Wednesday, December 31, 2008

porridge yum yum

this is how my porridege looks like p/s: minus the chopstick. took this from someone else's page. hihihi. creedit to him@her

the reason on why i picked porridge - i'm so clueless right now on what to write at the moment but yet, it is one of my favourite food. hahaha. so yesterday day i cooked porridge because there's no more fish @ chicken in the freezer. so i just mixed the porridge with carrot.

bobo: sab, kita ni macam somalia je makan bubur letak carrot. nasib baik ada carrot. hahaha

me: tau xpe. huhuhu

i made the porridge as requested by bobo. so when i put the salt, i can't really see the quantity of it because the kitchen's light is yellow. it's so dazzling but i thought i didn't pour that much of it. when i taste it, god knows how salty it is. so i pour more water in it. later, i asked bobo to taste it and she said "sedap molek". so i turned off the fire, i pour some for me and i eat it while i watch romantic princess. hell it's still salty but i just finished it up. thank god i was distracted by the series during that moment :p

problem go away!

i've been downloading evoiz for like hundreds of time. first, i thought the pin and account was wrong so i changed it with kak zaty. the same goes for the second one. tension je!!! even aten can't use it though. i've been wanting to call my family, my sis lee especially. miss her like hell. though she forgive me, i still feel insecure. i don't know why, but i need to talk to her badly. evoiz.. please be ok. i'm begging you. hukhuk. promise i'll be a good person.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas

merry christmas to everyone. to my friends, have a great holiday. sorry i couldn't make it to the party you guys! enjoy and forget me not darls~. spare me some presents pretty please... :p


i just finished watching keith, an independent film starring jessie mccartney. it was ok for me. lil bit boring in the beginning but turned out to be ok in the end. there's a lil dirty scene between jessie and the co-star. it was quite astonishing as he was too young to do that kind of scene but not for the co-star because she's 7 years older than him. that made her kinda legal to do it. come to think of it, he did it before in summerland when he was only around 16 i guess so it wouldn't be a big deal for him i guess.

in a nutshell, the melodramatic storyline is based around a popular 17-year-old high school senior, Natalie (Elizabeth Harnois) , who thinks she has got life figured out, until she meets and falls for Keith Zetterstrom (Jesse McCartney). Natalie is at first annoyed by her new chemistry class lab partner, but she ultimately falls for him and discovers that Keith is hiding a dark secret, with tragic and sad result.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

my beloved sis liyana...

to my sis lee, kakak so sorry k! i didn't mean to do that to you. my intentions were good. can't believe it leaves a very bad impression to all of us. i love our family so much that i couldn't bear to lose anyone of you. you guys are my everyhting. i love you all so much. again i'm so sorry for all my wrong doings. i hope everything will be alright between you and your best friend. insyaAllah...

aten-shi's 20th bday

fried chicken


birthday cake

to aten-shi, happy 20th birtday. finally! we are the same age. no more calling me onni k! hahaha. so we made a party for her on 17th december. we planned it 1 week earlier. the night before that, we just act as usual. we didn't even wished her happy birthday. she was quite surprised and looked sad but sorry aten-shi, we have to be cruel so that the party went well. i slept quite late that night because jaja's housemates came to our house to celebrate aten's birthday. so i woke up early in the morning but not as early as nani onni. so we quietly made the kimbab. surprisingly, it turned out really yummy. the minute we finished making it, aten woke up. so we were glad that our plan went well. so we asked zura to help us with our plan to get aten out of the house. so they went out around 2pm. god knows where they went for the next 6 hours! so during that time, onni and i went out to wekalah to get some stuff for the party. after that, we went to baron to get the cake. it's so hard for us to get a cab at that moment to go back home. finally, someone's willing to send us home.

me: syari' muntaseer? (muntaseer street)

cab driver: fiin fi muntaseer? (which part of muntaseer)

me: akhir gala'? (end of gala')

cab driver: fi el-bah? (near the river)

me: aiwah! (yep)

cab driver: mehsyi (ok)

so we got on the cab. guess what? nama pun dah arab yang kuat menipu kan so the cab driver stopped us not at the end of the street but front of the street. so nani onni was like so mad she yelled at the cab driver

nani onni: lau samah ley fi henna. awalan enta ul fi el-bah (excuse me! but why here? you said earlier near the river)

cab driver: la'. anna auza ala thur (no. i want to go straight)

me: lakin ana hagah kathir (but i have lots of stuff with me)

cab driver: la'ah (no no no)

we were like so mad and suddenly the cab driver yelled at us asking us to pay the money. it's not like we're not paying or something. so i just handed him the money and he took off. our hands were full with stuffs and we have to walk quite far. what a day! as soon as we reached home, nani onni went out again to totty to get the birthday party deco and i cooked the seaweed soup and fried the chicken. we were waiting for ecah and jue to help us with the deco but it took us ages to do so. when they reached the house, we finished doing everything. so we called zura to bring aten back home. we thought of surprising aten when she opened the door but too bad she didn't bring the key (bertuah punya budak!). she didn't look that surprise though. hahaha. so we ate the food and later she opened up all the presents. i slept quite early that night because i was too tired. so that's the end of the day. :p

Thursday, December 11, 2008

selamat hari raya aidiladha


sorry for the late wishes peeps. i've been so sick for the past 3 days and thank god i'm okay now though i still have my flue and cough. i've missed lots of open house because i can't get off my bed. frankly, this was the worst fever i had. it's winter and how am i supposed to sweat to get rid of the heat from my body right? luckily i was blessed with good housemates. thanks to them, i am so much better now. this morning, i missed the korban thingy because i woke up so late. hahaha. tomorrow will be the makan-makan thing and i can hardly wait though i don't really eat goat. hahaha. 1 more thing, yesterday was ed's 7th birtday. happy birthday dear. kakak will always love you -xoxo-

music : just dance by lady gaga
series : hannah montana
movie: alvin and the chipmunk

Saturday, December 6, 2008

to husna and nik faris...

nik faris and husna

my condolences to them, my colleagues here in egypt upon the death of their baby. they got married earlier this year.yep! young huh? husna is 19 while nik faris is 21. when husna knew that she got pregnant, they were so happy. husna was supposed to deliver the baby around january next year but the baby came out 1 month earlier. it's quite different here in egypt because after the deliver, you can straight away go back home. if in malaysia, the least you have to stay is 1 day if you deliver it the normal way. when they got back home, around 1 hour later, they realized that the baby's body is so cold and she's not breathing. they sent her to the hospital later and the doctor confirmed that the baby is dead due to phlegm that blocked her breathing. i went to her house after maghrib and husna was so sad that she couldn't even talk. she had a fever and there were tears in her eyes. nik faris was doing fine but i can tell that he's very sad. i'm sure there's blessing in disguise upon what happened to them. al-fatihah...

Friday, December 5, 2008

cooking cooking ~

woke up quite late today. got the new speed for my net. so a bit excited downloading hannah montana. kekeke. went to muhafzah with bobo around 3.00 pm and waited for the cab nearly half an hour. the same goes when we went back to our house. so suey. haiz~. got back home around 4.30 pm and i changed my clothes to cook. as requested by my housemates, i cooked the fillet that was given by our landloard. yum yum. i cooked in the dark because the light went out. another suey. though it's only 5 something but it's already dark outside. so i used my hp's light. pathethic huh? i don't know how to cook the fillet so i asked aten how to cook it. she told me to mix the flour with jintan before i deep fry it. confidently, i went to the kitchen and suddenly i asked bobo

me: bo, jintan tu ap?

bobo: entah eh! aku pun x pernah nampak

honestly, i don't know how does the jintan looks like. how stupid is that? luckily i found the kentucky flour and i used that instead of mixing the jintan with the flour. it turned out so yummy. i cooked sambal and as for the veggies, i just cut the cucumber and tomatoes because i can't do much without the lights on. we enjoyed the meal so much and hopefully our mama and baba will give us food again in the future (i'm crossing my fingers. kekeke)