Sunday, February 28, 2010

i go crazy because of you

so wat did i do today? herm,,, had hash brown for my breakfast, egg and lanchun sandwich for lunch and nasi goreng for dinner and now i regret it all cause i ate a lot. T_T

ummu gave some cheese cake to me and it's super duper yummy. next time, you can bake again for me yah! me likey. i love ummu mucho. here comes calories!!!

then i ym-ed with naemah. we talked bout all the updates from our friends during primary time. btw, naemah is my neighbour and my childhood friend. dunno why but we are getting closer each day. maybe cause we are grown-ups now. during our childhood, very the shy shy cat. hihi

dino wru? feels weird not ym-ing him even for just 1 day. nampak sangat gosip hari-hari dengan dino si ratu propa. haha. oops! (pinjam quote aten) . joking k dino! no hard feeling. keke

suddenly i miss my buncit sis - lee halim. huhu. online la. kakak misses you so much. huhu

Saturday, February 27, 2010

me invisible

i'm about to lose another friend cause he@she might be getting married. sad3x. why everyone around me is getting married? you guys making other people jealous la. haha. sure lagi sayu if Put is getting married. i'm so gonna be lost Put! literally. x tipu ni. to shah, don't propose my besties so soon k! huhu. what to do. 22 already. so tua. haha. my mum is married at this age. it's not like i wanna get married at this age. honestly i don't but one by one people around me is getting married making me feel more and more lonely each day. T_T

today i woke up with a happy face cause it's raining and it's friday. friday means holiday for me. no classes no nothing. just lepaking around doing nothing. as if you're doing anything la other days kan sab? haha. i love when it rains but only during holiday cause you'll have a very nice, good and comfy sleep. i've been using my boots these days cause it's muddy outside there. keep washing my jeans n kurung over and over again. haiz

ym-ed with my not so close friend tonight and it was such a good one cause we're kinda like the same. how we hate our teen lives and everything. really glad we had that talk buddy! didn't know we have way much in common. who would have thought that huh? hopefully, we can be good buddies in the future k! really had a great time tonight

Friday, February 26, 2010

salam maulidur rasul

thursday was a hectic day as usual. class 8-5. during biochem, ummu entered the class and she sat beside me

ummu: sab, jom g malam nanti ceramah maulud nabi

at first, i wanted to say no but later she added

ummu: ummu xde geng. housemate sume xnak g

so i was thinking then ok la

sab: ala siannye. ok2 i teman

see? i'm such a good person right? hehe. kidding! after class, i got back home, on9 for a while, didn't change my clothes all cause i'm meeting ummu at 6. besides, it's my red flag day. hihi. so later we walked together to gamaah without musyrif and suddenly dang! muaz was riding a bicycle behind us. ketua musyrif ok! haha. luckily we were already in the gamaah so he didn't say a thing. we got there and the talk was a good one. all the seniors who are married came with their partners and they have glow on their faces. haha. happy la kan dah ada spouse. the thing finished at 10. when i was about to pass the exit door, i saw kak tirah

kak tirah: parents dtg x hr tu?

me: xla kak trah, cousin tunang tb2. so mama kena wat hntran n blik sume

kak tirah: tunang? sab tunang? yeke

me: hish kak trah ni. dpt plak sy tunang. haha. calon pun tarak

again, we walked back home without musyrif. we ran as fast as we could so that ketua musyrif couldn't see us. on the way back home, i bought to'miyah cause suddenly felt like eating it. got back home, on9 for a while and off to bed. didn't study at all yesterday. T_T. you malaysian people are so lucky cause you have maulud nabi's hols but we didn't. class as usual

with ummu. credit to syida pishal

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

try to copy me

suddenly this afternoon mama text-ed me

mama: salam sabrina. long time didn't hear from you. how u been doing? hows result? heard u been chatting with ur cousins

me: hi ma. as usual. class 8-5. everyday except friday. super bz. result carry to finals. yep. saw ur photo. u look a bit chubby

mama: mn tngk? i am chubby. haha. btw, i just bought 2 pieces kain 4 raya. u wnt normal @ pahang?

me: i wnt pahang. can u buy the krung cotton ala-ala kg 4 me? saw ur pic from kak intan's fbook. but u still look pretty though

mama: that 1 bju krung bru. tdung ppl from indon bg time visit depa

already going to tempah for raya? cepatnye ma!!! but just when i'm about to reply my mum, i ran out of credit. damn! tomorrow have to reload. story continues tomorrow. hehehe

last word from me, single is better. literally people!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

take my heart back

when you're alone, hungry and got nothing else to do, emptiness strikes you. T_T. i miss my family. yesterday when i chat with my friend, with full of pride i said "tak rasa nak balik malaysia la this year". sangat berlagak ok! i'm officially taking those quote back. haha.

to my friend FR, hopefully you'll get the job in UK so that later i can come and visit you. mata dah bersinar-sinar mahu ke UK. hahaha. please say it's a yes. enough with the crap. study tah ke mana ada hati mahu vacation. stop it sabrina!

i need to buy the groceries soon. i've got nothing. not even the onions to salte'. feels like going to metro. therefore, let's roger2 dino. is he available? cause he'll be going to cairo today and i don't know what time he's going. dino please la online. ngee

btw peeps. let me remind you that most of the title doesn't really relate with the post yah. harap maklum. =p

nasi lemak sabrina :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

no one cries because they want to

i already off my laptop and everything cause i wanna take my shower and start my revision but here comes problem again. my landlord yang ku puja dan ku sayang... NOT, NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE THAT IT'S GONNA HAPPEN turned it off and it's already been 1 whole day. damn la that woman. the water in the pale just finished cause i used it for my nature's call and my ablution. and yes i haven't had my shower yet. so suey la. whats the point of paying 15le every month for the motor if you keep turning it off then keep blaming that i didn't turn it off which by the way so not true ok! get a life la you moron! hish! and my phone keep ringing like 10 times per day? i can't block the number cause it's just a less than rm100 handphone with polyphonic ringtones. no camera no nothing except that it has color screen. this egyptian people seriously got no other things to do is it? nak menggedik call2 orang. don't be so batak la ok with the handphone. i felt like just throwing the handphone down from my 3rd floor apartment.

if only

i really need the strength to get over with this fella. i can't do much with him around me. literally!!! sabby , sure you can do this. you're a tough girl. remember abah, mama, atok and nenek. they sacrifice so much for you. yes i can do this! if everyone else can do it then why not you. you never learn from your lesson huh? enough is enough. the sacrifice starts right here and right now ok? april is coming soon and that means final till the end of june. august means malaysia. can't wait for it. n_n

Sunday, February 21, 2010

say aah,,,

1st day of class yesterday, still blur. even the caffeine doesn't make me stay awake. still in holiday mood i guess. even the lecturer said - all of you are still in winter mood but don't worry. your spirit will increase gradually. nama pun doctor kan, so the term pun dah jadi medical term. haha.i need to start my revision soon but too many distraction. the class yesterday wasn't even full. some of them still vacationing at luxor, aswan, hughada and guess who organizes the trip? gamaah. naughty ye gamaah ni suruh student ponteng kelas. haha. got my biochem and histo lab later in 1 hour. not in the mood to go but what else can i do. like it or not i still have to go. till then. ciao peeps!

picture doesn't have anything to do with the post. just love the pic. haha

Friday, February 19, 2010

bersuka ria dan bergembira

i'm officially an etisalat broadband user. paah: if lembab gak, u letopkan etisalat jadi salad. nice tip paah!!!

happy birthday to Nur Liyana Binti Abdul Halim who's turning 18 today Malaysian time. the fatso is slim now and i'm so jealous. T_T. when am i gonna be slim? god knows that. huhu

the day before yesterday i went to city star cairo cause suddenly i feel like eating MCD thanks to paah who keeps reminding me bout it. the 3 of us - paah, sab and tya went to cairo together leaving the house at 7am and reached our destination at 10.30 am. we went to the cinema to buy the ticket and straight away watched it cause it already started half an hour earlier. we watched The Lightning Thief. saw the billboard in france and thought that it was a french movie but it was an american movie actually. each 1 of us had a popcorn for ourselves cause we were to hungry. planned to watch the movie after we eat but mahu ticket murah punya pasal . after the movie, we went to MCD and later we walked walked walked but couldn't find anything worth to spend your penny on. before we got back home, we had our dinner at panda house and after that we finally reached mansourah at 12am. i went to paah's house cause it would be easier rather than staying at my place. haha. this afternoon had lunch at KFC and finally bought a broadband for myself. saya puas!!! no longer online-ing at the hall.

these few days, suddenly a bunch of my primary school friends add me on facebook. same question pop-up "nape makin gemok @ tak kurus lagi ke?" tsk tsk. kejamnya dunia ini. haha. it's ok. no hard feelings actually. i'll try to slim down my figure right before i go back to malaysia insyaAllah la kan. haha

ronggeng at city star

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


yes @ no???

i said yes. ottoke? i can't take it back can i? haiz. whatever la. let's just wait and see how it goes. btw, i finally managed to open my bag. haha. already unpacked my stuff. few more days till the school is about to open. i need to gather my strength soon. i feel so unproductive these holidays. wake up, coffee, eat, net, movies, sleep. same thing happens everyday.

nenek, atok, uncle mike, cece and lee are all at penang right now visiting my aunty. judging from their pictures, they are definitely having lots of fun. it's not the same when i was there. T_T

Alhamdullillah kak intan is now officially someone's fiancee'. happy happy happy. as if i'm the one who's engaged la kan. haha. mama really did a great job with the hantaran and the room decoration. she's been doing the job for all my aunties and cousins but when it comes to me - "sabrina g butik jela k sruh org buatkan. mama nnt da tua n xlrat nk buatkan". mama kejam!!! haha.

my hair is getting longer now. i didn't realize till this morning when i looked at the picture when i just cut my hair back then. definitely a big gap. feel like cuting my hair short but when i chat with lee just now - "xsesuai. muka bulat. rmbut skrg ok da". tension!!! when la i'm gonna be kurus??? i had done lots of style to my hair. short, long, curl. afro je blom. haha. gler ap! what's next? i dyed my hair but the color didn't stick to my hair. why oh why?

i like my hair during the recent raya. cedit to khal my bro :P

p/s: saya sangat lapar. mau ke kedai ammu khalid mencari chipsy yang menggemokkan itu. manala tak kurus. ish3

Friday, February 12, 2010

au revoir paris

just got back from paris at 1am in the morning. safely landed on cairo at 9pm but thanks to mr. mahmud yg blur - typical arab. ckp mcm keling kan, the cab finally arrived at 11pm. went straight to bed and woke up at 11 am this morning. wanted to unpack my stuff but dang! i can't open it. guess it locked by itself when we were playing with my bag in the train to the airport. damn la. what to do? should i smash it? whatever la! i'll think bout it later. basically the vacation went well. it was awesome. i'm going there again in the future insyaAllah. huhu. the most fun that i had was when at disneyland. finally after 22 years, i got the chance to go to disneyland. it's like every girl's dream to go there. sad to leave that place. felt like crying. definitely a must go place. hehe. besides disneyland, i went to see the eiffel tower. seriously it's a beauty. the structure and everything. i went there twice! haha. especially when it's at night, the lights coming from the tower makes it looks like diamond. definitely breathtaking. most of the places that i went in paris are old ancient buildings like notre-dame and few more. honestly, paris is not that modern. the buildings are old but it's clean. the cleanliness makes it looks pretty actually. malaysians and egyptians are definitely far away from having that civic-minded kind of people. hopefully us malaysians will be like french people someday somehow. at first, i was afraid to go there because of the anti-islam thingy especially just when i got there, there was this kinda like flashmob thingy by iran people if i'm not mistaken but boy was i wrong when i got there. french people are definitely sweet and gentleman. they always help you though they can't speak english. hopefully i can go to another places in the future insyaAllah. anyone wanna join me? hehe

Saturday, February 6, 2010

i'm leaving on a jet plane

i slept really early last night. fed-up with the net which btw, i can't sign in to my ym the whole day. double fuckin' shitty i must say. i went to the etisalat for the broadband but my visa can't be accepted cause there's no valid date for how long i'll be staying here. damn3!!! roah just went back to saudi and duah will follow her soon. zura is going back to malaysia for god knows how many days. i'll have the house myself till the end of the month. i'm going to paris from 7th till 11th. then dino will be heading to holland from 11th till 22nd. so gonna be alone this holiday. my dad's family is going to mecca from 22nd onwards. if only they can come here and meet me up. kak nora promised to call me as soon as she got there. they will have kenduri doa selamat for the 13 people that will be going the night after kak intan getting engage. uh-oh and btw, congrats to kak intan, the 2nd of my cousins who will be getting married soon after abang nizam. to all the readers, do pray for my journey yah!

p/s: i miss u

Friday, February 5, 2010

PARIS come to mummy

the exam just finished and frankly, i don't really feel the hype like the rest of the kid. because of the papers i guess. well, let bygone be bygone. i'm going to paris the day after tomorrow and people keep on asking "da pack ke barang?" haha. if i'm going somewhere, i'll just pack my stuff few hours before that. i'll be leaving for cairo on 7th february, 4am in the morning and the flight will be at 10 am in the morning. do pray for my journey yah peeps!

yesterday, dino passed to me the stuff that my mom gave. the cupboard is so cute. it's pink in colour and has flowers on it. i like it! and the bag too. and i even get my comforter. yesterday was such a happy day for me. despite that the exam is over, we took our class photo and i had so much fun. last year i didn't take the class photo for some reasons and this year, there is a photo of me. happy3x. after the photo session, i went to the bank to change money to euro but they won't accept genih to euro. giler ke apa bank egypt ni? so i called dino and he accompanied me to te sarafah and i chaged my money there. after that, we went to al-khan and had our lunch there and we had ice cream before we walked back home

since dino got back, we've been going out almost everyday. not me but dino la. i'm not an out-person here but in malaysia yes. there's nothing in here. pathetic!!! and i've been taking high cholestrol food almost everyday and i'm getting fatter thanks to dino. snguh kejam budak itu. haha