Monday, May 31, 2010


mum: sab, yesterday naemah took d pic of our house. de projek kt uni dia ke? dia xprasan kot mama nmpk dr luar rmh

me: hahaha. i'm d 1 who asked her to do that. saje nk tngk progress

mum: brtuah pny bdk. x surprise la mcm tu. nape x sruh mama hntr je tp mama x reti la nk hntr mcmn. hahaha

me: sbb tu x sruh mama sbb mama x reti. hahaha

me: nekmah, thanks 4 d pic

nekmah: wcome. no problem. cuak k ambk gmbr sbb sure org ingt i nk rompak rmh u. hahaha

me: agakla kan. mak i volunteer nk send pic tp x reti nk guna mms tu mcmn. lwak snguh

***guess mum is more cautious now that our house had been entered by burglars before and according to my neighbours, two men were wandering near our house few days before they entered the house

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

sab, mummy, daddy

me: dad, i want ur bank acc number. my friend mntk cause nk bank in ur money

dad: dah

me: ap yg da nye? ingt x i told u b4 tat my friend used my card? so she wants ur bank acc no

mum: sab, hp abah button rosak. dia kt tngu sttement bank dlu bru bank in d money

me: haha. ok. lwakla abah tu. hp bru pun button da rosak. tkr blackberry jela mcm mama

mum: abah kata xde duit da nk tkr cause u, mama n lee mntk mcm2. dia kt mmpu beli buah blckberry je. tngh bedek dia share d cost for renovation

me: haha. skali skala. bkn slalu mntk. duit bnyk pn x guna smpan. kena spend skali skala

***my dad x banyak duit pun. saja nak perli dia ;). btw dad, if you think you can't take care of your handphone, just use like mine. jatuh pun x nangis. cool je lagi.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Majo No Jouken a.k.a forbidden love

everytime i watch this series, i'll cry till there's no more tears. basically, it's about the love between the student and the teacher. 'geli' upon hearing it at first but i find that it's a pure love. uh-oh and btw, i've been having crush on hideaki since like forever. i remember watcing this series when i was still in primary. kecik-kecik dah menjiwang ok! haha. the theme song itself makes me wanna cry. i guess most of you guys familiar with utada hikaru - first love? my all time favourite tune. nothing beats it

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my 2 different tears

anony: anything change ke lama x ym?

me: i dunno. maybe

anony: herm. so fast? xpela

p/s: perlu cakap ke? sendiri mau taw la. 1 month kot! + your fault pun. boleh pulak nak blame orang lain. in a nutshell, you weren't there when i need you the most. blur agaknye. benci la. g jauh-jauh. lemas!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

officially missing you

i'm so lame cause i just listen to bunkface's situasi. keep on playing it on my playlist. khal told me bout this song before but just being a typical sister, i ignored everything that he said.

i'm a future samanoudy-ian. bye bye to all my lovely neighbours. i'm gonna miss you guys like crazy. after 2 years together, sure it's gonna be hard to be apart from you guys cause you guys are like my family here T_T. thanks for everything that you guys have done for me. hopefully we can stay this close forever. <3

right now, i still can't get through dino. he promised me to accompany me to metro to buy some groceries cause i'm going to cook dinner as requested by my neighbours. bangun la dino ui! dah tengahari ni. ponek eden tunggu

Friday, May 14, 2010

mama and her blackberry

these few days, i've been texting mama a lot but i just received a simple reply from her. sad sad sad. takkan mama lupa anak sendiri. suddenly this morning i received a text from khal, my bro

khal: kak, mama guna blackberry da. woot woot!

i was like what the? biar betol? mama ni buta it sikit. she doesn't know how to use all these gadgets. i was quite surprised when khal said she's using blackberry. so i text-ed her right after and i received her text 8 hours later. thank god she replied. if tak, kecik hati anakanda

me: omg mummy is using blackberry. baru la hot mcm mak datin. can't believe it though

-8 hours later-

mama: of course! tapi gelaba cari hruf n fullstop.

wanted to reply but no credit. tsk tsk. no wonder she replied me a very short text. budak baru belajar. layan!!! xaci orang tua guna blackberry. orang muda macam i ni pun guna handphone chokia je. T_T

tag from kak nani

1)adakah anda rasa anda hot?

of course! kita semua hot. hehehe

2)upload wallpaper pc/laptop yang anda guna sekarang.

3)cerita pasal gambar

saya bersama zura. diambil sewaktu rakaman parody lagu-lagu korea untuk knani dan aten

4)bila kali terakhir anda makan donut?

sehari sebelum pulang ke egypt bersama-sama mama di Big Apple kerana dia teringin. i love u mama! hehehe

5)lagu terakhir anda dengar?

after school - bang!

6)apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ini?

baru online setelah pulang dari rumah jiran

7)selain nama sendiri,anda dipanggil nama aper?

sab, sabby, cik sab

8)tag lagi 4 orang

siapa-siapa sahaja

9)berikan 5 yang anda tahu tentang orang yang meng-tag anda

kipas susah mati dbsk dan beast
mahu yunho menjadi future husband
garang tapi baik hati
tidak sabar mahu kahwin

10)gay or les?

both are the same kan. who cares??? hahaha

Thursday, May 13, 2010

nekmah and i

ym-ed with nekmah, my neighbour in malaysia few days back

nekmah: sab, rumah u renovate ke? tngk lori bagai sume ada

me: aah

nekmah: sape kawen?

me: i la kawen. jemput dtg nnt tau

nekmah: ok. beres! dgn sape?

me: oleh kerana calon tarak, sndri jela. kekeke

nekmah: haha. xpe i dtg nnt

me: ala,,, mak i pnjgkan porch dia n tmbah awning kt kolam ikan tu. dia kata pnas sngt. plus tukar gate cause da runtuh. hahaha

nekmah: ouh yeke. ingtkan nk wat knduri kawen u blk nnt

me: dpt la plak kan. lmbt lg nekmah ui. hahaha

p/s: her real name is naemah, but i call her nekmah. haha. as in nek-mah. get it?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


the exam schedule is changed again for like i don't know 5th? 6th time? well, there's nothing much i can do. the last paper will be on 15th of july which is oral biochemistry. the result will be coming out arround end of july. so most prolly im going back by august. and guess what? it's all the same for all the universities in egypt - tanta, cairo, alex, ain shams, azhar. i guess the aeroplanes will be super duper pack with all malaysian students and not to mention whether will there be any seats available plus the sky-rocketing price for the ticket. sob sob. hopefully, i'll be getting the chance to go to bazaar ramadhan. it's been ages since i last been there. the last time i went there i was like 17? tsk tsk. to all my friends, gud luck with the papers. together we aim mumtaz for this imtihan insyaAllah. uh-oh and btw, the paper will be starting 2 days after my birthday. so no celebration i guess huh? hehehe.

well, the day before yesterday, i received a bad news. my landlord is raising the rent from 300le to 500le. giler x giler tu? very mean!!! i mean c'mon la. few days before exam and suddenly you're talking bout rent. right now, my head just feels so empty. i don't know what am i supposed to do. talked to mama bout it. she just said that "do you wanna stay or not? if you wanna stay then stay, if you don't then just move out. just do whatever is the best for you. i'll always pray for you". see, making decision is not that hard for me cause my parents has been making me do so since i was very young. so everything i do, they just agree with it and if they have some thoughts, for sure they'll say something. after taking other people's opinion, i've decided to move out. 500le is just not worth it for this kind of house. the landlord just provide me with bed and the rest are mine. i'll consider if he raises it to 400le or if it is 500le, everything is included plus i don't have to pay the bills. but i guess he's just very hard to deal with. hopefully i'll find a house and i can move out as soon as possible.

p/s: i really need some luck. lots and lots of unlucky situation lately. why is it? i guess my relationship with Allah is drifting away. i need to repent soon before it's too late

Saturday, May 8, 2010

malam menyulam kasih

supernatual is coming to an end. good! 1 less series to follow. hehehe. i do miss blogging. but i'm just too tired. not tired of doing something that i can be proud of but tired of doing nothing. i guess i'm just good with wasting my time. "sigh". yesterday, there was solat hajat at gmn centre. i went there a bit late cause i accompanied jaja to meet the dentist. we got there just right after the prayer end. we went back home earlier cause the thing was just too long and we live quite far from the rest plus no musyrif. it was a good night actually cause after nearly 2 years, i was able to meet my batch. miss them mucho. there was this slide thingy showing the first time that all of us got here. now i realize that all of us were so small compare to the recent figure. hahaha. happy i guess??? anyhow, double thumb-ups to those who worked really hard to make yesterday happened. i was really happy though we are not that close but still, we are family right? hopefully, more are yet to come insyaAllah. uh-oh and btw, no photos. forgot to take 1. huhu

p/s: u dah lupa kat i ke? T_T

Saturday, May 1, 2010

saya bukan jiwang

the new schedule for exam is out but no news from the oral paper yet. i wonder are they gonna squeeze the date in between cause the dates of the exams are day after day. or is it gonna be around july?

i just watched the trailer for lagenda anak setan. frankly, i have no clue bout this movie but ulfah told me bout it. so i guess why not check out the trailer. looks cool though but i fall in love with the background song. serious mendayu-dayu. makes me cry babe!!! at first i thought it was acha but i'm not so sure when i here the chorus part. mengada la kan cerita melayu tapi suruh indon nyanyi.

i've been trying googling for the song but can't seem to find it. if anyone knows, do let me know k! i'm not so sure whether the song is being played by the radio cause the movie is due for screening somewhere around june or july if i'm not mistaken. btw, 1 last sheet paper tomorrow before my written. wish me luck people. buh bye