Saturday, February 28, 2009

it's all over

received a text from my mum. then i called her. after having a short talk (around 15 minutes) she ended the call. we were crying like hell throughout the whole talk. i don't know what else am i suppose to do. i don't agree with what my mum going to do god knows when in the future. to atok and nenek... haven't you guys had enough? stop torturing my mum. she left her totally prestigious spot just for the sake of you guys. people even surprised when they found out that my mum is 'somebody'. to those people. don't judge a book by it's cover. i can't hold my tears no more. this is just too much for me. now i realized what "susah sebelum senang" means. never came across my mind to thank god for what i have right now. i'm just such a spoil brat. when i'm in difficulties then only Allah comes to my mind. i'm such a bad follower. i feel like i don't deserve to be in this world. god! help me! i'm so depress right now. i don't have anyone to turn to. i don't know what my future will be. i hope it won't turnout to be the way that i fear the most. to liyana, do comfort mama. she really needs it. you're a grown-up now. please... i'm crossing my finger

Friday, February 27, 2009


woke up at 10am this morning. slept quite late yesterday after having a marathon watching supernatural yet i still can't finish it. read my offline message from nani unnie. after finished chatting then she asked me

nani unnie: sab, mn nasi gorengnye?

me: yela.. org nk wat ni

so right now i'm waiting for the rice to cook while i'm updatting my blog. there! the rice is all done. now i have to go and cook fried rice. till then, chao peeps!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

no class

so today i got no class. well, actually there is but it's just one hour so the lazy me decided not to go (there's stil time change your mind sabrina - but i don't think so. hahaha). so i was browsing the net and it's menggedik as usual. we even pay extra but yet the net is super mengada. i don't know how the hell am i suppose to do with the net. it's so not satisfying here. when i ym baba, baba will be like " go and try to restart your wifi". we're like so fed-up to bring this up to baba ever again. it's such a nuisance not having such a good speed. even to download songs will take some time. i'm not a movie@series downloading person. i just download songs. if i want to watch movie@series, i'll just copy it from someone else or maybe i just watch it through youtube. i am more like a browsing person. thank god i have housemates that love to download because then i can just copy from them especially aten - kumawo dongseng. unnie saranghae.

p/s: dear net - please be ok

Saturday, February 14, 2009

it happened again..

can't believe the situation is getting out of control. hope that my family will be ok. to uncle mike, please stay put. we can't no longer handle you. it's just to much. what you did to mama, aunty na, uncle israrr, atok, nenek and now my sis? seriously.. it's too much. don't you ever hurt them or i'll never let go off you. this is my promise! haven't u had enough? what else do you want? we even support your janda and your kids and now your talking bad about my mum? always remember this - ALLAH MAHA ADIL. you're an aeducated person and yet you're becoming someone lower than that. and what you did to atok and nenek? seriously it's so low... to atok and nenek, may this be a lesson for both of you. to mama and adik, be strong! i'll always be there whenever you need me

Thursday, February 12, 2009

oh liyana !!!

photo credit to ama - lee's BFF

kakak miss u so much. need you badly right now. help kakak adik. so glad we talked earlier. can't wait to meet you during summer later. wait for me adik...

Monday, February 9, 2009

off to dumyat again

meteor garden version. exception for the girl. from left: bobo, me, aten, nani unnie

hana yori dngo version. exception for the girl. from left: aten, bobo, nani unnie, me

kotboda namja version. exception for the girl. from left: me, aten, bobo, nani unnie

insyaAllah tomorrow, we'll be heading to dumyat again because we want to pick up more and more cockles and this time around we'll make sure to bring spare clothes. hahaha. wish us all the best. may we bring back home lots and lots of cockles. it will be the only 4 of us (F4. hahaha) so we can do silly stuff together as usual. will blog about it after i get back from dumyat. right now, i need to go to bed because we'll be going after subuh. having trouble to sleep lately. till then...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

off for holiday again

just got back from ras el baar n dumyat yesterday. overall it was a fun trip for all of us. it was surely an explorace for all the 11 of us (me, bobo, nani unnie, aten, ecah, jue, ha, anis, fara, bush and bush's sis). so we headed to mauaf talkha around 8.15 in he morning. waited the rest till 9.15. reached ras el baar aroun 11.30. ras el baar is a place where the river meets the sea. there are only 2@3 in the world if i'm not mistaken and here in egypt is 1 of it. so we left ras el baar after dhur. so we took a tremco to dumyat gadid with 2 pit-stops. finally reached the beach. so we walked along the shore to find the cockles but too bad we can't find 1. we saw abang dirasat got lots of them and they told us to go into the water and find them. i wanted to go in but we didn't bring any clothes but eventually bobo and aten did it. so they got 5 and the rest of the cockles we got it from abang dirasat. it was so damn cold at the moment. lucky we brought our coat. i don't really like the beach actually but i like the beach here in egypt so much. so we left dumyat and headed back to mansoura during maghrib and reached back home around isya'. i definitely wanted to go to dumyat again soon. the best place i've been to so far here in egypt. so tomorrow i'm going to cairo. yeay! just going to city star to buy some stuff but most probably find any interesting place to go to. hopefully it will be another fun trip for me

Monday, February 2, 2009

the gosthly side of us

aten, me, bobo

picture taken on 30.01.09 at mo'men without nani unnie. mianhe unnie. too bad that we thought we could have our dinner at aunty hala's house but ended up having dinner at mo'men. we were so bored that suddenly i found the perfect view for our picture. it's me in the middle wearing hyori's jacket (woohoo!). big score for me there. just bought it few days back and it's the best item that i ever purchased

trip to port said

so yesterday i slept quite late, around 6am. suddenly, bobo woke me up around 8.30

bobo: sab, bangun. nak p port said x?

me: sape lg p?

bobo: sume p

so the four of us fighting for the places to go inside the toilet. not fighting for the 1st place but instead fighting for the last place. so i got the 2nd place. soon after we got ready, we took a cab to talkha and from there we took a peugeot to go to port said. it's kinda brave of us for not to go without any guy friends' company because you know la how pak arab is right? so we got there, we went to the seafood store and ate as much as we could. port said is famous for its winter clothes because they are so cheap there. the reason we went to port said earlier was actually to eat but god knows how much we spent there. hahaha. we looked like mak2 just got back from langkawi. so after maghrib, we finished our shopping and headed back to mansoura. it was raining in mansoura and it was so damn cold that there's smoke coming from our breath. so we got back home around at 8 o'clock and we went straight to bed.