Friday, July 31, 2009

i just wanna...

i feel like a loser today. woke up early in the morning. headed for my laptop but there's no net. watched few videos and felt sleepy. went back to bed and woke up during zohor. waited for the net while watching hindi movie but nothing happened. it's been few days since the last chat that we had. i miss him. ottoke??? had my dinner after maghrib and chit chat chut with Kak Nani till azan isya'. wanted to study but the movies are just too tempting. right now, my mind is in Malaysia. dear god, just let all this dhur thingy to be over soon. i felt so bored that i called Din and asked him out. the 8 of us went out except for Nash. played pool at the usual spot - Black Wind till 1am and later headed to Pizza Party. had our supper and chit chat chut till 3am. right now, i'm at home waiting for azan subuh

Thursday, July 30, 2009

i need H2O

woke up this morning unknowing that there won't be any water till now. Kak Nani was the lucky one who got the chance to take her bath. i went to gamaah without taking a bath. sab busuk!!! sprayed lots of perfume. hahaha. thought that there's water when i got back home but there isn't. i still haven't taken my bath till now. just washed my teeth and face using mineral water this morning. thought of going out to Nusan to have dinner but i guess i gotta cancel it. let's just have delivery ok my dear housemates

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cairo 090702-090705


in front of the museum

Sab's & Dino's 21st

i totally forgotten that i owe the readers about my trip to Cairo which was nearly a month ago. deepest apology from me. it was a blast trip. left the house after maghrib and we reached Cairo around 1am. after we checked in, we headed to KFC to have our dinner. i was so hungry coz i didn't eat anything that day. then we went back to arma and have our sleep. the next morning, woke up around 9am coz the guys were already at Arma. we went to City Star to check the Transformers screening but they don't have it there. only 1 word to say - PATHETIC!!! then we headed to Genena Mall. fortunately, the movie was there. we took the earliest screening - 3.30pm. stayed there for a while to bowl and played few games there. we even celebrated my belated and Dino's advanced birthday. thanks guys!!! later, we went back to arma and had our dinner at the Bangkok restaurant. it was so yummy that i'm still thinking about it right now. after the dinner, we went to our room to settle some stuff and we went out again to Hussein. malam masih muda. so enjoy it while you still can. Hussein was packed with people. thank god we decided to go at night instead of going in the morning under the hot blazing sun. had my hand for henna and it lasted less than a week. got back home in the middle of the night and had my sleep after my shower. the next morning, we went to pyramid. felt so excited to go there after watching transformers. those who haven't watched it, please do so. all of us have been there except for Kak Nani. so stayed for few hours and guess what? we walked around there and god knows how many km we walked. later had our lunch at KFC. met Malaysian tourists there. semangat giler ok! then we went to museum which was a total blah for me. i'm so not a museum person. to my future boyfie@husband, don't take me to the museum for our date pretty please. it was so boring there and guess what? we have to pay again to see the mummies inside. let me clarify this. it was the most stupid thing that i've ever heard of. ain't it enough that we have to pay 60le(well, 30le for us coz we got the student id) to go inside. now you're asking us to pay another 100le(60 le for those with student id) in the museum to see the mummies. hell no! because we knew the inside would be so boring. let the museum itself be. after that we went to City Star again to have our dinner. then i just realized that i had my red flag day. it was all over my jeans. straight away went to toilet and waited Aten to buy that thing for nearly half an hour. so we decided to go back to Mansoura later that night. tiring but i had to. we got back to arma, packed our stuffs and took peugeot to get back to Mansoura. reached home early in the morning and straight away went to bed without cleaning myself. i know!!! gross right? hahaha

close yet so far

just when i thought that it's near, suddenly it has become so far away. so far away that it's beyond my reach now. what am i supposed to do?

p/s: Aten, don't close the door yet because i'm scared to be alone outside

Monday, July 27, 2009

090727 - happy 44th birthday mama

happy 44th birthday to my mum - Rafina Binti Atan. i love you so much that i couldn't imagine not having you around me. you stick with me through whatever ups and downs that we had. you're the best mum i've ever had. wouldn't trade you for anything in this world

Sunday, July 26, 2009

for real...

yesterday, i was chatting with my friend. as I was chatting with him, he asked me certain questions that really offended me a lot. at first, he asked me that he's going to ask weird questions. i didn't see how the weird was coming so i agreed. boy when he asked me that question i was really pissed off. then there was long pause and silent moment. he said goodbye and i was sad. literally... later, i felt like i need to talk to someone. so i ym-ed with Fahim, asking him from a guy's opinion. i'm so sad that i can't think of anything else right now. i never had a huge crush on guy like this one since forever. fahim did console me and i feel so much better now. thank you so much dude for making my mind at ease. appreciate it much. to all the readers out there, do pray for my happiness yah!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

takde keje

kasih sayang seorang kakak terhadap adik-adiknya

lepak till you drop

hell i was bored yesterday. asked Aten to go out around 3pm but she declined. so I ended up rolling on the bed staring at the ceiling and wall. i was waiting for somebody but he wasn't there. to make matters worst, no net again!!! after isyak, Din called Aten then we decided to have a walk around Nil but instead we hangout at Wessaya till 2am in the morning. we laughed till our stomachs burst out literally. wanted to stay longer but the waiter there kept staring at us. so we left and walked till we reached home at 2.30am. thanks to Aten and Din for making my day full of laughter. let's go out and chill again yah!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

to my dearest housemates

let's hangout at the hall. don't just stay in the room. im so bored. aten with her east of eden. kak nani with her ym. cik sab? kesorangan n kesepian. T_T. i'm in a mess. the room is a total chaos. i feel like sleeping all the time. haven't studied a thing. miss my home so much and in a huge conflict. ottoke?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ada apa dengan Alex?

dinner at Tarboush

already gone butterflies

family portrait

King Farouq's palace

i just got back from alex a few days ago. the main reason was to watch harry potter which btw wasn't thrilling at all. fortunately the trip was a blast. thanks to fakhry's friend Aida for taking us around Alex. i think next time we can sleep there instead of having a one day journey which obviously wasn't enough to explore the whole Alex. so we left our house around 6am and reached there at 9am. we went to Green Plaza and turned out it opens at 12pm. so we went to mumtazar that's literally huge. sure it was a lucky day for the cab driver because instead of getting 30le, he got 80le. hahaha. took some pic there and had our breakfast that aten and i cooked at 1am. after that, we went to San Stefano to watch Harry Potter but turned out San Stefano was just as lame as City Star. so we headed back to Green Plaza and finally, there's hope on Harry Potter. so we have to wait till 3pm to buy the ticket and it's only 1pm. so we went to bowl and i sucked. usually i'm good at it but turned out to be my bad day i guess. so after we had our prayers, we went to the cinema and boy i was so tired that i almost fell asleep during the movie. i would give 3 out of 5 for this movie. less actions and spells but the romance are developing between them. after the movie, we had out dinner at Tarboush and it was a treat form Aida. thanks babe! then we sent Aida back home and we continued with our shopping. well the girls didn't buy anything eventually. we were just waiting for the boys and they definitely shopped till they drop. finally we reached home around 1am.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

kiss me through the phone

another 2 months before i go back to Malaysia. guess i have to extend my hols till november. huhuhu. not sure whether mama gonna allow me to do that. more than 80% a big no no la kan. but hopefully she'll have some pity on her daughter. lately, i'm having a major headache. don't know what's the reason behind it. guess my power is incresing. gotta make a new speck soon. lately, i'm not in the mood to do anything especially studying. if only i could zap myself away to Malaysia. wouldn't it be nice? to my family, the deepest apology from me. again i didn't make you guys proud of me.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

what went wrong?

haiz. dunnola what am i supposed to do right now. speechless. literally... jom makan panadol banyak2 then baring kt tngh jalan. sape nak join? jom3x. tension la hdup kt sni


Kak Fa told me that she already invited me to view her blog but i still haven't gotten it yet. mna ni Kak Fa?. i think la, with my post being so short, i should just update my twitter instead of doing it here. am i right? hahaha

Monday, July 13, 2009


mama kata Lee dah kurus. xley jd ni. even Ama said so. ish3

Sunday, July 12, 2009


bobo left the house already a day before and now it's down to me, Kak Nani and Aten. sad that she's gone but i guess it's for the best right? i'm sure there's blessing in disguise. so we helped her moved out that night and she treated us with dinner at slamlek. the food was damn salty for me. from now on, each of us will be having our own room but we still haven't packed our stuff yet. god knows when it's gonna happen. fyi, there's no net at my place for a week and hopefully it'll be ok after this. i've told Baba since the first day it's gone but he kept on delaying contacting the company. panas je!!! wanted to call Mama but the evoiz is like shitty too. my post recently have lots of curse. hahaha. nak wat mcm mana? tgh pnas gler2 ni

Friday, July 10, 2009

Merah Puteh

Puteh, msk meminang i boleh? jgn la pinang Anggun. kekeke. later mama and abah will say "study x hbs berangan nak kawen. grad dlu bru blh kawen" tua la i bla kawen nnt. wuwuwu

*huge sighs*

frankly speaking, i just can't take all this anymore. with all the problems going on around me. adoi la... i feel like i want to change my date to tomorrow so that i can fly to Malaysia A.S.A.P. there's been a lot going on around me lately. thank god the exam is over. btw, the result is coming out soon. hope it'll turn out well. do pray for me peeps.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

i'm back

i'm back from Cairo with bigger tummy and darker skin. hahaha. will blog about it later. till then, ciao bella

Friday, July 3, 2009

egyptians are being so egptians

we went to gamaah this morning to pay the money for our papers. we waited ibrahim for like an hour. he said just 5 minutes but turned out to be 1 hour. so typical arab la kan. then when we wanted to pay the money to the treasurer he/she wasn't there. so we went back home feeling disappointed. muka assistant kat office tu mmg la toye belaka ye! i went to gala' to buy skinny but didn't find 1. so aten ended up buying a nice pair of shoes at milano. then we headed back home and straight away went to bed but i couldn't sleep. the net is like bullshit lately. it's been ages since i last call home. blame the net!

5 minutes earlier, i buzzed this so-called my close friend la. but being so typical of him, he didn't reply me back. bila de kepentingan je then only you'll seek for me kan? just get out of my life la. i don't need people like you. argh!!! tension

less than 2 hours before i leave for Cairo. fyi, i haven't eaten a thing yet since morning and my stomach is making some noise. hungry3x. now only i feel sleepy. huhuhu

do i wanna go back to malaysia this early? i don't think so. not mentally and especially physically ready. hahaha. gotta shed off few kilos before i go back home. this morning konon wanted to jog but ended up lying on bed. my PMS is getting serious. my stomach, back and chest are aching and i did the silliest thing - i drank lots of pepsi which by the way not so good for your PMS

so i'm waiting for maghrib right now and after we'll straight away go to utubis dauli. i feel so tired right now. can i go by bus? don't want tremco. huhuhu. gotta go now peeps! will blog bout Cairo after i get back. i may be staying there for 2@3 days. so see you guys soon. ciao bella!!!