Saturday, March 20, 2010

every part of me

halloo halloo halloo

guess now i can't update my blog everyday. super busy. presentations, logbook, practical book. aigoo. damn! i forgot to read for anat tomorrow. ok2! gotta make this A.S.A.P. for sure i'll be updating my blog once in a while but not as frequent as i did before. finals just around the corner. welcome april, may and june - the months of exams. 3 months dude! giler la kan? be positive sabrina. don't worry my loyal readers. hold on a sec! ada ke loyal readers? tepuk dada tanya selera (karam singh walia mode). i won't leave the world of blogging cause i love blogging. like really really love that the first thing i do when i wake up in the morning is to check my blog for any updates. just hold on sab. only for 3 moths and you'll be free. 3 months = 91 days. wow! that's a long one. hang in there. sure you can. you're a smart and cute girl (perasan mode for a while. ye sila la muntah ok!). sure you can do it. after that you can marathon all the movies and series. and you're going back to malaysia after you get your result of course to meet all your love ones. weeee,,, can't wait for it. amin,,,

punk versus afro. which 1 is cooler?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


i'm taking back what i said before that "single is better" cause "two is better than 1". at least that's what boys like girls and taylor swift said. and this one "ustaz" said manusia diciptakan untuk berpasangan. kita sahaja yang perlu mencarinya. ye siapa makan cili silala rasa pedasnya. we are finally a step ahead. next one - are you the one for me and am i the one for you? let's go figure

still waiting for duah to come back home along with the matches and indomee. i'm hungry and i can't cook plus i'm not in the mood to go out. still thinking whether to roger dino @ not and ask him to go out with me. tons to study yet i'm still here blogging. bila mahu insaf?

saw uncle mike online but he didn't buzz me. are you ok? just hang on uncle mike. no matter what happens, you still have mama, aunty na, aunty fina, atok and nenek. not to forget us, your nieces, nephews and kids. we all love you. you're part of the family. remember that. to aunty nana, congrats on your wedding. and good luck with your business too. though we are no longer a family, i'll always remember you as my aunty that always drive me to whenever i wanna go when no one can send me. i love you aunty nana

i heart all of you

Sunday, March 14, 2010

exam's schedule is out and i'm very bergoncang

ya Allah ya tuhanku, kurinakanlah mumtaz buat Nur Sabrina Binti Abdul Halim dan rakan-rakan untuk imtihan yang mendatang. lapangkanlah dada dan fikiran kami untuk menerima segala pelajaran dan tenangkanlah kami sewaktu menjawab kertas nanti. amin amin ya rabbalalamin...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i'm a loner

loner ke sab? you gotta be kidding me! you have friends and family around you. what else do you wish for? not the loner me actually but just a song that i'm addicted to. hehehe

went out with dino last night. finally kan dino? after few days not seeing him. i bought myself a cute blue pouch. for raya maybe. crap! shopped for raya already? if i'm not using the bag then i'll be using it for raya. this year's color - turqoise. herm,,, finally a change. usually purple all the way. boring ok! what to do. just bear with it. can't complain much

finally i managed to pay my bill. what a relieved. had ice cream and grabbed a bite from brema. i'm getting fatter ok! i mean seriously. padan muka! eat eat eat all the time. let's go healthy people. gotta get slim and slender before i go back to malaysia. T_T

final is on the way people and i'm super duper scared. ayuh berlari berkejaran ke arah mumtaz. study is fun! i love studying! (lots of sighing while trying to write about study. heh!)

once upon a time during my choir practice. kekeke

Saturday, March 6, 2010

just a random crap

yesterday was such a happy day. for the 1st time since i got back here i called my parents. called Lee but she was at genting watching movies so she told me to call her back. movie is more important than you sister who's alone in egypt that you haven't seen for like 4 months??? herm,,,

mama: ye ada apa cik sabrina boleh saya bantu?

me: ma, nak kahwin boleh? haha

mama: amboi! nape gatal sangat ni. kahwin2 jangan main2 ye

me: yela,,, i was just joking. best engagement kak intan?

mama: okla. not bad

me: sabrina punya nanti kena meriah tau ma

mama: harusla. 3 hari 3 malam mama buat

me: tahun ni gak sabrina balik kahwin. haha. mama sponsor kan?

mama: eee,,, xde maknanye. duit sendiri la

me: mama ni kedekut la. semua x boleh

mama: go and ask from your dad. abah loaded sekarang

me: haha. abah lagi kedekut. siapa sponsor balik ni? mama ke abah

mama: go and ask from your dad too. i'm saving for the renovation

me: hi abah. buy me a car can ar?

abah: what car?

me: saga boleh? please3!

abah: eee,,, xde taste langsung. serious ke nak kereta?

me: xdela. main2 aje. mestila serious

abah: no money la. give me money then i'll buy you 1

me: heh! kedekut la abah ni

abah: mestila. duit nak simpan for ur brother and sisters to study

me: yela

ed: hi kak. masak apa hari ni?

me: ayam masak pedas

ed: wah! sedapnye

me: mestila. tengok sape yang masak

ed: hihi. ed da potong rambut da. macam victoria beckham

me: phewit! adikku sudah gedik. haha. how's your study?

ed: okla kot. ni tengah wat exercise and revision

me: can get no. 1 in the class x ni?

ed: boleh kot

me: your voice da pecah. you're turning into a man soon

khal: mestila. dah 14 kan

me: how's study?

khal: okla kot. tengah wat exercise gak ni. kla kak. cakap dengan mama. xtau nak cakap apa

me: haha. ok

aunty na: hi sabrina. sihat? da ada boyfriend ke?

me: sihat je. xdela. aunty na de calon untuk sabrina ke?

aunty na: uish! ada je. balikla malysia cepat. then we story2. kita raya sama2 skali ok?

me: haha. ok. hari ni gak book ticket

qash: hi kak tabina

me: hi baby! sihat? da makan?

qash: sihat. da

me: makan apa?

qash: makan ayam. ok bye

me: ui! cepatnye. haha. ok bye

baby qash

Friday, March 5, 2010

in my head

oho! planning on updating my blog everyday but no one cares anyway. like sape je yang read my blog kan? haha. so i'll just update it whenever i feel like. class from 8-5. lots of revisions and works. so much to do so little time. anyone can help me? T_T

i haven't completed my log book, i haven't finished drawing my slides and i have biochem presentation soon. die3x. haiya!!! paiseh la. ummu said cannot say die3 cause later you're going to die. ok2. i'm officially taking it back

finally i've paid the fees. went to suez canal bank but they don't accept cash in genih. gedik ok! ap punya bank macam tu? so i went to all the banks available at muhafzah and finally alhamdulillah i managed to change it to GBP at united bank (serious layanan memang tip top. double thumbs up!). then went back to suez canal and paid the fees at the pak cik (ok, not pak cik la but abang. abang? euw!!!) yang sengal lagi poyo. arrived at gamaah around 1pm just in time for my physio and anat class. i skipped biochem and histo. tsk tsk. wanted to copy the resit before we enter the lecture hall but the machine broke down.

ummu : sab, nape la time u nak bayar fees macam2 betol dugaanye.
me: kan3? mana la i x tension

what a tiring day but like ummu said "walau macamana teruk pun hari kita, tapi bila da selesai sume alhamdulillah". nice tip there bebeh! ok2! now i'm sounding like my daddy who keeps on saying bebeh whenever he texts me

me: yoohoo abah yg hndsome. wat u doin? do buy me a car so that i can jln2 in msia yah!
daddy: will discuss together when u get back here. bye n luv u bebeh

i'm not excited at all cause he's been saying that since i 1st got here. habuk pun tarak. haha. i was just bored and suddenly felt like ubah angin. always text with my mum and now it's my dad's turn.

btw, i went out with dino last night to brema burger. bila gebuz jumpa propa, gossip time. haha. kiding!!! discuss bout our studies (kononnye!!!) then we walked along nil while eating ice cream. on the way back home, i stepped on a nail and it went thorugh my slipper and a bit through my sole but don't worry. just a minor injury. dino straight away picked up my slipper and took out the nail for me. auw! propa memang gentleman. haha. he felt so guilty asking me out late at night. soccay dino, i need fresh air too setelah bergaduh dengan you-know-who.

money all gone after i paid my fees. ish3. excuse my attire and face

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

tired of anything

i went to etisalat to pay for my bill on 28th cause earlier when i 1st pay for the etisalat broadband, that lady told me to pay the bill by the end of february. when i'm at the counter and about to pay, the man check my account and said "your bill is not out yet. come on 2nd of march"

i went there again today and he said "your bill is not out yet. come on 4th of mac"

again? damn!!! luckily that guy is cute and friendly unlike typical egyptian. if not, you'll see lots of curses here. haha

this morning went to physio extra class. ummu told me to come but she didn't come. zura told me to wait for her but eventually she didn't come too. after class, went to see mr. ibrahim to get my izin dafa' to pay for my fees but i didn't manage to pay btw cause the office is closed at 2pm. what the heck? memang pemalas!!! sorry to say but it's the truth

went to metro cause ummu wanted to withdraw some money but she didn't bring the card so we just shopped at metro. i didn't buy a thing cause i just did yesterday after my anat lab. then went back home by cab and that ammu stop very far away from my home.. again damn!!! not really a pleasant day yet i am thankful cause ummu was there to cheer me up. thanks ummu!!!