Thursday, October 22, 2009

how do you love me now

my hobby right now is to curl my hair. thanks to khal who make it happens. can't believe he has the talent. surprise surprise! btw, i'm going back to klang tomorrow. sob3x. have to leave everything behind. szsaz asked me 1 question - which one you like? usm@egypt? my answer - i don't like the course i'm doing at usm but i love the life there. i like the course im doing in egypt but i hate the life there.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

days at usm

had lots of fun today... again! thanks to szsaz. yesterday, it was a treat from ramesh at old town and today was a treat too from szsaz at laksa shack. love you guys so much... fyi, they are my buddies during my old days at usm. miss usm so much especially my block. seriously looks like a hotel. so cold and cozy. me likey! i'm going back home soon and will meet pu3 for the last time before she goes back to cyber. can't wait for the day cause it's shopping time!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

back at usm

i can't stay longer in penang. i'll be super fat thanks to aunty fina. hahaha. wanted to go back tomorrow but have to postpone it till friday. right now im still searching for the flight to go back to kl this friday. lots of stuff to do here. i had lots of fun today. too bad atok left early in the morning and i don't even have the chance to say goodbye. woke up nearly 11 today cause i slept so late last night. after i arrived here last night i straight away text-ed haziq who was still driving back home from his college

me: haziq, ur luvly cousin is here. cpat balik

haziq: eleh... don't lie2 ye

i straight away dialled his number

me: i da kt sni la. cpt balik

haziq: yeke? i da smpi da pun. cpt bkk pntu

me: ok2

ain't he a darling? hehehe. this afternoon, i went to usm and met ramesh there. we went to queensbay and we chit chat chut and shopped till we couldn't walk no more. then haziq picked us up and we sent ramesh back to fajar harapan. tomorrow, i'm going to meet sharifah and most probably going to queensbay again. can't wait for the day. yippie!!! did i mention that mama never gave me cash? thank god atok gave me some. hahaha. saya sayang atok saya

bye bye syawal

when i'm about to blog, i got no idea what to talk about. wanted to upload some pics, but sometimes i'm using lee's, sometimes i'm using mama's and sometimes i'm using haziq's laptop. so ended up just checking my friends' blog and mails. in a nutshell, raya was fun of course. i mean, who hates having raya in malaysia? few days after raya, i went to genting with my peeps from mansoura and lee. it was the same day that i'm having open house but i decided to go to genting cause... frankly, i don't know why. hahaha. it was fun though. just a bit sad cause i can't meet "ehem" at my house. hopefully i can meet him before i go back to egypt. now im at penang visiting my aunty. too bad nad wasn't here, just be friends with haziq, taf and aman. the journey was such an ass cause instead of 4 hours of journey, it turned out to be 7 hours. i'm so sad cause my friends all are on their way back to egypt. i'll be going back on the 1st of november and i'll be ALONE! plus a 12 hours of transit in dubai. pathetic huh? still figuring out what am i gonna do there alone. hopefully nash will be going back on the same date as i am. what's for tomorrow? wanted to visit my usm peeps but still haven't gotten their number. my fault that i didn't ask from them earlier. to adli, if you read my blog, get back to me soon yah! i think i saw you at butterworth bus station today but i couldn't get to you. to knani and aten, take care of the house. i'm coming back home soon. miss you guys like crazy.