Thursday, January 29, 2009


i am freakin' mad+sad. my hair is totally gross. egyptian definitely don't know how to cut hairs. swear i won't cut my hair here ever again. how bad it is? so bad that my housem8 call me teko. cis! there goes my long hair. i mean seriously long. s***! so texted my mum after i cut my hair

me: ma, just cut my hair. pndek gler n hduh gler

mama: la.. y? i tot u said syg

me: lmas ma. nk msuk serkup pn x muat. sdih ma. rmbt housem8 pn hduh gler.

mama: rleksla. rmbut tmbuh blk. when u get back to malaysia then trim balik la

me: yola. hukhukhuk

thank god my hair is still shoulder length but nani unnie and aten? pitty them. nani unnie was totally upset but by the time we got home, we can finally laugh and make jokes about it. hahaha

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


yeay! finally exam is over. don't feel like updatting the blog but the net is super fast today so why not? too bad for other housemates. still having their exams. kwenchana. later we go and celebrate k! hihihi. so i'm curently watching korean series - stained glass. it's an old story actually. about 5 years ago if i'm not mistaken. just finished downloading it and currently downloading the world they live in. i want to watch i am sam because there's top oppa in it. hahaha. mianhe nani unnie. let's play it fair and square. you want jae joong oppa, then i want top oppa too. i am so gonna need a hair cut. i feel so geli, lemas and serabut. my hair is so long that i can barely see the shape of it. have to make buns out of it all the time. so nani unnie, palli and grab the hairstyle that you want. i need a hair makeover this instance.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

F.T island in splitsville??

waeyo? impossible. c'mon la you guys. just debut early 2007 and now you guys are thinking about splitting up? no way! you guys are the only band in korea i think. noona will be very sad if you do that. seriously! i'm just about falling for your song and not to forget you guys too. hehehe. don't do this please... i will marry you if u want me to. lol

hungry like never before

i'm so hungry right now. someone give me some food please. huhuhu. it's the end of the month and i'm totally broke. looks like i have to eat mr. maggie again. sob3x

Friday, January 23, 2009

please be over soon mr. exam

so today was the 2nd last paper - histolgy, the day before yesterday was physio. on 26th will be my last paper which is anat - the killer subject. someone tell me how to study the subject please. hahaha. cause i'm like a mak nenek pelupa. like my dad said. during the exam, i was scribbling the answer with the pencil when suddenly the person who attended on us told us to use pen instead of pencil. as you guys know, usually the malaysians love to scribble then only we write it with pen right? so this attender (not the lecturer like in malaysia but just the mak cik gamaah that take care of the lab and prepare the drinks for the lecturers) made the fuss about using the pencil thingy. so this one girl was like so mad that she actually kinda yelled at her. later they called the lecturer because they can't speak english and the lecturer explained to that girl. so that girl told him that she was just scribbling and was about to write it with pen. finally, the lecturer got the picture and later tried to calm her. the same thing happened to me. that mak cik keep on coming to my place every minute telling me how many minutes left. as if i'm not using any watch la? as if there's no announcement on how many minutes left la? just mind your own business dude. i can accept it if she tells it to everyone but why is it only me?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

to go or not to go?

so after my physio paper, zura, aten and i went to toiron to check the ticket price coz zura ngada tol nak balik malaysia during the winter break. hahaha. and the holiday is like 2 weeks je. so while zura confirming her ticket with this lady that's so nice and i like her so much, suddenly i thought of asking about the price to go to london. yesterday i was chatting with stuart. so he asked me about egypt etc because he's coming here with his peeps aroung jun. then he told me to come to uk because the currency is quite low at the moment. i'm not that eager to go to uk cause i've been to uk before. as i told u guys on my previous post, i thought of going to paris but stuart told me that now that the GBP is getting low, the euro is rising. so guess i have to postpone it at the moment. going to uk is not such a bad idea actually as i have lots of friends there. so i asked the nice lady about the ticket while zura was talking to fattah and the price is 2100 EGP = RM1300. so i was like so happy that i texted my mum later

me: ma, uk return rm1300. btter go 2 uk now. smemre d crrency s lke so low

mamito: ha. just go la. i'll bank in d money

me: u serious? i was just joking la. let me think 1st. never tot that u would agree

mamito: but u can't come back 2 msia la ths yr

me: cheh. no way! i need 2 cme bck home. myb nxt tme kot

mamito: ok then

frankly speaking, though i go to uk, i still think that mama will let me come back home. why you asked me? cause nenek told me to go back so of course la i have to go back right? kekeke. so my conclusion is? don't know yet actually. right now, i just wanna go to bed cause i just had 2 hours of sleep. till then.. daa.

gee gee gee gee gee

to my dear housemates, you guys have to bear with me for another few days because i'm so addicted to SNSD gee. i am now officially an SNSD fans. so... no more teasing yah! hahaha. good news! i'm learning the dance move and be prepared for my comeback after nobody. kekeke

SNSD - Gee

Wonder Girls - Nobody

p/s: thanks to nani unnie for her youtube blog posting tutorial. i owe you 1 unnie

exam today

i have exam in 5 hours' time and here i am sitting in front of my lappo typing for my blog. crazy girl! hahaha. wish me luck peeps. need it badly now. me on hiatus? nah... don't think so. like i said before - i'm a one crazy girl. hahaha

Sunday, January 18, 2009


this post had to be removed due to certain circumstances. deepest apology from me. thanks for viewing my blog

Monday, January 12, 2009

as what miss pu3 said - recalling the memories

10 years ago (1999)
- 11 years old
- in 5 Dahlia
- got my period

5 years ago (2004)
- my sweet 16
- tons of zits
- struggling with my study (still blur though it's already mid of the year)

2 years ago (2007)
- my matrix life (love it so much)
- study in USM but quit after 1 month
- my journey as a medicine student starts in egypt

1 year ago (2008)
- got back to malaysia twice (6.7-29.7) and (12.9-18.10)
- raya in malaysia
- truly surprised and best birthday party ever

yesterday (11.01.09)
- cooked laksa
- talked to aunty na, lee and nenek
- went to suuq

today (12.01.09)
- ate laksa
- went to gamaah to see mr. ibrahim
- called my family

3 snacks i enjoy
- yusufi @ istufandi
- chocolates
- chipsy

3 things i can't live without
- family
- electronic gadgets
- money

3 things i wanna buy with rm1k
- clothes
- shoes
- bags

3 shows i like
- supernatural
- gossip girl
- what i like about you

3 places i've lived in
- selangor
- penang
- egypt

Thursday, January 8, 2009

i want raya~~

not raya haji but raya aidilfitri. my favourite hols of all. i like raya since forever. can't believe? ask all my friends especially pu3. haha. you'll know how obsess i am with raya. the day that i like the most is raya's eve. cepatla raya! can't hardly wait for it. i don't mind not having the baju raya etc as long as i can have raya. huhuhu. but i think shoes kena ada la. i'm so crazy about shoes. btw, i had macaroni cooked by nani onni for brunch and dinner i guess because don't know whether bobo will cook or not. i wanted to cook but still there's a lot of leftover so i guess it's a macaroni day. hahaha. the nicest part is that onni cooked puding. so yum yum. the fridge is like a freezer so sakitla gigi makan. anyway, thanks nani onni. next time wat lagi :p

malaysia oh tanah airku

god knows how i miss malaysia so much. i wanna go back home badly. hukhuk. it's ok sabrina. stay strong. be +ve. in less than 7 months, you'll be home. hang in there girl. this time around, i'm coming back home a bit late folks. have to wait for the result 1st to make sure that "the banana won't fruit two times". hahaha. wish me luck for the coming exam that will be on 20, 22, 26 and 28 january. as for the second sem, it'll be from mid april till june.

imtihan oh imtihan

what's imtihan? it's exam in arabic. gosh! can't believe it's already mid sem exam. i haven't studied a thing yet. i think this year is a record for all of us. just imagine finishing 3/4 of all the subject in 3 months? how crazy is that! some more the subject here is more than you guys can ever imagine. your head needs to be like a computer to store all the information that you have to remember for life. not only a year but your whole life. god! help me please. i'm so gonna need help to answer my paper later. give me some kind of a photograhic memory like rico from hannah montana and rory from gilmore girls. huhuhu. pretty please. im begging you. 12 days left before the day. help!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

happy welcome back to school

school has started now. lazy3. fortunately i don't have to go to school anymore. ergh! i hate school. have to wake up early in the morning. some more the schedule is pack from morning till night. morning, you have to go to school, afternoon, you have extra curricular and later at night you have tuition. then you have to finish your homework till late at night. that's why all the teachers don't like the student to go to tuition. like my BM teacher said "tula. sape suruh kamu pergi tuition. cikgu yang ada kat sekolah ni pun dah cukup untuk kamu. kami ni semua berbayar jugak macam cikgu tuition kamu. kan parents kamu semua bayar tax". so we were like stay still and didn't say a word because we feel so guilty. i don't like tuition either but my parents insist me on going to tuition. beranila lawan cakap diorang. my sis, lee is the only one that brave enough to say no to tuition. hahaha. to lee, struggle for your spm k! to khal, happy turning to teenager this year. he's now officially the 1st year junior high school student (form 1). you don't know how mad mama was when she knew that dhuha will be in the same school as you. hahaha. so don't ever think of playing around only k! must study really3 hard. to qistinna, you are the same with khal now. so you can always meet with kak lee because you guys are in the same school. wah.. happy3. i love it when i have the sibling@cousin in the same school. can hang out together all the time. to ad, happy continuing your primary school. still got 5 years to go before you enter the new chapter of your life ie junior high school

Sunday, January 4, 2009

i love my net

yay! finally, the net is back to normal. so to all the underseas creatures, do not bite the cable again yah! later cubit2 karang. kekeke. i remember the same thing happened last year. just imagine 1mb of speed, you have to share it with around 60 people. so during the winter hols, unlike everyone who went out to enjoy their hols, i just stay at home to free my mind. thought the net might be good but too bad there was something wrong with the cable. in less than 1 year, it happened again. so i think the government@seangkatan dengannya have to buy a strong cable. hahaha. to baba, if the download is more than the limit, don't beg us to pay it for you yah! we already said what we want the unlimited one but you still insist on the limited download. degil punya baba!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


Tyra Banks

Taylor Lautner

Robert Pattinson

so i was watching the tyra banks show today. don't know the exact date of the series but there were robert pattinson and taylor lautner from twilight. too bad i still haven't watched the movie yet. hukhukhuk. why there is no cinema here in mansoura. but look on the bright side. at least i won't spend my cash on unnecessary things like i did during my matrix year. ya ampun! god knows how much i spent during those days. kekeke. as you guys know, robert pattinson was in one of the harry potter film which is the goblet of fire and taylor lautner was from cheaper by the dozen 2. you know the guy that always hang out at the river. yeah! the small cute guy is no longer a cute one. he's 16 now but gosh! just look at his body. so yummy. tyra thought he's around 20's. hahaha. as you know. tyra always do some crazy stuff on her show so guess what she did this time around? she actually asked robert to bite her on the neck and he actually did that. haha. and i just knew that she actually used to act as a stripper in one of the episode. how daring is that!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year

it's 2009 already. can't believe it seriously. i'm turning 21 this year. i'm getting older. huhuhu. when i'm in my teens, i used to think that age doesn't matter but as you grow up, it is such a big deal. i remember how people used to think i'm actually 21 while i am only 20 (this goes for you amal and aunty na). argh!! tension. you see?? it's only 1 year difference but it makes me go crazy. hahaha. so no more being immature eh? though i'm 20 but i feel like i'm still a kid. but studying in overseas makes you more independent because you have to do everything by your own. besides, the orientation in overseas is not the same as malaysia. i used to complain why malaysia is like this lah, like that lah but when you come to egypt, you'll fell that thank god i'm a malaysian. so no more complaints yah peeps! i hope, with this brand new year, i'll become more a good person. i wanna get rid of all those -ve attitude of mine. hope i'll get much much better result. that's all i want for this year. oh! not to forget, mama and papa will get more cash so that i can spend more. hahaha. just joking! i just want our family to be healthy, no more problems and for my siblings to have good results in their exams so that they'll be somebody in the future. insyaAllah. amin....