Wednesday, November 17, 2010

raya haji style perantauan

4th day - kacaks ;)

singing to peterpan - dan mungkin bila nanti kita kan bertemu lagi. hahaha

cute guys above us. that explains the awkwardness

me with bibi =)

thanks for coming over guys

i heart you

3rd day - at the wedding reception with ummu ulfah

2nd day - tya, tqa, paah n' me

batch 07/08

with a good friend of mine, wan

before going to istaad gamaah

1st day - the 1st one on the table. giler pelahap. haha

with Alia Ishak. single n' available. roger me for her number ;)

all of us

with Ummu Ulfah. she's never been single. haha

just like in malaysia

drools all over the place. haha

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

berihitam yang putih

i just unlocked my blackberry yay! regret that i didn't do it when i was in malaysia. if not, i can use it with my malaysia's number. after i paid for the unlock code which is 15usd, i came across other website that offers cheaper price which is 9usd. hish! what a waste! i could save 6usd which is rm18. but it's okay. sometimes, you gain some money and sometimes you'll lose some.

me: ma, kawan balik bulan 1. nak kirim baju boleh?

mama: ha? again? bru 1 week balik da mintak baju baru ke?

me: hihi. stock for 1 year la ma

when i arrived here, i logged into my bsn account using paah's laptop. somehow i didn't enter the correct password. after three times, my account got suspended. i'm just worried that i might not be able to withdraw my money cause i only have 1 atm card. then i remember i got a cousin working at bsn. she really is my lifesaver. hopefully, everything goes well and i'll be able to log into my account =)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

new chapter of my life


i've safely arrived here in egypt. here goes the new chapter of my life. new year, new resolution. please let me pass with flying colours this time around i'm begging. the first day i went to class, my back hurts like hell. PMS i guess. yesterday morning, when i wanted to get up from my bed, i can't move. it hurts so much that i have to stay on bed all the time. this morning, Alhamdulillah, much better but i can't do much of walking. if by tomorrow, the pain is still there, guess i have to go to the hospital. hopefully, there's nothing serious. do pray for my health peeps. i'm just plain scared if anything happens to me. my parents are just too far away. =(