. the only thing to do right now is to seek guidance from Allah the almighty. hopefully, i'll be fine soon. time does heal but not everything. till then, see you when i see you

Saturday, July 23, 2011

cairo international airport, ct stars

finally, at 9am i managed to get myself off the bed. hahaha. i just got back from cairo with kdyya and tima, sending my montel, zura to the airport. i'm gonna miss your sarcastic talk missy :p we went to cairo at 8 am and reached the airport at 11am. earlier, zura said her flight was at 2pm. guess what? she didn't actually check the ticket and her flight was actually at 6! she had to wait at the airport for 7 hours! too bad we were already at city stars by 12pm and already bought tickets for harry potter. we stayed at city stars till 9pm and finally reached home at 12am. the movie was totally awesome!!! that's the only thing i could say. it's worth every penny. i didn't even blink while watching it cause i'm afraid that i might miss even a tiny weeny thing :D just imagine, i was 13 when the first movie was out and right now, i'm already 23. i grew up with the movie. i felt like crying when i watched it yesterday =( . so guys, why wait? go to your nearest cinema and watch it. you won't be disappointed =)

Friday, July 22, 2011


hello hello hello...

ok i sound jakun as if i haven't said it for such a long time. well yes indeed. it has been a month and a half since i last blogged. how you readers been doing? good i hope. oh my how i miss blogging so... much that words can't describe =) finally the exam has ended. Alhamdulillah... that's all i can say. let us all aim for mumtaz insyaAllah. right now, i have no plans for this holiday. i guess i'll just finish watching all the series that's left unwatched inside my hard disk. then maybe i'll just walk around aimlessly. haha. pathetic i know =_=' bare with me cause you readers will be seeing me updating my blog like once per day maybe? :p one more thing, i'll be coming home soon. soon enough to celeb raya and my BFF's birthday. i can't wait. till then. night peeps!