Monday, August 31, 2009

shine the light and send it on

merdeka!!! happy independence day to Malaysia. though i'm miles away, Malaysia still in my heart. can't wait to go back home. unfortunately, we didn't manage to change the date. i asked Fattah earlier in the afternoon and he said the seats were all full. what the heck? most of the Malaysians are going back home by Gulf Air @ Egypt Air. why does Emirates has got anything to do with that? last solution is to contact the Emirates headquarters and guess what? the office hour is till 2.30 pm during ramadhan. what the heck? god! please let there be seats available.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

those days

it's been ages since i last logged in to my frienster account. so i was browsing my friends' list when i saw my crush during matrix time - Kevin. he's definitely a cutie *chuckles*. i'm in the same lecture with him during matrix and the same uni but different course. i was so ecstatic when i saw him during the registration in USM. guess he's doing fine in USM right now. if only i stay in USM, for sure i can see him all the time. he's one of the choir singers representing malaysia. therefore, if there's any function involving singing, he'll definitely be up on the list and did i mention he can sing malay songs very well? you guys should hear him sing "Kau Ilhamku". definitely double thumbs up for him. gosh! i miss him a lot. i always find a chance to talk to him though it's just a brief one. guess who's the wing man? definitely my besties Soo Chian as she's quite close to him. kinda reminiscing those moment right now. i definitely miss my matrix life. a lot!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

iftor at slamlek

the iftor was good. there were only 6 of us. not the fantastic 9 as usual. i ate chicken slamlek. i even brought my cam but very the lazy to take pic. we arrived there around 6pm and iftor at 6.25pm. luckily, we managed to eat the food on time. that's why i love slamlek. hehehe. i had chicken soup as appetizer but no dessert cause im so full. there's even leftovers from my food. enough for sahur.

to lyana - my future cousin-in-law insyaAllah, happy advanced birthday babe! though we haven't met each other, hopefully we will someday. haziq came all the way from Penang to Shah Alam to meet her which by the way is so romantic ok! can't believe my cousin is that romantic. knowing him, he has such a blah personality. hahaha. joking!!! hopefully you guys sampai ke jinjang pelamin though langkah bendul. ameen...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

c'mon baby

activity of the day - iftor with family at slamlek. can't wait. hihihi

never say never

finally, my 1st day of puasa. fortunately, i just missed 4 days of puasa. today i cooked ayam percik for iftor. though it's not that kick but still, can be swallowed la kan housem8ku? had a long chat with farid tonight. we talked about our childhood time. how i miss those days so much. if only i could turn back time*sigh*. well, we just have to move on right? have to gather my energy soon for my physio paper. god! please let it be a good 1. ameen,,,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


guess i'm stronger now. happy but deep down inside, i feel empty. what does it means?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1, 10 n 15th sept

20 days left till i go back to Malaysia. can't hardly wait. thought that mama can fetch me on that day but no. abah will be the only one. it's ok! still can meet her though later. can't believe that the restaurant still open on that day. mama definitely is a hardworking woman. i told her to close it during ramadhan and guess what she said? "boringla mama dok rumah x wat pape. baik keje". she indeed sacrifice a lot for all of us. that's why i love you more and more each day. abah should just quit his job soon and help mama to expand her business. hahaha. miss my siblings(Lee, Khal, Ed) like crazy. dhur please be over soon and let me go to my family

Monday, August 24, 2009

ignore me

saw lee's pic on myspace. why is she getting fairer and slender? no fair! i guess it's true then - adik lagi cantik dari kakak. hahaha

Sunday, August 23, 2009

1st of ramadhan

1st day of puasa was okay. sahur with egg. during iftor, we had fillet that was given by mama. thought mama was going to cook it for us but nope. fortunately, i asked her soon. but thanks anyway mama for the fillet. because we are too lazy to go to suq, we decided to buy the chicken and fish from metro n wekalah only. just got back from samanudi to buy vegies. didn't have it for such a long time. can't wait for iftor soon. hungry3x. mcm puasa je kan sab. hehehe

Friday, August 21, 2009

yeay esok puasa!!!

i thought we are having ramadhan today but it's going to be tomorrow. with much anticipation, i text-ed mama, abah, aunty na and aunty fina.

me: happy ramadhan bah. have a gud 1. c u on 16th sept. can't wait

abah: thanks sab. same goes 2 u. ole-ole jgn lupa. take care

and guess what my dad wants? mandolin! can you guys believe it? hahaha

me: happy ramadhan ma. have a gud 1. c u on 16th sept. can't wait

mama: thank u. happy ramdhan 2 u 2. take care

me: happy ramadhan 2 my dear aunt n fmly. have a gud 1. salam 2 all. c u guys during raya

aunty na: thanks sabrina. all of us miss u so much. babay qash x sbar nk jmp sabrina. cuti lma2 cket k! booking tcket awl2. c u soon

me: don wry. already booked. 16th sept till 1st nov. miss u guys 2. c u soon

aunty fina: happy ramadhan 2 my dear aunt n fmly. have a gud 1. salam 2 all. c u guys during raya

me: thanks! slmt brpuasa 2 u 2. dtg la penang puasa sni k! jmp rya nnt. bye.

final words from me - kullu sanah antum toyyibin. ahlan ramadhan kareem. happy ramadhan to all muslims and have a good one.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


have you guys ever heard bout cakra alam? i'm sure most of you did cause the place is quite famous to heal people that can't be healed by the doctors. i know! i'm a doctor-to-be yet i still believe in this stuff. like nenek said "aik! dr. pun prcya ke kt bnd2 ni. hahaha". it turned out that all this while, it was all tricks but not "tenaga batin" as claimed by the fella at cakra alam. surprisingly, koreans discover this with the help of an american magician. this afternoon, i received a ym from zura

zura: sab, u know how to post video from utube to ur blog?

me: just go right to the video n copy from the embed there. then just paste it to ur post. done!

zura: html kt atas tu ke?

me: no. embed on ur right

zura: owh. ok. just realize it was there. hahaha

me: u mmg. nmpk sngt x surf net sngt

zura: btw, watch this video while i post this to my blog

me: no way! cakra alam is a scam? damn those people

zura: i know! tula kan. sian those yg dtg jauh2 nk b'ubat

me: know wat? my nenek spent thousands nk smbuhkan uncle i. ptt dia still !@#$%^&

zura: tula... mkn duit haram. x berkat hidup diorg tu

me: tula. nenek n uncle i slalu ulang-alik g sna. i'll go n text my mum bout this

zura: ok

i text-ed my mum straight after that

me: ma, guess what? cakra alam tu penipu. it was all tricks all this while

mama: thought so. biarla diorg mkn duit hram. x berkat hdup

me: tula. go n tell nenek bout this. dok prcya lg bnd2 mcm ni. ptt la uncle still mcm tu lg. hahaha

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


tension with this 1 fella. buzzed me but left me alone. waited for you for so long. just ignore me if you don't wanna chat with me ok! i'm fine without you. just go and chat with your so-called friend.

saya buncit

shed off few kilos but my skinny is about to burst? what the heck???

Monday, August 17, 2009


i need to chop off my hair this instance. feel like cutting it short like boy cut but because of my chubby face, i can only cut it till shoulder length. i wonder when am i gonna be slim and slender. hurm,,,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

sabar itu separuh daripada iman

mama: 2 msgs and yet no reply? got problem with your hp ke?

see3x? kan mama dah risau. it's been only 2 days since i last text-ed her but it's like ages. have to draw my money soon and reload my credit. be patient k ma!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


received a text from Lee this afternoon. glad but too bad the sms wasn't as i expected it to be. i don't know what the hell is wrong with her. if only she opens her mouth and tell me the what the bloody hell is wrong but instead, you just keep your mouth shut. how am i suppose to help you if you're not helping yourself?

Friday, August 14, 2009

award by Ramesh. thanks babe!!!

nyatakan 5 fakta mengenai pemberi award ini
1. sangat baik
2. bersopan santun
3. manja dengan family
4. kawan outing time kat USM
5. membuatkan saya ingin mempunyai bf yg seakan-akan muka dia

setiap blogger harus menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi mengenai diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya
1. currently gaining a lot of weight *bila nak kurus pun xtau*
2. malas study
3. suka menari
4. rindu sangat pada family
5. in need of someone to lean on *maksud tersirat*
6. wants car, new handphone, iPod and new laptop. boleh mama???
7. i wanna be rich but on my own capability
8. quarter chinese but looks like 3 quarter chinese. cina kat Malaysia slalu ckp cina dgn saya. nsb bek fham. blh lyan cket2
9. semakin suka kucing
10. in love with Jay 2PM. Seattle bebeh Seattle!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


that's all i can say after i received a message from mama. sorry i couldn't reply but will get back to you soon ok ma!

Raihana n Sabrina

i was browsing my facebook this morning. then i found my kindergarten friend through my mutual friend. i add-ed her and this morning we were chatting like crazy. it's been 15 years since we last met. the last one when i was 6. i was close to her cause her dad sometimes sent me back home and her mother loved to give tit bits to me. me likey! there was this moment when i actually wrote my name using magic pen on her uniform. the teacher spotted me and we were being punished by standing in front of the class till the class was over. since then, i couldn't dare to meet her parents cause i'm afraid that they might scold me but turned out i was wrong. sorry uncle, aunty!!! so i asked her about updates etc and she knew that i'm in egypt furthering my study through my dad. i'm so happy that she actually calls me her besties. hahaha. just imagine la, at 5, do you expect to have any best friend. obviously no right? i was in chinese school kindergarten before therefore there were only a few malays. we used to be in the same dance group during the annual concert. can't forget how thick the make-up used to be considering you're just 5. the concert was so much fun. even my grandparents and my late great grand mother was there. i was the representative for the malay speech. i must say that i was quite famous when i was in kindergarten. hahaha. btw, not to forget, she's actually dating someone who's 10 years older than her. how cool is that? and guess what? she may be getting married soon. glad to hear that your parents gave you the green light. she already has a job though she hasn't graduate and she's buying a honda city using her own money soon. isn't her life is way perfect???

p/s: to put, u still my no. 1 k!

menjelang hari raya

me: ma, r u gonna bake the raya cookies wit me?

mama: dunno yet. c first. all dpends on my mood. kmu blk lmbt sngt. kwn angah da lma balik

me: ala... nak wat mcmn. have to la

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

blow me a kiss

if only you know how much i want to scream out your name and say that i like you. too bad i just can't. ottoke??? i'm so doom if that person reads my blog. hope he's not cause if you are, which is likely impossible by the way, hope you don't freak out. hahaha

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

meat curry

last night i was so hungry that i can't do a single thing. i went to aten's room. wanted to call KFC for deli but no credit. not to mention money too. hahaha. so we went to mama's house. we asked her what she cooked and everything. then she asked us what we had for dinner and whether we want meat. we were like so ecstatic of course we said yes. hang out at her place till 12am. then we went back home and aten fried the meat. i ate till im full. this afternoon, i cooked curry using din's recipe and it turned out so yummy. me likey!!! can't believe after a year i finally managed to cook curry. go sab go. sab hebat!!! hahaha

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

action speaks louder than word

to adik,

i don't know what else am i supposed to do
i wish i could be there for you but too bad i can't
i don't know how to get to you now that you break all the connections between us
i miss you so much
will there be another raya with you?
please come back home
i'm begging you
i can't live without you
i really need you
can't you do it for me this time?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Alexander the great! just when i'm about to feel weak with the flu and sore throat, here comes another 1 - headache. aigoo3x

Monday, August 3, 2009

sickness please go away

woke up with sore throat and flu. argh!!! hate em'. just when i feel like studying, here comes the burden. starting to feel unwell since yesterday. guess i have to go to the pharmacy and get my medicine soon and that's if i'm good to go :p. get well soon sab. the books need you badly and time is running out for you

Sunday, August 2, 2009


it has reached the end of everything and this time, i can guarantee that it's for real

Saturday, August 1, 2009

text to and from mama

1am, egypt time

me: ma, can u bank in the money for this month and half next month

mama: sure, how much?

me: as usual

mama: ok

me: thanks ma

1.30am, egypt time

mama: i just banked in rm****

me: wa... so fast? i just text-ed u like half an hour ago. nape bg xtra? tot i just said rm****

mama: kbtulan lalu bank. so just banked in la. yela, mama ni kan cntik n pemurah. hehehe. doa mama, abah, adik2 murah rezeki kt bumi barakah tu. take care ye!

me: yes u r pemurah n hot. hahaha. insyaAllah. amin.... salam 2 all

that's why i love texting with my family except for Lee la. if i text her, for sure she won't reply it unless it's about the thing that she wants. apa punya adikla kamu ni

payback's such a waste...

what would you feel if that someone buzzed you and you were like so happy that your heart is popping out but he@she ended the convo with a bye after a short chat? angry right???