Saturday, May 31, 2008

beyt keberkatan

introducing my beyt keberkatan member (from left upward: kak nani, sabrina a.k.a me, izati, syahida, ilani). actually there are 6 of us but kak tirah didn't want her pic to be included. she's such a modest person. after the end of this summer holiday, we are moving out from our house insyaAllah because the rent is quite expensive. hahaha. maybe there won't be six of us. don't know how the orientation will be yet but so far 3 of us are staying together (me, cida, lani). the rest are still in consideration. hahaha. kinda sad because we are no longer staying together. the saddest thing is that kak nani didn't wana move out with me. we're so close. we go everywhere together but i guess i just have to get use not having her around me. my best friend, alia is also moving out and that makes another lost for me because we don't know whether we are staying nearby or not. i was hoping that we could stay nearby so that it will be easier for me to hang out with her because we both love to shop. though she's younger than me by 1 year, i fell like she's a big sister to me. the way she advise me, guide me and she's always there whenever i need her. she's not perfect but i'm glad that i have her as my bestfriend. hopefully our friendship will last forever yah alia! love u so much. -xoxo-

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

physiology here i come

as i mentioned above, just finished my biochemistry paper. not officially la. still got oral tomorrow. nervous? not really i think compare to anatomy paper. next is physiology. another killer subject. lots to memorize. some more the books are like so serabut. hahaha. that's why got no mood to read (ngada betol sab ni). just now my mum messaged me and asked me about the paper.

mama: hows your paper?
me: quite tough la. i'm crossing my finger right now. do pray 4 me yah ma
mama: izit? can you get through? ni buat mama risau ni. xpela. doala banyak2 ye. insyaAllah..
me: ok ma

of course la that's not the end of our conversation. the rest is private and confidential. im not really in the mood of blogging right now but have to because long time didn't update my blog. it's school holiday right now. so fun. my siblings are all at my nenek's n my aunt n family are going there. syok giler! im the only who's stuck here. i'm in egypt. who cares!!! hahaha.

guess what happened in the season finale of supernatural? dean died. pathetic huh? didn't expect the ending would be like that. that's what we call drama right??? i'm sure he's gonna be alive somehow. like i said - drama. i think sam will make a deal with the demon. i'm not sure if there's other way. it's like a dead end for the winchesters. when someone make a deal with the demon, there'll be a hot woman standing at the crossroad and they'll make a deal with her. after everything's agreed, the dealer n the demon somehow will kiss each other. weird huh? i know! according to the contract, you'll have 10 years to live. but dean? 1 year only. why? he's the hunter dude! what do you expect? enough with the supernatural thingy right now. sleepy head. gtg -xoxo-

Friday, May 16, 2008

bored?? shouldn't be

feeling bored ryte now. actually not bored but maybe a lil bit of lazy. wait a sec! not a lil bit but a lot. gosh sabrina! what are you thinking ryte now? blogging while actually you are supposed to be studying for exams? man.. i am sick. haha. what to do. some sort of lazyness struck me since the anat paper thingy. guess im not in a good condition.

i've just finished watching season 3 supernatural. that bella girl is a pain in your ass. always make trouble for the winchesters. luckily my boy sam handle it very well. haha. serve her ryte. bella was dead at the season finale. hate her. she shouldn't be in that series. good to know that the producer ended her character. the reason you should catch the series is because ruby. surprisingly, she's a demon trying to save the winchesters whila she's actually supposed to kill them. she's a hottie. seriously damn pretty. jesse's ex- girlfriend. she's willing to kill herself for the sake of the winchesters. another thing is the deal between dean's contract with the demon. seriously wana know what will happen to him. is he gonna make it or is he gonna die? please don't let him die. im sure he manage to pull himself out of the contract.

whoa! its nearly maghrib. gtg now. then have to study. studying is like never ending for me. hahaha. k k k. daa

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

anatomy?? totally toasted

mm... not in a good mood lately. the exam was sucks! really.. everybody's been talking about reseating the paper again. what a bummer! all the toughts of staying and celebrating raya in malaysia was far from reality right now.tought that i could pull it up during the mcq coz as u know written doesn't seem so friendly with anyone as far as i am concern. boy was i wrong. the same goes with mcq too. 44 questions in less than 30 minutes. dude! u gotta be kidding me. it's ok. let bygones be bygones. i received a message from my cousin couple of days ago and she said "x sabarnya nak tunggu sab balik. boleh raya sama2. nak wape kt msia eh cuti lma2". i din reply her. got no clue what to answer her back. i just wished that i pass the paper and i can stay in malaysia as long as possible. god! do help me please. have to struggle for the biochem. by the way, stil haven't finished the anatomy. got oral and section to go and those are the least paper i wanna go through. just wish me luck with my paper and hopefully luck will come my way this time. amin... that's the only thing that could happen right now. that's all peeps. ciao!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

exam mode

im currently in exam mode. haiya. tons of thngs 2 study. honestly, i din finish reading d books. just imginela.. 6 books 2 study for 1 subject. matila.. haha. i guess i'll jst go out there n answer my paper wit crossng finger. hopefully god will help me this time. amin.. really need d luck. 2 all my friends, do pray 4 me yah. huhuhu. can't wait 4 all of this 2 b over. senpai must b really relieved ryte now coz they already started their exams n mostly finished their 1st subject. we all d 1st year still terkedek2 2 answer d paper. haha. kla. that's all from me now. long time din blog. miss typing it here. well, i'll continue soon. dunno when but d least s till i finish my anatomy paper. daa peeps!!