Friday, February 11, 2011

riots in egypt

salam to all my readers. i wolud like to inform that i've safely landed on malaysia on 4th of february. just as expected, the riots getting worse day by day. the trip to turkey was canceled because the agent couldn't settle all the bookings. the lost that my parents gain from this trip,,, haiz! egypt is no longer safe for us malaysians to stay at the moment. most of them have been evacuated to jeddah and still waiting for the flight back to malaysia

on 31st of january, i went to alex airport to pick my parents up but after i got there, i received a call saying that their flight was delayed to the next day but at cairo. so we went back home though it's already the curfew time. i kept on praying so that there wouldn't be any obstacles during the journey. Alhamdulillah i'm back safe and sound from alex to mansourah on that particular day

the next day, i prepared myself to go to cairo to fetch my parents. i received a call from wan saying that all the flights were canceled but thank god it's just a false alarm. i straight away went to cairo and instead of 2 hours of journey, it took us 4 hours to get there. after i fetched my parents, we went to hayyu asyir. a 15 minutes of journey took us 2 hours due to the roadblocks. we stayed there until 3rd of february which was supposed to be the date to fly to turkey and as i expected, it was canceled. i booked 3 tickets to go back to KL at 4pm and straight away checked in because the flight was at 7pm. the minute the plane took off from cairo, i felt a huge weight have been lifted off my shoulder. after 3 hours, we landed on dubai. have a lil' bit of window shopping and after 4 hours, it was time for our flight to go back home. after 7 hours of journey, i felt very blessed now that i'm already at my hometown, which is free from the all the hassles unlike egypt

it's definitely an experience for me, my family and friends there. roadblocks, people holiding guns, blades, or anything that can defend themselves, gunshots. fuh! im worried bout my house in mansourah. is the house still in good condition? and btw, i would like to say thank you to all my friends who have been such a huge help to me. only Allah can repay you guys =) to those who still stuck in jeddah, be patient yah! the time will come soon. keep on praying