Thursday, December 30, 2010

pecahkan minyak tengah malam

congrats to malaysian team. finally you guys did something that's worth the government's money by winning the game. sila jangan terasa. betul la kan. i didn't watch the game by the way. anyhow, mid-sem is around the corner. i can't wait for it to be over. first thing first, i have to study like hell so that i can get a good result and then i can have a family vacation with my loved ones. like daddy said "focus on your study and exams. forget bout everything else for a while". ergo, let's start studying and stop twittering, facebooking and blogging. haha. to all mansouriyyin, good luck with the exams. have a great month of burning the midnight oil. till then, see ya when i see ya

us with husna's daughther (husna is my colleague here)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ahlan winter =)

i'm back safe and sound from the longest fever i ever had in my entire life. this year, the weather is a bit colder than usual. when i check the weather forecast for mansoura, the lowest temperature is 3 degrees compare to the usual one 6@7 degrees. everyone's status on facebook is about the coldness in egypt. so here's a list of what to do when it's winter

1. put on ur boots
2. turn on the water and room heater (i can die from heart attack when i get the electric bills =_=')
3. duvet to cover you up when you are asleep
4. winter coats
5. watch your weight (my record is 5kg so far. i'm trying not to gain any weight for this year's winter. will i be able to do it? let's just watch and see)
6. flu, sore throat and fever medicine
7. food! tons of em' :p
8. hot drinks (i love this one)

i hope it helps you. cheerios people ;)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

how i spend my day-off

we've come to the last month of the year - december and it's gonna be 2011 soon. my my. time flies really fast. i'm gonna be 23 next year. feels like i was still in high school juggling with my studies. happy thanksgiving and merry christmas in advance to all my friends =)

my days here are as usual. wake up, go to class, go back home and revise. the same routine everyday from saturday till thursday and i have friday off which doesn't feel like a holiday at all cause it's only a day. *sigh*

last friday i went to cairo with ummu to watch harry potter. it was good compared to the previous 1 which i almost fell asleep watching it. wanted to watch at 10am but the tickets were sold out. so we watched the one screening 1pm and guess what? we got the front row seat. i was having a hard time adjusting my posture cause my neck hurts every 5 minutes or so =_='. while waiting for the screening, we had our lunch at MCD. after the movie, we went a lil' bit of window shopping

after we left city stars, we went to the music store nearby and i bought a guitar for myself :D . by that time, it was already maghrib so went to syari' robik to visit ummu's friends. around 8.30pm, we left cairo and we reached mansourah around 10.30 pm