Sunday, October 2, 2011


i miss blogging. a lot! due to the stupid connection of the internet, i have to put blogging on hold. when  the connection is back to normal, i just don't know what to write. i'm lost. my head is empty. shall i just quit? hurm,,, anyhow, i'm back in egypt for 2 weeks now. i miss my family so much. this is the worst homesick ever! :( i dream of my family everyday. yesterday, while texting with my mum, i cried :( what is wrong with me? i just can't wait to finish my study, earn a degree, pack my bag and leave this country for good. i just wish for some sort of miracle to happen so that i can grad earlier. is it possible???

Monday, August 8, 2011

ya rabb!!!

Alhamdulillah,,, i got the greatest news ever in my life. thank you Allah. mom and dad, your daughter is coming home soon. wait for me =)

Friday, July 29, 2011

goodbye to you? never!

people said that i should come out from my shelter, stop being invisible. but for me, i love keeping a low profile though i must admit, exposing yourself is a good thing in a way or another. what shall i do? i'll take the safe approach. be in the middle i.e not too exposed and not too invisible. agree?

the post-exams should be something that we should celebate right? not with a party like what all those mat salleh do but just hanging out with friends, watching movies and chilling around. especially now that ramadhan is coming soon, we can do iftar together, terawih together. having fun while doing something for pahala in return =) . but i realize, all of my friends seem to be stressed out though it's over. why oh why? just let me know and perhaps i can do something to cheer you guys up. ok? ;)

and to YOU, i miss the old you. where have you been? come out come out wherever you are. i've known you for 4 years now. it makes me sad watching you behaving like that :( . ya Allah, please help her find her inner peace. i'm begging you. amin ya rabbalalamin

Sunday, July 24, 2011

besides tweeting and blogging

i'm so sad. i wanted to tell someone but i can't. i wanted to to blog about it but i can't. guess i'll just have to keep it to myself. the only thing to do right now is to seek guidance from Allah the almighty. hopefully, i'll be fine soon. time does heal but not everything. till then, see you when i see you

Saturday, July 23, 2011

cairo international airport, ct stars

finally, at 9am i managed to get myself off the bed. hahaha. i just got back from cairo with kdyya and tima, sending my montel, zura to the airport. i'm gonna miss your sarcastic talk missy :p we went to cairo at 8 am and reached the airport at 11am. earlier, zura said her flight was at 2pm. guess what? she didn't actually check the ticket and her flight was actually at 6! she had to wait at the airport for 7 hours! too bad we were already at city stars by 12pm and already bought tickets for harry potter. we stayed at city stars till 9pm and finally reached home at 12am. the movie was totally awesome!!! that's the only thing i could say. it's worth every penny. i didn't even blink while watching it cause i'm afraid that i might miss even a tiny weeny thing :D just imagine, i was 13 when the first movie was out and right now, i'm already 23. i grew up with the movie. i felt like crying when i watched it yesterday =( . so guys, why wait? go to your nearest cinema and watch it. you won't be disappointed =)

Friday, July 22, 2011


hello hello hello...

ok i sound jakun as if i haven't said it for such a long time. well yes indeed. it has been a month and a half since i last blogged. how you readers been doing? good i hope. oh my how i miss blogging so... much that words can't describe =) finally the exam has ended. Alhamdulillah... that's all i can say. let us all aim for mumtaz insyaAllah. right now, i have no plans for this holiday. i guess i'll just finish watching all the series that's left unwatched inside my hard disk. then maybe i'll just walk around aimlessly. haha. pathetic i know =_=' bare with me cause you readers will be seeing me updating my blog like once per day maybe? :p one more thing, i'll be coming home soon. soon enough to celeb raya and my BFF's birthday. i can't wait. till then. night peeps!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

my kinda party

thanks for those who made it to my birthday party last night. sorry if there was any lack in terms of food, hospitality or anything. im so happy. that's all i can say. hehe. thanks to alia's house for the fried mee hoon and chocolate cake, ime's house for the baked macaroni and ummu's house for the drinks and fruits. love you guys mucho! as for the photos, i'll upload it once i get my hands on it yah! ;) btw, i cooked chicken rice for the first time last night and thank god it turned out well. all the guests were satisfied i assumed :D let's do potluck next time before we go back to malaysia for our summer vacay. alright girlfriends? jajana,,, are you reading this? we always think of you eventhough you're not here. we all miss you missy ;)

Friday, June 10, 2011

10th of june 1988 - 10th of june 2011

10th of june - the day i was born. im 23 this year now. alhamdulillah... another year has been given to me to live and breathe in this world. nothing special occur to me this year. here i am in egypt, struggling to pursue my degree in medicine. as for my wish, i hope i can pass this exam with flying colours and be able to go back home with a degree in my hand soon. i wish happiness for both my parents and siblings. i hope i can give them everything they want when i have all the money i can offer to them and i wish i can be a skillfull doctor an open my own clinic one day. uh-oh, did i mention my mum got me when she was 23? ehem ehem. :p no worries, i won't be getting married soon. still a long way ahead of me :D just hoping i can find someone rich, handsome and religious. hehe. thanks for all the wishes my dear feinds and family -x0x0-

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

picture with a thousand words

a picture of me drew by my housemate. well, in reality, put more fats on the cheeks. haha

hello! my name is mimi and i love to run around the house making all the house members turn dizzy and mad. muahahaha

Monday, May 16, 2011

after a month

hello friends and foe (hopefully i don't have 1. tee hee). well it has been a month since my last post ey? my my. talk about the bad internet connection here. well, it just that something is wrong with god knows what it is with the connection at my landlady's place. we ended up not having the internet for nearly a month! so i ended up subscribing to the broadband service. again! but this time around i'm using vodafone as my last modem i.e etisalat was stolen. why not etisalat again? because the centre is just so far away from my faculty. well enough with the internet thingy. i think i keep on saying bout this stuff in every single of my post. well not technically but i assume you guys get the picture right?

i'm broke this month. i have only 50le to survive till the end of the month and i've used some of my allowance from next month. blame it on all the electrical devices that i have to send to the electricians to repair and i just bought a vacuum. yippie! finally. after years of post-poning on buying it, i finally bought one. ouh plus i spent some on buying a new modem and for the next few months i have to put aside some money to pay for my bill :( there goes my money again. tsk tsk. living on your own is not easy but it definitely teach me how to be independent i must say. now i understand how hard it is to gain some money. sorry mum and dad! hopefully i can graduate as soon as possible and work really hard and pay back all the money that you have given to me

btw, i've just finished my practical papers. my next paper is going to be around june till end of july. wish me luck readers. i hope i can pass with flying colors and go back as soon as possible =) sometimes, i wonder who reads my blog. besides those that i know. hurm,,, mind leaving ur comment perhaps? ;)

Friday, April 15, 2011

our day at cairo

just got back from cairo last night. what a tiring day. thank god we rented a car because we bought lots of stuff and i couldn't imagine myself going back to my place by bus while carrying all of them. haha. the net is already back on track after nearly 2 weeks. gosh! but right now, i'm at mithali stylo's place. a bit jakun cause i haven't online in a proper manner but thanks to BB i still can catch up with my friends :D right now, i'm still waiting for paah to finish making her kuih cause i'll be cooking nasi briyani for lunch today. hehe. suddenly, i feel terrible for making my dad upset. i am a bit mad at him cause he's been postponing the thing that he has to do for like nearly a month! month not days! so after he did it he text-ed me but i din't reply him. so he text-ed me again this after noon and i've decided to text him back as i'm a bit cool down this morning plus i just used the credit card. haha

dad: sab nape x reply text? macam marah je. anyway, be careful and take cre. bye

i guess he's a bit upset because there's no i love you there. hehe. so i tet-ed him back

me: no la. buat apa nak marah kat parents sendiri yang bagi makan, pakai, minum and education. xde credit je. hehe

after an hour, i'm still waiting for his reply. daddy please reply my text :(

Friday, April 8, 2011

when is the winter gonna be over???

im still waiting for the winter to be over. it's raining season here so the weather i tell you,,, very the cold ok! just when i have the thought of putting my heater into the box and sending my duvet to doby, that's when the chill strikes again. aigoo!!! anyhow, when it's summer, i want winter and vice versa. mankind just know how to whine but not thankful eyh? especially me myself. well, that's life as we know it

by the way, i haven't online for like what? a week? i was thinking of resuming my broadband service but later there will be people around me telling "ala, online kejap-kejap je pun. tak berbaloi la bayar 150le untuk net" then i'll be like "aah kan betul la. xpela" but my patience has its limit. if the service is so shitty, i might as well just resume my account back. hurm... the BB service has increased from 80le to 100le. tsk tsk. not just the BB service. i think most of the suff here has increased. well what else can be done. this is the life you have to endure when you are living in a 3rd world country. after living here for almost 4 yours, i feel like a stranger in my own country =_='

the exam fever is back peeps! talk about stress. i can see lots of pimples popping on my face right now and my hair is in the worst condition ever! haha. hence, i would like to this opportunity to wish all the mansouryyin, good luck and all the best on your exam. bittaufik wanagah fi imtihan insyaAllah. toksah dok pusher sangat ok! till then. see you when i see you =)

Friday, February 11, 2011

riots in egypt

salam to all my readers. i wolud like to inform that i've safely landed on malaysia on 4th of february. just as expected, the riots getting worse day by day. the trip to turkey was canceled because the agent couldn't settle all the bookings. the lost that my parents gain from this trip,,, haiz! egypt is no longer safe for us malaysians to stay at the moment. most of them have been evacuated to jeddah and still waiting for the flight back to malaysia

on 31st of january, i went to alex airport to pick my parents up but after i got there, i received a call saying that their flight was delayed to the next day but at cairo. so we went back home though it's already the curfew time. i kept on praying so that there wouldn't be any obstacles during the journey. Alhamdulillah i'm back safe and sound from alex to mansourah on that particular day

the next day, i prepared myself to go to cairo to fetch my parents. i received a call from wan saying that all the flights were canceled but thank god it's just a false alarm. i straight away went to cairo and instead of 2 hours of journey, it took us 4 hours to get there. after i fetched my parents, we went to hayyu asyir. a 15 minutes of journey took us 2 hours due to the roadblocks. we stayed there until 3rd of february which was supposed to be the date to fly to turkey and as i expected, it was canceled. i booked 3 tickets to go back to KL at 4pm and straight away checked in because the flight was at 7pm. the minute the plane took off from cairo, i felt a huge weight have been lifted off my shoulder. after 3 hours, we landed on dubai. have a lil' bit of window shopping and after 4 hours, it was time for our flight to go back home. after 7 hours of journey, i felt very blessed now that i'm already at my hometown, which is free from the all the hassles unlike egypt

it's definitely an experience for me, my family and friends there. roadblocks, people holiding guns, blades, or anything that can defend themselves, gunshots. fuh! im worried bout my house in mansourah. is the house still in good condition? and btw, i would like to say thank you to all my friends who have been such a huge help to me. only Allah can repay you guys =) to those who still stuck in jeddah, be patient yah! the time will come soon. keep on praying

Friday, January 28, 2011

post midterm

what am i supposed to do when twitter and facebook both are blocked here in egypt? blog of course!!! due to the riot here, egypt has blocked both websites and us malaysians here don't have anything else to do especially it's holiday now but to stare at the ceiling in the room doing nothing. thank you very much! im kinda worried because both my parents are coming here soon but how are they gonna enjoy the vacation if it's riot everywhere. whenever i walk, i could see police everywhere and it's kinda creepy you know. to all people out there, do pray for our safety here and please let my parents arrive here safely amin,,,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

happy exam =)

mama: did u buy something online? the bill has just arrived. apa tu?

me: ouh aah. i unlocked my BB

mama: kan mama da cakap jangan purchase online lagi takut nanti fraud

me: desperate da tu. sorry ma!

ha kan da kena marah padan muka!

daddy: from what i've heard from mama, u've ordered so many things to bring and take along with us. looks like it's not gonna be a honeymoon for us. ha ha

me: ala, alang2 da datang. bukan selalu. nak tunggu balik malaysia lambat lagi. hehe

ok since when daddy started to use ha ha? that's odd. this one for sure mama da tension sebab anak dia ni dok text dia hari2 suruh bawak itu ini sampai bagitau daddy and daddy pun nak convey kan kemarahan mama tu by saying ha ha or maybe i'm just plain wrong :P