Thursday, December 31, 2009

oh yeah!

selamat malam egypt dan selamat pagi malaysia

yesterday didn't have internet for the whole day cause baba took the router and experimenting with it. konon wanted to increase the speed but habuk pun tarak! it's final. i'm stopping baba's net and i'm taking the broadband. so sick talking bout the net. in most of my entries, i keep complaining bout the net. it shows how fucking stupid the net here

so tomorrow i got sheet for physio and yet here i am blogging when i'm actually haven't read a single thing. ii'll study after i finish blogging yeah!

the day before yesterday, i didn't go to class cause i sent fakhry to the airport. miss him so much. thanks for the days that we had here. be good and study well k! hope we'll meet again sometimes in malaysia.

after we sent fakhry, i thought we're going home but abg fadh n kak dd wanted to go to asyir to get some stuff from their friend's house. so we went there, indonesian's house actually. we had our lunch there and the food there seriously so yummy thanks to icha. there were like 3 indonesian boys and a girl. seriously the guys are damn cute. haha. they talked indonesian which btw i couldn't understand a thing. when kak dd talked indonesian, seriously sounds like pure indonesian. i was like so blur and they kept laughing at me. haha

after i got back from asyir, there was food from alia. they passed it to ulfah. and guess what it was? nasi impit and kuah kacang. sumpah sedap gler ok! i've been craving for it since i got here. wanted to cook the kuah kacang but very lazy to buy the nuts. i'm so gonna cook kuah kacang after this cause there's lots of nasi impit here now that i'm cooking just for myself. hihi

after i got back from lab at 4, i wanted to draw some money for the ticket but lazy. so i just went back home. guess i'm going tomorrow then. suddenly craving for chipsy. wanted to buy it but no money. so i went back home. when i entered the house, roah was about to leave the house. then i asked her to buy it for me. i had my chipsy and i felt so relieved after eating it. it's like i'm addicted to it. no wonder i'm gaining weight.

so roah's friend is moving with us now. an egyptian! pure one. herm... hopefully it won't be a disaster. as you people might not know, egyptians are not that hygienic. like roah said - their house are like disaster. no wonder she wants to be with malaysian. surprised when she first mentioned to me that she didn't wanna live with egyptian. now that i'm staying with roah, i can finally practice my english skill as i haven't used it for such a along time.

and uh-oh btw, wish me luck for tomorrow ya people. gonna need all the luck in the world to score for this paper. hihi. last but not least, salam peluk cium from me to knani and aten. i miz u guys mucho...

Monday, December 28, 2009

caffeine everyday

the current performance from super junior in mubank? mucore? inki? forgotten already. either 1 la. there were 9 people only. from 13 down to 9. how sad. T_T. hope they'll find a solution soon. same goes to dbsk

last thursday, paah, al n tya came to my house. i cooked laksa for them. not that bad la but still not so mak-mak style of cooking. gotta improve my cooking skill. how memalukan when your mum owns a restaurant but you don't know how to cook. malu ok! everyone expects me to be such a good cooker. like my daddy said : hujan petir berdentum klu sab mmasak. hahaha. ok2. cut the crap. the next morning, we made buah melaka. god knows how big we made because we wanted to finish the flour a.s.a.p. not that we are rushing or anything but just cause. ngee... for dinner, i had sultanah. very the lazy to cook again. thanks to al n tya for the delivery. f.o.c ok! haha

on saturday i didn't go to lab cause i woke up so.... late. when i came, there wasn't supposed to be any classes but boy i was wrong. again i made the big entrance. the class was like so full i had to squeeze in. okay! i'm exaggerating la kan. not so full la but almost to the last row. big achievement ok for our batch! suddenly those who never came to class before were present. surprise2! i guess the way este tackle it is so cool! all of us received a ym from her few days back : sesape yg tidak hadir ke klas sila email reason kpd sy @ wkil sbject. ym x dlyan. how scary is that? haha. me? i always come to lecture. never ponteng ok! cewah

yesterday i cooked mee hoon soup for dinner + breakfast for this morning. right now, i'm still waiting for the rice to be cooked and i had finished cooking ayam masak lemak cili api. ok2. gtg now! the food is calling my name rigt now. till then. toddles!

Friday, December 25, 2009

when there's no one around us

p/s: especially for knani and aten. haha. us during the making of the parody.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

it's gona be solo tonight

herm... so today i didn't go to the ceramah motivasi thingy cause i'm very the lazy to move my big fat ass. so i slept after i had my zohor prayer till asar. woke up. watching house till right now. stop for a while to blog. this thrusday there'll be sleepover party at my house. thought of going to paah, al n tya's earlier but they wanted to sleep at my place. going to cook for them. maybe i'll cook laksa @ maybe we'll just have a takeaway from pizza king. haha. planning on making buah melaka

me: i nk dtg rmh u ni. kt wat buah melaka n tngk muvie smpi muntah

alia: ok. wat kt rmh u la. besar cket. ckup msuk 4 org. dpur ktorg ni bntot pn x lpas. haha

me: i xksah. don mind ke tdo sni?

paah: i ok je

me: korang bwk tpung n kelapa k!

alia: rmh ktorg xde gula melaka. gula putih blh?

paah: gula diet sudah alia. bru muat bntot msuk dapo

me: ya ampun. mcmn nk kawen. mn de org bt buah mlka guna gula putih. i de gula melaka

i laughed my ass off. haha. couldn't believe that someone who cooks very well can think of using the white sugar for the buah melaka

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

you & i

it's been nearly a week since my last post. with the fucking stupid net makes me feel lazy to do anything. yesterday i bought groceries from metro. went there with jaja and ime after my histo lab. i bought the cicken thought that it's already been cut but not. so i cut it after a while didn't do it. so today i cooked chicken soup. after i had my dinner, jaja gave me lala. rejeki... amin!!! yum yum. im totally stuffed today and gaining weight for god sake. suddenly i'm craving for laksa. family just got back from indon safely. yesterday when i draw my money, there's only rm100++ left. i thought someone songlap my money or something. then i text-ed mama. luckily it's not the songlap thingy. she didn't bank in my money cause i never told her to do so. so this month, i'm using my own cash. cool x cool? hahaha. just now my landlord came to the house to fix the gas. if she comes, it won't be complete witout any nagging. bla3. so now baba wants to drill the ampaian in my rum and roah's. so i won't be hanging my clothes in knani's room cause baba's gonna lock the room soon. wtf? for sure there won't be enough space for my clothes but who cares. lantak la nk watpe pun. mlas da nk lyan. benci la...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

counting the days

my family is going to indon tomorrow with my grandparents and uncle mike. have a safe journey to all of you. a week without mama's text. gonna miss it. i'm off to cairo tomorrow. settling my result's translation. have to get a bubble jacket soon. and by mean really really soon. sabby is so pokkai right now. bought sweater and wedges the other night and now i'm poor. dino, come back soon. i asked my mum to pass lots of stuff from malaysia to him. thanks dino! can't wait to see you

i skipped my anat class this morning. just in time for the kakak angkat-adik angkat program and i don't know what's the motif of this thing. when i reached the lecture hall, it's already full. felt like making a big entrance just now. hahaha.

me: u g x program kkak-adik angkat tu?

alia: i x sngup diadik angkat oleh kkak angkt yg bkn semak dgn i

me: u ni mmg sengal la. hahaha

Monday, December 14, 2009

makan orange sampai muntah

i woke up this morning and washed my sheets. when i went out to check the machine, the water was all over the place. seriously banjir i tell you. why egyptians always make a house that doesn't have border between the toilet floor and the floor outside the toilet. if i take a bath, it's always gonna be banjir outside. then i have to mop evrything back. seriously troublesome ok! that's why i don't wanna put my shoes rack besides the toilet but mama insists. see3x! hbs basah sume kotak kasut. hish!

btw, bobo came by to my place the day before yesterday. she just wanted to visit me. then we went out to nil. when we came back, it's already 12 so she just slept at my house. when i woke up yesterday to get ready for class, bobo's still sleeping cause she's not feeling well. so after i got back, she's still at home watching movies. i cooked her dinner and she went back home after maghrib feeling sick. poor you bobo. get well soon!

text-ed mama as part of my daily routine. turned out she's on the way to cameron. just imagine after she got back from work at 8pm on saturday, my family straight away hit the road to cameron. and they got back home around 6 the next day. serious rjin gler.

me: rjin mama g. sab ad pun x g hols mn2

mama: tkut "X" kck hti klu x g

me: herm... yela

Friday, December 11, 2009

bo peep bo peep

so these few days got no internet connection. konon pki satellit and stabil. cet! so typical egyptian. when i wanna change to line, baba wants to cancel the etisalat and all of us have to use the line. saje je tau baba ni! lantak p la. x kuasa mak nak layan. so yesterday i text-ed daddy bout the winter plan

me: bah, jd ke dtg ni?

daddy: tahla. abah xinterested sngt. mama je yg eager

i didn't reply his text cause i was mad. haha. not that mad mad but just a a bit down. i wanted to see them but i'll meet them again next year anyhow but i know mama really needs a vacation right now. the stress from the work, kids. even watching it makes you feel stressed. no wonder lots of people using drugs these days. but it's a total no no ya kids! cheh! i'm only 21 but acting like 31. i'm still a kid myself. konon! hahaha

lee's going to her driving school this saturday with my uncle. welcome to the driving club adik. my uncle owns a drving school so it's half the price for us. hahaha. how cool is that? seriously i save a lot here. not me la. my mum actually. it's her money kan. herm... so she just finished her spm. right after spm, lepak AEON and she even called atok to pick her up. i think she's the only one yang berani sruh atok fetch her from anywhere. even me myself pun still takut2. hahaha.

btw, happy 8th birthday to ed. you're a big girl right now. still remember how i used to clean her when she defecate@urinate. i even bathed her ok! definitely a good sis. feels like wanting a new baby from my mum

me: ma, ed da bsar la. rsa nk adik plak

mama: nak beranak la sndr

me: cet! men2 plak mama ni

mama: hahaha

so i already got 3 yesses including me myself. still needs a yes from this one friend of mine. time is running out peeps... palli and make up your mind. got mid-term from 28th jan till 4th feb. after that, it's winter holiday bebeh! i still haven't bought any new jacket for this winter. wanted to go to port said but couldn't find the rigt timing cause i got class from saturday till thursday. then only day i'm free is friday. T_T. anyhow, let's hope all my plans will work out ameen...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

i got a new housemate now. hehehe. kinda weird having her cause i've been staying all by myself for like alomost 3 weeks. btw, she's not a malaysian k! she's sudanese but staying in saudi. so far so good. hopefully, i won't be facing with another problem in the future insyaAllah. to all my malaysian peeps... do pray for me here yah! love you guys lot. can't wait to meet you guys in malaysia.

i woke up very late today. around 11am and i slept the night before around 11pm. 12 hours of sleep. i don't know why but i think the dreams i had made me sleep till noon. hahaha. so i had my shower and i cooked mee hoon tom yam for my lunch and pisang goreng as my dessert. yum yum. people may thought that i'm losing weight cause i won't be cooking but boy were they wrong. i cook everyday ok! can't believe it either. hahaha. btw, ulfah came to my house cause sabby was out of town. so we lepak till nearly maghrib not knowing that sabby was already at home. so we went back to ulfah's and i helped her cook. we cooked steak and god i swear it taste way better than slamlek. thanks to them. hehehe

earlier, i received a text from mummy. surprise surprise she wants to come and visit me but it is all still under planning. it's kinda hard for her to leave her job like that so only god knows whether she's coming or not. hopefully it's a total yes. hihi

Monday, December 7, 2009

still thinking

mummy said yes to the new laptop. yippie!!!

me: ma, u wanna buy a new lptop right? can't u just take mine and i'll buy a new 1?

mama: ok. have 2 buy 4 lee 2

me: alright. kekeke

can't believe mama would agree with that. i'm not mengada ok! mine is like heavy and i need a lighter 1 so that it'll be easier for me to travel. mama just need sumthing that can be used. not that sophisticated 1. so instead, i'll just get the new 1 and mama just take mine. it's kinda like a win win situation. fyi, mama's and lee's laptop have been stolen from our house. so they need to buy a new one. still haven't gotten a new handphone for myself. luckily it's gonna be from daddy cause if it's from mama, she's gonna be so broke cause of me. sorry ma!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


it's already the 2nd day day of december. school is about to re-open yet i haven't touched the book. super lazy. help me!!! so much to study, so little time. great!!! i just received a news from knani. another 1 is going to quit. just when i'm about to feel excited that he's coming back, now i have to cry again? shit la! so now it's down to me alone. whatever!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

judge me tender

to aten, sorry i couldn't reply your text cause i ran out of credit. hols till 6th so most prolly going to reload by that time. hopefully you'll find a broadband soon yah! to knani, wru? i've been waiting for you to online. do buzz me if you are and pass this message to aten k! love you both. btw, i've been online-ing non stop cause i just got the connection to it and it really burns a hole in my pocket. i got no other choice. gotta bear with it. hopefully i'll find new housemates or else i gotta pack my suitcases and find a new place. how tough it is for me huh? with exams coming up and lots to study. really stressed out