Wednesday, December 31, 2008

porridge yum yum

this is how my porridege looks like p/s: minus the chopstick. took this from someone else's page. hihihi. creedit to him@her

the reason on why i picked porridge - i'm so clueless right now on what to write at the moment but yet, it is one of my favourite food. hahaha. so yesterday day i cooked porridge because there's no more fish @ chicken in the freezer. so i just mixed the porridge with carrot.

bobo: sab, kita ni macam somalia je makan bubur letak carrot. nasib baik ada carrot. hahaha

me: tau xpe. huhuhu

i made the porridge as requested by bobo. so when i put the salt, i can't really see the quantity of it because the kitchen's light is yellow. it's so dazzling but i thought i didn't pour that much of it. when i taste it, god knows how salty it is. so i pour more water in it. later, i asked bobo to taste it and she said "sedap molek". so i turned off the fire, i pour some for me and i eat it while i watch romantic princess. hell it's still salty but i just finished it up. thank god i was distracted by the series during that moment :p

problem go away!

i've been downloading evoiz for like hundreds of time. first, i thought the pin and account was wrong so i changed it with kak zaty. the same goes for the second one. tension je!!! even aten can't use it though. i've been wanting to call my family, my sis lee especially. miss her like hell. though she forgive me, i still feel insecure. i don't know why, but i need to talk to her badly. evoiz.. please be ok. i'm begging you. hukhuk. promise i'll be a good person.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas

merry christmas to everyone. to my friends, have a great holiday. sorry i couldn't make it to the party you guys! enjoy and forget me not darls~. spare me some presents pretty please... :p


i just finished watching keith, an independent film starring jessie mccartney. it was ok for me. lil bit boring in the beginning but turned out to be ok in the end. there's a lil dirty scene between jessie and the co-star. it was quite astonishing as he was too young to do that kind of scene but not for the co-star because she's 7 years older than him. that made her kinda legal to do it. come to think of it, he did it before in summerland when he was only around 16 i guess so it wouldn't be a big deal for him i guess.

in a nutshell, the melodramatic storyline is based around a popular 17-year-old high school senior, Natalie (Elizabeth Harnois) , who thinks she has got life figured out, until she meets and falls for Keith Zetterstrom (Jesse McCartney). Natalie is at first annoyed by her new chemistry class lab partner, but she ultimately falls for him and discovers that Keith is hiding a dark secret, with tragic and sad result.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

my beloved sis liyana...

to my sis lee, kakak so sorry k! i didn't mean to do that to you. my intentions were good. can't believe it leaves a very bad impression to all of us. i love our family so much that i couldn't bear to lose anyone of you. you guys are my everyhting. i love you all so much. again i'm so sorry for all my wrong doings. i hope everything will be alright between you and your best friend. insyaAllah...

aten-shi's 20th bday

fried chicken


birthday cake

to aten-shi, happy 20th birtday. finally! we are the same age. no more calling me onni k! hahaha. so we made a party for her on 17th december. we planned it 1 week earlier. the night before that, we just act as usual. we didn't even wished her happy birthday. she was quite surprised and looked sad but sorry aten-shi, we have to be cruel so that the party went well. i slept quite late that night because jaja's housemates came to our house to celebrate aten's birthday. so i woke up early in the morning but not as early as nani onni. so we quietly made the kimbab. surprisingly, it turned out really yummy. the minute we finished making it, aten woke up. so we were glad that our plan went well. so we asked zura to help us with our plan to get aten out of the house. so they went out around 2pm. god knows where they went for the next 6 hours! so during that time, onni and i went out to wekalah to get some stuff for the party. after that, we went to baron to get the cake. it's so hard for us to get a cab at that moment to go back home. finally, someone's willing to send us home.

me: syari' muntaseer? (muntaseer street)

cab driver: fiin fi muntaseer? (which part of muntaseer)

me: akhir gala'? (end of gala')

cab driver: fi el-bah? (near the river)

me: aiwah! (yep)

cab driver: mehsyi (ok)

so we got on the cab. guess what? nama pun dah arab yang kuat menipu kan so the cab driver stopped us not at the end of the street but front of the street. so nani onni was like so mad she yelled at the cab driver

nani onni: lau samah ley fi henna. awalan enta ul fi el-bah (excuse me! but why here? you said earlier near the river)

cab driver: la'. anna auza ala thur (no. i want to go straight)

me: lakin ana hagah kathir (but i have lots of stuff with me)

cab driver: la'ah (no no no)

we were like so mad and suddenly the cab driver yelled at us asking us to pay the money. it's not like we're not paying or something. so i just handed him the money and he took off. our hands were full with stuffs and we have to walk quite far. what a day! as soon as we reached home, nani onni went out again to totty to get the birthday party deco and i cooked the seaweed soup and fried the chicken. we were waiting for ecah and jue to help us with the deco but it took us ages to do so. when they reached the house, we finished doing everything. so we called zura to bring aten back home. we thought of surprising aten when she opened the door but too bad she didn't bring the key (bertuah punya budak!). she didn't look that surprise though. hahaha. so we ate the food and later she opened up all the presents. i slept quite early that night because i was too tired. so that's the end of the day. :p

Thursday, December 11, 2008

selamat hari raya aidiladha


sorry for the late wishes peeps. i've been so sick for the past 3 days and thank god i'm okay now though i still have my flue and cough. i've missed lots of open house because i can't get off my bed. frankly, this was the worst fever i had. it's winter and how am i supposed to sweat to get rid of the heat from my body right? luckily i was blessed with good housemates. thanks to them, i am so much better now. this morning, i missed the korban thingy because i woke up so late. hahaha. tomorrow will be the makan-makan thing and i can hardly wait though i don't really eat goat. hahaha. 1 more thing, yesterday was ed's 7th birtday. happy birthday dear. kakak will always love you -xoxo-

music : just dance by lady gaga
series : hannah montana
movie: alvin and the chipmunk

Saturday, December 6, 2008

to husna and nik faris...

nik faris and husna

my condolences to them, my colleagues here in egypt upon the death of their baby. they got married earlier this year.yep! young huh? husna is 19 while nik faris is 21. when husna knew that she got pregnant, they were so happy. husna was supposed to deliver the baby around january next year but the baby came out 1 month earlier. it's quite different here in egypt because after the deliver, you can straight away go back home. if in malaysia, the least you have to stay is 1 day if you deliver it the normal way. when they got back home, around 1 hour later, they realized that the baby's body is so cold and she's not breathing. they sent her to the hospital later and the doctor confirmed that the baby is dead due to phlegm that blocked her breathing. i went to her house after maghrib and husna was so sad that she couldn't even talk. she had a fever and there were tears in her eyes. nik faris was doing fine but i can tell that he's very sad. i'm sure there's blessing in disguise upon what happened to them. al-fatihah...

Friday, December 5, 2008

cooking cooking ~

woke up quite late today. got the new speed for my net. so a bit excited downloading hannah montana. kekeke. went to muhafzah with bobo around 3.00 pm and waited for the cab nearly half an hour. the same goes when we went back to our house. so suey. haiz~. got back home around 4.30 pm and i changed my clothes to cook. as requested by my housemates, i cooked the fillet that was given by our landloard. yum yum. i cooked in the dark because the light went out. another suey. though it's only 5 something but it's already dark outside. so i used my hp's light. pathethic huh? i don't know how to cook the fillet so i asked aten how to cook it. she told me to mix the flour with jintan before i deep fry it. confidently, i went to the kitchen and suddenly i asked bobo

me: bo, jintan tu ap?

bobo: entah eh! aku pun x pernah nampak

honestly, i don't know how does the jintan looks like. how stupid is that? luckily i found the kentucky flour and i used that instead of mixing the jintan with the flour. it turned out so yummy. i cooked sambal and as for the veggies, i just cut the cucumber and tomatoes because i can't do much without the lights on. we enjoyed the meal so much and hopefully our mama and baba will give us food again in the future (i'm crossing my fingers. kekeke)

Sunday, November 23, 2008


from left to the right ; nina, taf, khal (my one and only bro)

congrats to taf and nina upon your good results in upsr. to khal n dhuha, don't wory.. there'll b plenty of exams in the future. strive for the best guys. kakak will always love you

nak ikut fannie!!!!!!!!!

hukhuk. i'm so wanna go to korea woth fannie. so mean of her to leave me here all alone by myself. living in egypt doesn't feel like living in overseas ok! (menggunakan quote k.nani). she's such a lucky girl. get to meet all the sm, jyp artists. i was running through lots of website and feel like buying stuffs online but too bad i don't have any credit card here. if in malaysia, the least i can do is to use my dad's. the stuff that i want to buy of course la the stuff that's not available in malaysia. if malaysia also don't have, obviously there won't be any in egypt. haiz... what to do. just have to wait for another 8 months before i go back to malaysia. if i go back la kan... 8 months is like 8 years if u stay here in egypt. seriously!!! i wouldn't persuade you guys to come here. such a waste of money. better go to vietnam. way nicer! well.. gtg now. so damn cold and so sleepy. off to bed peeps.daa ~~

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

winter wee wee wee

finally winter is back. feels like the summer is so short here in egypt. most probably because i spent most of the summer in malaysia. talk about summer here in egypt, i tell you.. it's freakin' hot here that i reaches around 42 degrees. just imagine that! gotta wash the clothes every day because of the sweat. i've been sleeping with my duvet which i love so much. thought of going to paris during the winter hols to visit my friend over there but have to check my budget. if ada rezeki then insyaALLAH i'll go. i just read some of my friends' blog from high school. i can tell how all of us have grown up. haha. feels like it was just yesterday that i started my school and suddenly here i am being a 20. i read my junior by a year's blog and sad to know that she actually lost her mother 2@3 months ago. i don't know how she tackled that but from her blog, i can tell you that she's doing fine. talk about maturity! to A, be strong girl! just remember u still have ur dad, siblings, friends and most importantly ALLAH around you. just pray that ur mum will rest in peace. amin....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

bad day

what a day! lost my left contact lense. i was too tired when i got back that day. straight away went to the bathroom to wash my face because it's so oily that i forgot to take off my contact lense. then i realize that the left one is gone while i was rinsing my face. got 2 months left before it expires. have to open the new one. a complete loss for me. really hate wearing spectacles because it doesn't fit me. i look hideous in it. let it be a lesson for me. take off the contact lense before you wash your face.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

no name

finally got the internet but it's freakin' slow. will be getting the new speed next month and have to pay nearly 50 le. what a waste but what to do. can't do anything much with the old speed. after the eid, i feel a bit depressed due to certain circumstances but now you'll be seeing a brand new me. hopefully there'll be a good result with my new resolution. to all the juniors, welcome to mansoura. hopefully you guys will have great times as much as i do. 9 months left before i go back to malaysia again. can hardly wait. yay!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

suicide note

it's been a while since i last updated my blog. no mood. im totally depress right now. don't have the mood to do anything. it's true that i feel like killing myself. i'm so fed-up with all the things that happen to me. why am i being so suey lately? it's like !@#$%^&*. right now, i just need my family especially my mum and dad. been crying all the time. i don't wana go back to egypt. i wana stay in malaysia. i'm so pathethic. if only there's a way to get out of this situation. people keep on bringing it up and i feel so irritated by it. just cut the talk people. can't you just have some respect towards the others? again !@#$%^. god... i just hope that you will help me out this one last time. i'm begging you with all my heart. there's no other place i can seek help from.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

salam lebaran

finally, i get to update my post. it's been a while though. been super busy. my energy really been used by mama. haha. that's the price you have to pay for going back for the second time. these are the list that i did so far during my 12 days of stay here:

1. did mama's account and it was like so troublesome because later you have to re-calculate everything back again
2. baked some raya cookies. not some but quite a lot actually. for nenek, aunty na, kak nora, etc
3. sewed the curtains. it was my very first time and the end product was pretty good

frankly speaking, i don't really feel like blogging to do. i guess i'll just end my crap here then. to all the muslims, i would like to wish selamat hari raya aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin

Sunday, September 14, 2008

in malaysia again

alhamdulillah.. finally i can celebrate eid in malaysia. felt really thankful to my parents. thought of not going back next year but bah already bising kata nape xmo balik. huhuhu. on 12th september, i woke up at 7am in the morning (slept really late the night before that coz went for a last minute shopping. i even missed my sahur), took the bath and prepared to go to block b where the tremco waiting for all of us to go to the airport. luckily. kak nani and aten sent me there so i'm not all alone. too bad bobo didn't go coz she slept after subuh that day. so just say goodbye from home. i left mansoura at 9am and reached the airport at 11am. left egypt at 2.25pm and had a journey for 2 hours and 45 minutes. transit at bahrain for 3 hours and continue a 7 hours and 30 minutes journey to malaysia. reached here on 13th september at 9.20am local time. p/s: will continue later. had a busy day. ciao

Friday, August 15, 2008

12 september

music: the jonas brothers - burnin' up
movies: tristan & isolde
tv series: got something to do with super junior but i don't know the name of the series
book: physio (the least favourite subject)

can't wait for that day to come and why is that? because i'm going back home. yay! can't believe mama would actually spend her money again so that i can come back again to malaysia for raya. thank you so much mama. i will alaways love you forever. thanks to abah too.

this time around, i'm going back alone. supposedly im going back with dino but he cancelled the ticket because he couldn't pay it on time. fortunately he offered to send me to the airport but i prefer my housemate to send me there. if he wanted to send me, sure he's going to tag his friend along. i got no money to pay for the tremco alone. if i go with my housemate then maybe we can just go to the airport by bus. savela my budget.

i feel so lucky that i can celebrate raya with my family this year. thought of not going back to malaysia next year because i'm going back for the 2nd time in just 1 year but we'll just wait and see. i think i cannot tahanla. sure i'll go back. u guys can start betting from now on. hahaha. just joking. fyi, betting is haram in islam.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

shower oh shower

music: kate perry - i kissed a girl
movies: sex and the city
tv series: we just married
book: anatomy

i miss the nice hot shower at the moment. so far, the best shower that i had were at nenek's and my old house here in egypt. the new house is like so slow the water. some more the pipe always yanked out. really pissed me off. hot shower? in my dreams. if the pressure is not enough, some how the water heater can't receive the signal to heat up the water. the same thing goes at my house. told mama about it and she said the water pressure at our house is not so strong. if we want to make the pressure stronger, we have to build a new tank outside the house and it's quite expensive. so mama said that if ada rezeki then she'll do it.

i can't wait to go back home right now. we just painted our house and i'm so eager to look at the final result. my room is pink in colour. surprisingly my tomboy dongseng lee picked the colour. hahaha. bah just bought a new tv and i can't actually believe he bought the LCD tv that i asked him to. mama was like so mad because she sad it's such a waste but what to do, dah beli pun. xkan nak jual blik kot. hihihi (with a devilish tone). but actually to me it's not a waste because the main tv that we had at our home was a present that mama got when she won the best dressed at a dinner that was held at her office back then. the one in mama's room was a second hand and the one in my room was given by my uncle long before i was even born.

my family just got back from sabah. i was supposed to go there but somehow i can't because i'm stuck in egypt. so bah said that he'll bring me there next year insyaAllah. so sad. if not i can take lots of gorgeous photo by now. text-ed mama and asked her what she got for me. she bought the kain songket to match the baju kurung pahang that she no longer wanted to wear it because people said that she looked fat in it. so i curi-curi tried it on and it fits me well. honestly, all my baju kurung are given by nenek and the ones that belonged to mama. i never actually buy my own baju kurung. i don't mind using second-hand items because im such a stingy (only on necessary items yah!) when it comes to money. that explains why i'm so good in maths :p

i was thinking bout how my raya hair-style would be. i trimmed my hair when i was in malaysia before and they said there's no difference. wasted my money just like that. so i was thinking to just use lee as my hair-stylist as she is so good in it. she cut my family and relatives' hair and it turned out really gorgeous. i used to ask her to cut it for me but she refused because she told me that i will get mad if the hair x menjadi. fyi, she even cut her own hair and she did some highlights which i love it so much. she even know how to make-up people. can't believe that someone who's tomboy can do such a thing right?

Monday, August 4, 2008


finally, i managed to update my post. can't believe my site is quite a hit. haha. many people been asking bout the updates. sorry guys. been pretty busy lately. im in egypt right now. the reason? too personal to share it with you guys but all i can say is that i'll be back for raya insyaAllah. im flying with gulf air this time around and it costs me around 4196 le (more@less rm2600). thanks for the sponsors. sory to trouble you guys mama abah. promise i won't do it again next time.

i got back to egypt on 29 july. somehow i'm stuck in cairo airport instead of alex thanks to that someone. i feel so geram with that fella but never mind la. what to do. nasib badan. huhuhu. wasted 85le just for the cab which makes me more angrier. i can't find a place to fly around august so i have to go back by 29 july. my friends all booked another ticket but i don't feel like booking at that time around so i just go with the flow. yesterday, i went out with dino to 3 places to survey for the ticket and i managed to get the cheapest at gulf air. the highest stands at 5100le. so i straight away booked the cheapest and they want the money in 1 week's time. so i told my mum about it and hopefully there won't be any problem.

i'll be in malaysia till 18th october. my class due to start on 9th cotober so i'm going to skip 9 days. naughty me! thought of staying longer but mama dah bising kata tak mo blaja ke apa nak dk malaysia lama2. so tak berani lawan ikut jela cakap dia. honestly, i don't fell like going back but my relatives all keep pushing me asking me to go back. so have to la. kak no'a siap ambik cuti from kerja just to learn baking cakes and cookies from me. besides, aunty nana, aunty na, uncle israrr, uncle mike, atok and nenek sibuk sruh balik gak kata sian i can't raya in malaysia.

so to all my friends, jom kita raya sama2 k! just holler me anytime for open house invitations. to zati, wana see u badly dear. buat open house k! wana go and raya at your place. long time never been to your house

Friday, July 18, 2008


my gram just passed away.... it's been a tough time for me. i was the first one who got there since everybody were at work. i was about to go to my other gram's house when suddenly i got a call from cik no crying non-stop. so i calmed her down and asked what exactly happened

me: cik no jgn nangs. cba bgtau ac nape dgn atok
cik no: cik no tngk atok dh ttup mata sabrina. dia x ckp lgsg. cpat dtg
me: ok2. jap lg sabrina smpi

so i got there, there were cik no and bibik. so i checked her pulse and there's nothing. so we started calling all the people and i was among the ones who helped to clean my gram. so we quickly wrapped her up, clear the house and i cut the daun pandan. i'm not so sure exactly what daun pandan has to do with the ceremony but they said that they want to make it as a pillow. so bibik and i prepared 2 basins of it.

after asar, the ceremony began. they did the sembahyang jenazah. 1 thing i feel sad about was that i can't read Yaasin and go to the cemetery because it's my red flag day. so i just stay at home with cik no and bibik. cik no is not feeling so well right now. she has a cancer and it makes her really weak.

so mama and i went back home to cook for the kenduri tahlil. we got back to my gram's house after maghrib and quickly prepare the food because the guests will be coming after isya'. Alhamdulillah everything went well. so we are having gotong-royong to cook for the kenduri tahlil for the next couple of days. i can only help for tomorrow but i can't attend the kenduri because im off to singapore.

everybody keep mentioning how lucky i am to be at my gram's funeral just at the right moment. honestly, my gram hadn't been so well since the last few years. she's been staying with me for 1 year. in egypt, i keep praying that if she has to go, i just hope that i can be by her side. she's been taken care of me since i was in standard 1 and i was so close to her. to all the readers, do pray for my gram. semoga Allah mencucuri ramat ke atas rohnya amin.....

Monday, July 14, 2008

in malaysia

music: no music at all. hahaha
tv series: power rangers dino thunder
movies: attack of the pin up boys

i'm so happy happy right now. been in malaysia for nearly 1 week. miss egypt so much. didn't do anything much here. just got to online. can't connect my laptop with the net. my mum's laptop has been with lee all this while. finally can land my hand on it. during this 1 week, i just stay at home and adoring it.

just got a new bedroom set and i don't hate it. to my surprise, mama finally decided to change the colour of the house. my room would be pink in colour. so cute... and mama just sewed a purplish pink flowery curtains for me and i love it so much. my bed looks like the princess-kinda bed. it's a queen size. gave my previous bed to aunty suha. she's actually younger than me by 1 year but i call her aunty because she's my mum's cousin. her dad is working with my mum so our family are kinda close. her mum died few years ago. her dad lost his job after that. it's been a tough time for her and her family.

after i got off the plane, i finally laid my eyes on my dad, nenek and my siblings after 2 hours waiting for the luggage. luckily klia is nearby to my house. later, i met wit all my parents' family. sangat best ( can no longer say best giler coz nenek dah tegur ). they said i look different in tudung. for me there's nothing much because i've been wearing it for nearly 1 year but they just see me wearing it here so it's kinda weird for them. hahaha. when i iron my tudung, ed was like " nape nak iron tudung. kakak bukannya pakai pun" . i just gelak-gelak after that.

the most anticipated person that i wanted to meet were aunty na and her family. after i tidy up lee's room that morning ( she's been staying with my gram for quite some time now), i went down to watch a movie ( atok's been conquering the tv. can't say much. his house. hahaha). when i'm about to open the laptop suddenly harith and huzayl enter the hall and keep on calling kak sabrina. i was like so excited i ran to go and see them. after i salam with them, i saw aunty na and i straight away go and hug her. finally, i get to hug qash too. she's one year and 6 months now. dah besar makin kurus plak dia. i played with her all day and not to forget, kissed her a lot. hahaha. so i chit chat wit aunty na and uncle israrr. they too looked so surprised when they see me in tudung

yesterday i finally got to eat my mum's cooking. she don't cook during weekdays. she just cook only on sunday. i ate tom yam and udang masak lemak tempoyak. it was awesome. so i learn how to cook them. it was so easy actually. later i have to berguru with my mum and nenek to cook delicious food before i go back to egypt soon.

before that, i woke up quite late yesterday morning. we had our breakfast at khulafa at seksyen 7. i had maggie goreng and milo ice ( yum yum ). later, we went to mydin subang. tol seafield was like so lengang and so does the mydin. maybe because harga barang sume dah naik. i met kak nora and family there. angah had a lift with us because it's quite full in cik din's car. later singgah at cik aman's house and met mak su and pak su there. later, i went back home after zohor.

at night, i chat with hanif, my best buddie during my matrix time. we decided to meet each other tommorow after zohor at mid valley. long time never see him. he's my first friend that i'm going to meet with since i landed on malaysia. wonder how he's changed. it's been nearly 1 year since we last met. so whoever wanna meet me, feel free to drop at mid valley tomorrow. hahaha

Saturday, July 5, 2008

malaysia lai lai lai

music: juwita suwito walk away
series: suju exploration of human body
movies: mr. bean's holiday

finally settled down in the new house. i'm officially no longer staying at block b. been sleeping
here for quite a number of days. just got the internet today. too bad it's quite slow. went to
hussein yesterday. waited for the tremco around 7 am but somehow there's misunderstanding
between abang halim and the ammu. so take off for cairo around 9.30 am. there were 11 of us.
musyrifs - syazwan and rafique. thanks a lot to them for being really tolerant with us.

when we reached ramsis, ummu was separated from us. got her boyfriend and friend fetched her there. her boyfriend showed us how to get to attaba by metro. he bought us the tickets. that's so
thoughtful of him. untung ummu dapat boyfriend yang sweet. haha. reached hussein just in time
for zohor. lunch - macarona and nasi ayam handmade by bobo and aten. start shopping till my
joints all can take no more. leave for mansoura around 8 pm. only 7 of us left. the rest went to
assfour. stucked in traffic jam around 1 hour. reached mansoura around 12 am. got back and had
some dinner. lately been eating dinner quite late. super busy since after the exam.

when to aunty ala's house today after asar. stuffed with food there. got mashi, lahmah, macarona and cake for dessert. seriously the egyptian eat a lot. hahaha. mama has been so nice to us. got lots of food from her since the first day we moved to the new house. she gave us basilla, macarona and today - muqaliyyah which i don't like so much. it's so slimey and it tastes like leaves which i helped her tucked it off from the stem. we gave her some nasi ayam but too bad she didn't like it.

she's been so lonely. got no friend to talk to. though we all speak like ayam and itik, but still she likes talking to us. our house are just side by side. she always come and knocked our house. thanks to her, my arabic is getting better day by day though i still fail if i take the arabic paper. haha. besides, she got these two kids - munni wa agari. so cute. love to cubit their cheeks. but aiyo... really naughty. i might just want to have two kids in the future. haha

5 july - go to gawazet to get the visa. have to pay 51 le. i'm totally broke this time around. pay the rent, souvenirs, etc. haha. then going out with cik alia. miss her like hell. she's been staying quite far away from me. can no longer manja-manja with her. :p

6 july - leave the house and have to be at ramadha hotel around 5am. wait for the bus to go to alex. flight will be around 11am. will be reaching malaysia insyaAllah around 2 pm on 7th july.

7 july - papa will be waiting for me at klia. haha

miss my ex-housemates like hell. i cried while thinking of them. huhu. can't help it. i'm a girl.
wouldn't it be nicer if we all can still be at block b. all malaysians. we can always share the food,
go to classes together, play basketball anytime that we want to, go out with friends from other
houses, have party, sleep whichever house that we want to, etc. by the way, the toiron people
can't be trusted. keep post-poning the party. in the end, no mood for party. i'll be missing egypt
so much when i get to malaysia soon. not mansoura obviously but friends etc. hahaha

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

new house

music: a gritos de esperanza by alex ubago
series: gol & gincu
movies: devil wears prada (i know. lame. can't help it dude. there's no cinema here. haha)

yay! im done moving my stuff to the new house. it's like a temporary house for us because our house is still under construction. insyaAllah by october it will be ready for us to live in. the temporary house is so small for 4 us. there are only 2 rooms. we all sleep in one room and the other room will be the place where we keep our stuff like clothes, books, etc. but for 500 l.e, it's definitely worth it. the new house costs 1000 l.e but it's quite huge. each 1 of us will be having our own room.

yesteray around 10pm, we all started to bring down the boxes. just the light one. we called burn and the geng for help but suddenly our mushrif also came up to help us out. quite number of guys were present. later we waited for the truck for nearly an hour. at first we thought of moving there by using himar. but somehow we couldn't find 1. the 1 that we found asked for 150 l.e. too expensive! kak sya got it for the price of 10l.e only. nampak sangat menipu. so we seeked help from burn and he managed to find a truck with muaz an it costs 25 l.e.

while waiting for the truck, we all chit chat with burn n the geng. they told us la "aku pun tak faham macam mana la korang boleh terfikir nak guna himar. mana ada orang pindah guna himar. orang pindah guna truck la". so we all said "manala ktorg tau coz kak sya pindah guna himar so kitorang pun ikut jela". then we all strated to laugh. later the truck arrived. suddenly alip and the geng passed by. so they all help us to load the stuff onto the truck. i said hi to him an he said "hi sab. banyak orang tolong angkat barang ni". then i said "tula. berbesar hati sngt"

kak nani and bobo hopped into the passenger seats. the guys were all standing behind the truck. me, ecah, aten and aniq walked. so we chit-chat about going back to malaysia etc while we were walking. as we arrived, the guys were unloading all the stuff from the truck. aniq was like "nape x bukak pintu rumah". i was like "dah bukak dah. kena belok tepi and then naik tangga". he was like so concern about everything. he thought we're going to sleep in the new house but i told him that we're going to clean up the house first then only we'll be heading back. he was like "sape musyrif korang. macam mana korang nak balik". so i just keep quiet and keep on walking. don't know what to say and don't know how to lie. hahaha

after the guys finished moving the stuff to our house, they all went back and we started to move the furniture and clean up the house a bit. we went back home nearly 1 am and went to bed the time we got into the house. i woke up quite early this morning. around 8 am. suddenly i received a message from my mum

mama: sab, atok went into the hospital. heart attack but still can speak. doakan dia k!

me: how come? i thought he never have 1. only drah tnggi right?

mama: tula.. baru tau. he keep on feeling pain on the chest. im at the hosp right now settlekan evrything. later klu ad pape mama bgtau k!

me: k ma. thanks a lot. btw, which hosp is atok at?

mama: atok is at pantai. 1 more thing. atok wah masuk hosp again. she's at tawakal. sakit yg dia slalu kena

me: wat? atok wah also? mm...

mama: don't wry so mch. jst pray for them. insyaAllah nothing la

me: ok. u still rmember i'm coming back on 6 july ryte?

mama: yep but myb i can't come and fetch you. super bz. i'll ask abah to take half day

me: ok then. can't wait 2 c u guys

mama: me 2. c u soon. cont later k. have to go now. bye

i love atok so much. can't imagine not having him around me. please help him god. i'm not ready for him to leave me. he's been taking care for me since i was a baby. when i was in kindergarden, he used to send me there. and sometimes she will pick me up from school if i have any extra-curricular activities. he's only 62.

as for atok wah, she has been sick for quite some time. she lost a bit of her memory. sometimes she just couldn't remember us. quite sad. she's been taking care of me since i was in standard 1. my parents will send me to her house after subuh and they will come and fetch me at night. when i was in form 1, i stayed by myself at my house because my parents made a house nearby atok wah's place so that we can always come and visit her. but now she's been staying with me because her house is under construction. hope she'll be fine soon.

p/s: to all the readers, do pray for my grandparents' health yah! do appreciate it much.

Monday, June 23, 2008

histology in history

alhamdulillah. finally the exam is over. not officially yet but my mind is at ease now. it has been a pretty tough almost 3 months for me waiting the exam to be over. if u have the exam everyday, it won't take that much of a time. the uni here will give some gap between subjects for you to study. it's hard because you are tired of waiting for the exam to be over but looking on the bright side, you can study in balance and it won't be likely for you to forget the facts. starting from mid april, we have practical exams for all the subjects except for anatomy. there's a day @ two gap between the subjects.

early may, we kicked off the exam with anatomy followed by biochemstry near the end of may. we had physiology n histology on june. today's the last paper. on 29 i'll be having english and computer on 2nd july. i'll be heading back to malaysia on 6 july. can't wait to go back. i'm so exhausted and really need some time to get away from here.

remember during the previous post that i wrote about finding new house? well, too bad i'm not moving out with my housemate except kak nani. looks like i'll be getting 2 new housemates and they are aten and bobo. we are not that close but i'm pretty sure we'll be good housemate 1 day insyaAllah. we are trying our best to fit in right now and i must say that they did a very good job at the moment. haha

did i make the right choice? honestly i don't know. i'm just hoping that i did. i guess there'll only be kak trah, zaty, cida and lani moving to the new beyt keberkatan. maybe xde rezeki for me to stay with them. hard to let them go but maybe it's for the best. like fakhry said, love is sometimes about letting go. people were surprised when i told them that i'm moving out with aten and bobo. i didn't expect this at all but hey! we'll never know right? the chemistry will come later but we are doing fine right now. just hoping for the best.

feeling sleepy right now. gossip girl needs some rest. ciao. -xoxo-

Monday, June 16, 2008

there goes physiology, here comes histology

yay!!!! physio is over. wat a relieve. finally the last paper on the list. not last actually since there are english and computer but it's the last main paper. honestly, i don't feel like happy though the exam is really over. i think you all can guess what actually happened from my previous post. don't fell like talking about it again. this is what i actually want to talk about. yesterday we had a blast. had a birthday party on the rooftop and it was so much fun. 3 persons' birthday at the same time. save budget. hahaha. it's been a while since i attend any party.

after isya' my friends and i went to baron to get the cake. it's a chocolate with nuts for the price of 60 l.e. cheap huh? hihihi. the most important thing is that it was delicious. then we went to pizza party to get 2 large hawaiian pizzas which was delicious. when we got home, they all made preparations for the party. the ballons, party hat etc. i didn't help that much. was too tired of waiting for the pizzas before that. just 2 large pizzas but it took like forever waiting for them. b6 bought 3 large pizzas from pizza king. delicious but i prefer pizza party.

around 11, we went up to the rooftop and the party started. wani and jijie found out about the party before so it wasn't so much of a surprise for them. nad was really surprised. she was like mamai because she was asleep. she looked so blur and we just keep on singing and popping and spraying the party stuff. everyone put their party hat on and it looked so cute. like kanak-kanak ribena. hihihi.

they said there'll be games but maybe there's no time to plan for it but instead guess what we had? karaoke. aten just bought the amplifier and mic. thanks to her we had so much fun. i kept on singing from 12am till 3 am non stop. me, aten, ummu and nas were all conquering the mic. giler kuasa wit the mic. hahaha. they all just keep on listening to us singing. around 1 am, all the guests left and there were only me, aten, ummu and nas. so what else? quartet in action la... we sang lots and lots of song, we danced, we jumped. btw. bobo joined us during the last minute (i edit this post because she's been asking me how come i missed out her name. sory dude! haha) so.......... much fun. love the party so much. hope there'll be another party soon. before we leave egypt for malaysia, the toiron people said they'll make a farewell part for us. can't wait for it though

as for the photos, i'll post it soon yah! didn't bring my camera along. have to grab it from someone. the cake was so cute. can't wait to show it. i love the candles. it has sparkles on it. wait for the updates yah! hihihi

birtday girls: wani(19), nad(20), kak jijie(21)
menu : pizzas, chips, float, cake, sodas
guest : we just grab anyone to the party but mostly block b residence

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

i'm 20

can't believe it people. i'm actually 20. i'm an adult now. no longer a teenager. i love birthday so much. many people think of it as just a day. but for me, it's a day of something. quite sad because i can't celebrate it with my family but i'm lucky to have a big family here in mansourah. everyone just keep wishing me birthday just now. rasa malu plak. hihihi. i came quite late for exam just now. people were all in d exam hall. me n my housemate still terkedek2 finding for out seats. on the way up to my bench, people keep on wishing. feel like i'm a princess. hihihi. i don't really care bout the presents n cakes actually. for me, thoughts that count. so to all those who wished me, from egypt @ malaysia, thank you so much guys. i'm so happy today. i keep on smiling and i'm still smiling while i'm blogging now. thanks alia for d macarona n the kiss. hihihi. still can't believe i'm 20. felt like i just started my school yesterday and suddenly here i am. my parents can't believe it too. my dad said " i feel like so tua already. hahaha". of course la bah. you memang tua. he's turning 48 on 29th june. to my bro, khal, happy 12th bday. wanted to call you on 6th june but there's no internet. have 2 wish you the next day after your birthday. but i think it's still cool. just imagine, i'm someone who'll never forget bout my family's birthday but i forgotten ad's (9 dec last year) n lee's (19th february). ad didn't feel a thing because she's still a little girl but talk about lee. she was fuckin' mad with me. when i called her, the tone was like so scary. hahaha. i'm her best friend. she ought to feel that way. my mistake. huhuhu. sorry dik. promise i won't do it again yah! kakak love you so much. she's like my besties. we've been sleeping in the same room like forever. tought of having my own room but it didn't work. insyaAllah, i hope i can celebrate my mum's birthday on 27th july because i'll be in malaysia by then. she's turning 43. i love my family so much. i don't know what would i do without having them around. sabrina love you so much mama abah. to all my friend out there, pray for my success yah in my exam and whatever i'm doing right now and in the future insyaAllah. that would be the best birthday wishes in my whole life

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

KMPP H7P2 06/07

me kneeling fourth from the right@left

it's been a year since i left matrix penang. miss the place so much. there's nothing that i hate bout that place so far. i miss my practicum, my besties, lecturers, etc. heard that my pracm8s are all doing good right now. have quite a number of doctor, pharmacist, scientist, etc soon-to-be. so proud of you guys. make sure we meet some time yah! keep in touch always. don't want the friendship to end just like that. we will always be a big family. though it's only for a year that we know each other but it feels like we know each other for years. there's nothing that can buy the moment that i had with you guys all this time. you guys are always and forever in my heart.

p/s: thought of writing down the kmpp anthem but too bad i didn't remember a word from it. pardon me please. i'm not really a good citizen of kmpp. hahaha

Saturday, May 31, 2008

beyt keberkatan

introducing my beyt keberkatan member (from left upward: kak nani, sabrina a.k.a me, izati, syahida, ilani). actually there are 6 of us but kak tirah didn't want her pic to be included. she's such a modest person. after the end of this summer holiday, we are moving out from our house insyaAllah because the rent is quite expensive. hahaha. maybe there won't be six of us. don't know how the orientation will be yet but so far 3 of us are staying together (me, cida, lani). the rest are still in consideration. hahaha. kinda sad because we are no longer staying together. the saddest thing is that kak nani didn't wana move out with me. we're so close. we go everywhere together but i guess i just have to get use not having her around me. my best friend, alia is also moving out and that makes another lost for me because we don't know whether we are staying nearby or not. i was hoping that we could stay nearby so that it will be easier for me to hang out with her because we both love to shop. though she's younger than me by 1 year, i fell like she's a big sister to me. the way she advise me, guide me and she's always there whenever i need her. she's not perfect but i'm glad that i have her as my bestfriend. hopefully our friendship will last forever yah alia! love u so much. -xoxo-

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

physiology here i come

as i mentioned above, just finished my biochemistry paper. not officially la. still got oral tomorrow. nervous? not really i think compare to anatomy paper. next is physiology. another killer subject. lots to memorize. some more the books are like so serabut. hahaha. that's why got no mood to read (ngada betol sab ni). just now my mum messaged me and asked me about the paper.

mama: hows your paper?
me: quite tough la. i'm crossing my finger right now. do pray 4 me yah ma
mama: izit? can you get through? ni buat mama risau ni. xpela. doala banyak2 ye. insyaAllah..
me: ok ma

of course la that's not the end of our conversation. the rest is private and confidential. im not really in the mood of blogging right now but have to because long time didn't update my blog. it's school holiday right now. so fun. my siblings are all at my nenek's n my aunt n family are going there. syok giler! im the only who's stuck here. i'm in egypt. who cares!!! hahaha.

guess what happened in the season finale of supernatural? dean died. pathetic huh? didn't expect the ending would be like that. that's what we call drama right??? i'm sure he's gonna be alive somehow. like i said - drama. i think sam will make a deal with the demon. i'm not sure if there's other way. it's like a dead end for the winchesters. when someone make a deal with the demon, there'll be a hot woman standing at the crossroad and they'll make a deal with her. after everything's agreed, the dealer n the demon somehow will kiss each other. weird huh? i know! according to the contract, you'll have 10 years to live. but dean? 1 year only. why? he's the hunter dude! what do you expect? enough with the supernatural thingy right now. sleepy head. gtg -xoxo-

Friday, May 16, 2008

bored?? shouldn't be

feeling bored ryte now. actually not bored but maybe a lil bit of lazy. wait a sec! not a lil bit but a lot. gosh sabrina! what are you thinking ryte now? blogging while actually you are supposed to be studying for exams? man.. i am sick. haha. what to do. some sort of lazyness struck me since the anat paper thingy. guess im not in a good condition.

i've just finished watching season 3 supernatural. that bella girl is a pain in your ass. always make trouble for the winchesters. luckily my boy sam handle it very well. haha. serve her ryte. bella was dead at the season finale. hate her. she shouldn't be in that series. good to know that the producer ended her character. the reason you should catch the series is because ruby. surprisingly, she's a demon trying to save the winchesters whila she's actually supposed to kill them. she's a hottie. seriously damn pretty. jesse's ex- girlfriend. she's willing to kill herself for the sake of the winchesters. another thing is the deal between dean's contract with the demon. seriously wana know what will happen to him. is he gonna make it or is he gonna die? please don't let him die. im sure he manage to pull himself out of the contract.

whoa! its nearly maghrib. gtg now. then have to study. studying is like never ending for me. hahaha. k k k. daa

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

anatomy?? totally toasted

mm... not in a good mood lately. the exam was sucks! really.. everybody's been talking about reseating the paper again. what a bummer! all the toughts of staying and celebrating raya in malaysia was far from reality right now.tought that i could pull it up during the mcq coz as u know written doesn't seem so friendly with anyone as far as i am concern. boy was i wrong. the same goes with mcq too. 44 questions in less than 30 minutes. dude! u gotta be kidding me. it's ok. let bygones be bygones. i received a message from my cousin couple of days ago and she said "x sabarnya nak tunggu sab balik. boleh raya sama2. nak wape kt msia eh cuti lma2". i din reply her. got no clue what to answer her back. i just wished that i pass the paper and i can stay in malaysia as long as possible. god! do help me please. have to struggle for the biochem. by the way, stil haven't finished the anatomy. got oral and section to go and those are the least paper i wanna go through. just wish me luck with my paper and hopefully luck will come my way this time. amin... that's the only thing that could happen right now. that's all peeps. ciao!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

exam mode

im currently in exam mode. haiya. tons of thngs 2 study. honestly, i din finish reading d books. just imginela.. 6 books 2 study for 1 subject. matila.. haha. i guess i'll jst go out there n answer my paper wit crossng finger. hopefully god will help me this time. amin.. really need d luck. 2 all my friends, do pray 4 me yah. huhuhu. can't wait 4 all of this 2 b over. senpai must b really relieved ryte now coz they already started their exams n mostly finished their 1st subject. we all d 1st year still terkedek2 2 answer d paper. haha. kla. that's all from me now. long time din blog. miss typing it here. well, i'll continue soon. dunno when but d least s till i finish my anatomy paper. daa peeps!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

happy birthday

happy birthday 2 my sis kak nani n lani. though d surprise was not so surprise to lani but at least it was a surprise 4 kak nani. ive been brainstorming for the past few days on how 2 surprise them. at first i thought of pretending 2 injure myself n let them 2 enter my rum where there will be the cake but eventually, thanks to lani coz she couldn't help but to read d conference i had with kak tirah n zaty. so, change of plan. but still, lani keep bothering me coz she's been trying to "korek" d secret from me. sibuk je lani ni. haiz. so its not really a surprise 4 her. nvm. there's stl rum 4 improvement. how we did it? hihihi. we did it yesterday where i just stayed at home doing nothing. according to my plan, lani was supposed 2 cook as usual but i don knw y suddenly kak trah told syida to tell lani not to cook coz she wana cook 4 d bday gurl. i just stayed in my rum surfing d net etc. d day b4 that, kak nani went to toiron 2 ask d dtails bout d flight. 2 my surprse, she told me that im goin bck on 8 jul n i'll be separated frm d rest of d gang. i was lke what??? no way man!! really pissed off by tht tme. sddnly kak nani msg me n told me that actualy im going bck on 6. she was just actually tryng 2 pull a prank to me. i was lke wat the !@#$!@#$%^???. few hours lter, kak nani msg me back. sab mrh kt akk ke? i din rply at tht tme coz i was stl mad at her. then she msg me again. sab mrh kt akk ke? honestly, i was cooled down by tht tme but i was thnkng 2 get it bck 2 her. hihihi. (jhtnye sab ni). i din talk wit her that night. when i woke up in d morning, i straight away went 2 prac anat alone without her. n i din talk 2 her d whole day till after isya' when d surprise began. we turned off d main switch in our house. our house all went black n we were lke wat d heck s goin on??? hihihi. kunun jela. lani was in d bathroom and she couldnt help herself but 2 giggle at us. kak nani was lke so blur n she just stayed in d rum. we were lke "kak nani... kluarla. bt pe dok dlm blik glap2.meh la rmi2 dok kt luar" n she was lke "la..dh glap dok jela diam2 dlm blik. watpe nk kluar" n she camne out btw. so we started 2 sing d happy birthday song but lani couldnt help herself but laughing all d tme( knon dh taula ktorg wat surprise. sakit hti tol dgn lani ni). kak nani was lke so shocked n speechless. ya la.... we din talk 2 her 4 d rest of d day. wat u guys expect. hihihi. she told us that she was sad coz we din wish her hppy bday. we were lke "allah...xknla kmi lpa kot. kmi xkn lpa la bday bdak rmh ni". later, we cut d cake n start d mkan2. we gave out sme fud 2 our best neighbour b12(dba, nas, naza, wani, ya, su) n b9(ju, ecah, ha, najwa, anis). we even invited sam, ummu n cikin frm rmah atas 2 celeb wit us. it was really a simple party but fun.cnt wait 4 d next girls' bday ie kak trah n zaty. i wonder wat d surprse will b. lets jst wait n c. cao

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

first timer.....

hey ya people out there. this is my 1st time typing in a blog. not really 1st time la coz i've typed in my friendster's blog b4. huhuhu. very tedious. nvm. will get used to it sooner or later. wish me luck yah. by the way, can't talk much. got exam coming up in less than 2 weeks time. honestly, i din study a thing. haiya... pai seh la. xm will be from 19th april till 2nd july. on 6th july, i'll be heading back home... malaysia ku syang. hihihi.can't wait 2 go 2 usm n see my rum8 phui yhee that will be graduating soon. actually, she was supposed 2 graduate last year but have to extend 1 sem coz she went to japan 4 d pertukran pljar thingy. can't wait 2 c my neighbour szsaz n my beloved coursem8 ramesh. wait 4 me u guys. hihihi. well, gtg. got tons of work 2 do. daa