Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why? Why? Why? Why do you have to write something that's so hurtful to me? I know i was wrong. The guilt keeps creeping inside my soul. Now i have to think of something to distract me when it took me so long to be in this state

Saturday, June 29, 2013

tachy? brady? whatevs!!!

Out of the blue, i feel scared. Scared of what future beholds. Now that everything will end and i'm entering a new phase of my life soon. May Allah eases everything. Amin...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

malam nisfu syaaban, 15 syaaban

15 more days till we're in the holy ramadhan month. I'm totally hyped bout it. Hehe. Sad to know how Allah has given me a lot yet i still haven't thanked him enough. Therefore, together let us perform our solat sunat and recite yassin after maghrib or isya' insyaalah. It's even better if you can perform qiamullail later before subuh. Lastly, "keep calm and pray"

Saturday, June 22, 2013

ayahanda, ibunda ampunkan anakanda

Ive been so busy lately that i keep on forgetting to say hi to both my parents. Luckily, mama always text me and dad who always message me so at least they can keep track bout my current status. Sorry mom and dad. It's not like i don't remember but i've just been so preoccupied. You guys are always in my doa though :) love you both mucho, always, infinity

Thursday, June 20, 2013

an hour after my bed time

I did everything  yet im still the same me. What shall i do next? Guess im not doing it hard enough. Words of encouragement please. Anyone? Im such a weakling and crybaby.i know that. But i guess, sometimes i have to tell people my problems instead of keeping it to myself. Lesson learnt!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Because im too weak hence the consequences. Ya Allah... bantulah hambamu ini. Tenangkanlah hatiku untuk menghadapi peperiksaan yang bakal menjelang. Amin...

Monday, June 17, 2013

not at ease, still...

Sometimes, i wonder why am i facing such a huge difficulties comparing to my other friends. Unsatisfied, of course. It'd be a lie if i say no. To whom i may tell this? I feel scared, sad, depressed, stressed. Can't everything just turn to the way it was before. Im reaching my 3 series soon yet i still don't find a clear pathway of myself. I guess, Allah is fair afterall. All i have to do is pray,pray,pray cause he's the only who can help me right now. To whom it may concern, im sorry. Really...

Friday, June 14, 2013

if only

Is there any way to fasten things up? Correct the wrong? Turn back the time? Oh boy i really do wish for it. If only...  :(  im at the point where i can't tell anyone but myself and Allah about my situation. How do i go through this without anyone. If only they understand me. Ya Allah, aku memohon hidayah-Mu. Kau tunjukkan lah yang sebenar2nya, lindungilah aku, tenangkanlah jiwaku, permudahkan lah segala urusanku. Engakulah yang maha pemurah, penyanyang dan pengampun. Amin...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

quarter a century

Im exactly 25 yrs and 2 days today. Tuanyaaaa. Haha. Alhamdulillah... another year to breathe. All i wish for is to be a successful person in the future in every kind of aspect. Being 25 in terms of community medicine, you're no longer a youth nor an adolescent. I'm an adult now. I guess being 25 makes you more emosional. I always talk to my friend and cry cry cry about everything. Thanks for being there whenever i need you guys. Much love. Oops!!! It's almost 6am now. Have to continue my study. Will get back to you readers soon. Adios!

what the future beholds

I had a nightmare. It wasn't pretty at all. Right now, i feel like getting married and have babies and b a full-time wife. Since i don't see anything near that so far, medic is kinda my priority right now. Plus i bet my parents would kill me if they read this. Hahaha. Do pray for me yah guys. Still searching for my mr.right :)

my sad sad life

I wish i could just let go all the sufferings ive been having these few years. It's unfair for them i know. I need some kind of guidance right now. Ya Allah,Tell me what to do. Pleaseeee... i feel so unhappy these days. Too many obstacles for me. Anyone?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

aloha 2013

exactly a year and 3 days. yes im here. safe and sound. miss me? don't be. there's facebook, instagram and even twitter :) you guys can always find me there. the reason that i've been missing all this while? busy. cliche' i know but well, that's the life of a medical student i presume. gotta go now. got some errands to do. buh  bye :)