Saturday, January 23, 2010

short-term focus

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

revenge is sweeter

the net ya ampun, damn freaking slow that i can't even enter my ym. haha. ok! 1st thing je mention bout net. that's one of the main reason i didn't update my blog for such a long time. so what to talk ey? herm, first thing, my dad's colleague add me on facebook. should i accept it @ not? if i accept it, she'll know all the secrets and life that i share with my friends on facebook. i don't mind if my dad knows it cause he knows who i am but it sure will be weird if his friends know bout it. nak mengada@menggedik pun sure have to control. so what to do readers?

last night, duah came to my room. she asked me to teach her english. talking to her is like ayam and itik cause she's poor in english and my arabic sucks! i mean really. i am definitely for sure gonna fail if i take the paper. haha. she's inviting me to her hometown and most prolly im going there after my mid term

me: how long is it from here to ur place?

duah: half an hour

me: how r we going there? by bus?

duah: no, for u i'll call a cab n take u around my village

me: that's so sweet. u shouldn't have. i don mind going there by bus

duah: it's ok! no problem. my relatives can't wait to c u

me: me 2. hehe

and guess what? ruah the translator left me and duah talking like ayam n itik cause she's so tired. she said "if u want me to translate anything, come to my rum and i'll translate it for u". ruah kejam! haha

earlier i mentioned bout the surprise party and it's actually al's surprise birthday party. i bought pizza from pizza party and i waited for nearly an hour. serious lembab gler! no more pizza party after this. on my way to wait for a cab to go their place, there's an egyptian woo-ing me. damn you! after this 1 incident that i had last year, i felt so phobia. so i ran as fast as i could to a public place. alhamdulillah i got a cab right after i got there. the cab driver was so sweet that i felt like talking to my own grandpa.

al was already asleep at that moment. nice! so we quickly goreng2 the koki and prepare the table. around 12 sumthing, we woke her up and she was like mamai2 "eh! sab. bl u dtg sni?". so we ate and talked till subuh. seriously so full i tell you! basically the party went well and we had lots of fun! next- paah's. how is it gonna be? kenduri doa selamat kan paah? hehe

Monday, January 11, 2010

can you feel my heartbeat?

my current favourite - kerabu at GMN. serious best giler!!! haha. i did't cook for few days cause i feel very tired after i got back from class. class 8-5. sape tahan. straight babe! after the histo presentation i went to draw some money for my fees, which by the way the presentation turned out really really well (even the dr. wanted to record our presentation and took our photo. :P). i walked with my i don't know how many inches wedges but i look high though. everyone noticed and they were like" nape u nmpk tngi?". most prolly they x budget la cause i never wear it to class before. i'm definitely the sneakers type. haha. then they said "ni klu tb2 tngi ni kena tngk bwh ni. haha". after i got back from bank, i saw ezah and she's going to GMN. so i ordered kerabu cause earlier anis said it was really superb. it's worth a shot aite? so i had kerabu for my dinner. later at night i'm going to paah's for some surprise. whom it may concern, be prepared with my surprise.

yesterday, duah told me to talk to her father in Saudi cause i think she heard that i talked to ruah's mother earlier. so i said yes. so i talked to his father and conveyed my condolonces cause his brother just passed away. so i asked him what he died of and he told me bronchial asthma. he asked me what is it and i told him from A-Z. duah n ruah were like cheering for me. "you really explain it like a doctor. haha"

after class, i ym-ed with A. she asked me bout F

A: xde ym F ke?

me: xde. he's so passive. diam jer. xtau nk ckp ap. so mls la

A: dia mmg mcm tu

me: ssh la if sab sorg je mnt dia

A: really minat ke? kt blh arrange kan

me: haha. xmo la. bkn mnat mcmn pun. saje2 je

A: actually kan, dia tau sab mnt dia

me: shit! serious ke? mcmn?

A: msa tu tny dia n dia da blh agak

i think if i like someone, it's so obvious i guess. have to slow down next time. very embarrassing ok! i don't mind if he knows that i like him but not knowing that he knows that i like him without me knowing is way embarassing.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

my one n only mission

i text-ed mama during the histo lecture cause it was so detailed that im lost. haha. maalisy ya doctor! mama told me that kak intan is getting engaged on 14th feb and the wedding is on 31st july. mama said "you're gonna miss it for the 2nd time of the wedding. 1st abg nizam now kak intan. better pass all your paper if u wanna join the wedding". azam baru - can't extend my paper. 1 shot. ottoke? hopefully i can do it. i haven't involved in wedding ceremony for like 12 years? the last one was aunty su's when i was 9 years old.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

what a girl wants

mama: i just banked in rm***** 4 ur fees

me: wa... a lot? got few rm*** xtra. nvm. i'll just use it as next month's allowance

mama: is it? just use it for your vacation. buy something that u like

me: hehe. thanks ma! card da byr? already told abah to use it to book d hotel

mama: still waiting 4 d cnfrmation

me: hehe. ok thnks to mama n abah

how fortunate i am to be me. it's not like i get everything that i want but most of it. but still, i didn't prove to them that i'm worth what they are spending on *hugh sigh*. sabrina, new year, new resolution. i'm gonna kick my ass off this year. jia you. ni yi ting ke yi de. how i miss shopping in malaysia. the year end sale and everything. the clothes, bags etc costs you a fortune here. they only have sale like once a year maybe? just some lousy chokia brand from china. pathetic! i need new clothes, shoes and bags

never knew when i was needed

do you guys wanna see how egyptian is? watch phobia 2 and see the zombie part. when the japanese people hitchiking, they offered money. the driver wanted double cause there were 2 people. the way he talked i tell you seriously like egyptian. when zura and i were watching, it was a jinx when both of us went "macam arab". then we laughed

few days back then, ummu started attending classes. class starts at 8 in the morning and ends at 5 at night. yes it's already night when it's 5 o'clock. usually i walk all by myself to and from class. if ummu attends the class then she'll walk back with me. this one day we stopped at the juice stall to buy cocktail. then there were these 2 egyptians buying boreo (chocolate ice cream + borea - an oreo like biscuit). it was so tempting so we decided to buy that. it tastes like heaven yum yum. after that we walked back and ummu said "mmm... sdapnya ice cream ni. syok dok egypt. sab kwn dgn ummu kena ska egypt". i was like "err... ssh cket tu ummu. hahaha"

Sunday, January 3, 2010

malaysia versus egypt

roah: why the mug here is very expensive? in saudi it costs nothing

me: right? in malaysia too

roah: yeah i know. my brother is in malaysia. i love malaysia

me: oh really? then you should come by to malaysia sometime

roah: yes i will!

even saudi people say that Malaysia is way better than egypt. so egyptians... stop being so perasan ok!

on monday i woke up early in the morning to hang my clothes. with no shower or anything, i just went straight to the balcony and start my routine. roah entered the room and said

roah: you look pretty

me: what? no way! i just woke up. no shower no anything

roah: but you look pretty

me: thank you. that's the sweetest thing people ever said to me. i'm flattered

roah is such a sweet girl. haha. she definitely knows how to make you feel good when you're having a bad time. sad if i have to leave her. huhu. and btw, i just got my bank card and already drew some cash from it. so the ticket is settled. next - exam

just another day

hello world...

these few days have been quite sucks for me. on thursday, i wanted to draw some money for the tix so i went to agricole bank - denied. then moved on to barclays - denied. lastly i went to CIB bank and guess what happened? my card was swallowed by the atm machine. tsk tsk. how i felt like crying a river at that moment. so i went to the officer in the bank and he told me to come to the bank today to take the card back. hopefully it'll turn out ok. here in egypt, you can't expect everything to be ok all the time, with the attitudes etc, really annoying. xtau ckp english ckp la then i ckp arab you moron!!! xyah brlgak bgus as if you're so much better than malaysia. malaysia fine la right but japan? get a life you egyptians!!!