Friday, August 15, 2008

12 september

music: the jonas brothers - burnin' up
movies: tristan & isolde
tv series: got something to do with super junior but i don't know the name of the series
book: physio (the least favourite subject)

can't wait for that day to come and why is that? because i'm going back home. yay! can't believe mama would actually spend her money again so that i can come back again to malaysia for raya. thank you so much mama. i will alaways love you forever. thanks to abah too.

this time around, i'm going back alone. supposedly im going back with dino but he cancelled the ticket because he couldn't pay it on time. fortunately he offered to send me to the airport but i prefer my housemate to send me there. if he wanted to send me, sure he's going to tag his friend along. i got no money to pay for the tremco alone. if i go with my housemate then maybe we can just go to the airport by bus. savela my budget.

i feel so lucky that i can celebrate raya with my family this year. thought of not going back to malaysia next year because i'm going back for the 2nd time in just 1 year but we'll just wait and see. i think i cannot tahanla. sure i'll go back. u guys can start betting from now on. hahaha. just joking. fyi, betting is haram in islam.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

shower oh shower

music: kate perry - i kissed a girl
movies: sex and the city
tv series: we just married
book: anatomy

i miss the nice hot shower at the moment. so far, the best shower that i had were at nenek's and my old house here in egypt. the new house is like so slow the water. some more the pipe always yanked out. really pissed me off. hot shower? in my dreams. if the pressure is not enough, some how the water heater can't receive the signal to heat up the water. the same thing goes at my house. told mama about it and she said the water pressure at our house is not so strong. if we want to make the pressure stronger, we have to build a new tank outside the house and it's quite expensive. so mama said that if ada rezeki then she'll do it.

i can't wait to go back home right now. we just painted our house and i'm so eager to look at the final result. my room is pink in colour. surprisingly my tomboy dongseng lee picked the colour. hahaha. bah just bought a new tv and i can't actually believe he bought the LCD tv that i asked him to. mama was like so mad because she sad it's such a waste but what to do, dah beli pun. xkan nak jual blik kot. hihihi (with a devilish tone). but actually to me it's not a waste because the main tv that we had at our home was a present that mama got when she won the best dressed at a dinner that was held at her office back then. the one in mama's room was a second hand and the one in my room was given by my uncle long before i was even born.

my family just got back from sabah. i was supposed to go there but somehow i can't because i'm stuck in egypt. so bah said that he'll bring me there next year insyaAllah. so sad. if not i can take lots of gorgeous photo by now. text-ed mama and asked her what she got for me. she bought the kain songket to match the baju kurung pahang that she no longer wanted to wear it because people said that she looked fat in it. so i curi-curi tried it on and it fits me well. honestly, all my baju kurung are given by nenek and the ones that belonged to mama. i never actually buy my own baju kurung. i don't mind using second-hand items because im such a stingy (only on necessary items yah!) when it comes to money. that explains why i'm so good in maths :p

i was thinking bout how my raya hair-style would be. i trimmed my hair when i was in malaysia before and they said there's no difference. wasted my money just like that. so i was thinking to just use lee as my hair-stylist as she is so good in it. she cut my family and relatives' hair and it turned out really gorgeous. i used to ask her to cut it for me but she refused because she told me that i will get mad if the hair x menjadi. fyi, she even cut her own hair and she did some highlights which i love it so much. she even know how to make-up people. can't believe that someone who's tomboy can do such a thing right?

Monday, August 4, 2008


finally, i managed to update my post. can't believe my site is quite a hit. haha. many people been asking bout the updates. sorry guys. been pretty busy lately. im in egypt right now. the reason? too personal to share it with you guys but all i can say is that i'll be back for raya insyaAllah. im flying with gulf air this time around and it costs me around 4196 le (more@less rm2600). thanks for the sponsors. sory to trouble you guys mama abah. promise i won't do it again next time.

i got back to egypt on 29 july. somehow i'm stuck in cairo airport instead of alex thanks to that someone. i feel so geram with that fella but never mind la. what to do. nasib badan. huhuhu. wasted 85le just for the cab which makes me more angrier. i can't find a place to fly around august so i have to go back by 29 july. my friends all booked another ticket but i don't feel like booking at that time around so i just go with the flow. yesterday, i went out with dino to 3 places to survey for the ticket and i managed to get the cheapest at gulf air. the highest stands at 5100le. so i straight away booked the cheapest and they want the money in 1 week's time. so i told my mum about it and hopefully there won't be any problem.

i'll be in malaysia till 18th october. my class due to start on 9th cotober so i'm going to skip 9 days. naughty me! thought of staying longer but mama dah bising kata tak mo blaja ke apa nak dk malaysia lama2. so tak berani lawan ikut jela cakap dia. honestly, i don't fell like going back but my relatives all keep pushing me asking me to go back. so have to la. kak no'a siap ambik cuti from kerja just to learn baking cakes and cookies from me. besides, aunty nana, aunty na, uncle israrr, uncle mike, atok and nenek sibuk sruh balik gak kata sian i can't raya in malaysia.

so to all my friends, jom kita raya sama2 k! just holler me anytime for open house invitations. to zati, wana see u badly dear. buat open house k! wana go and raya at your place. long time never been to your house