Sunday, November 23, 2008

nak ikut fannie!!!!!!!!!

hukhuk. i'm so wanna go to korea woth fannie. so mean of her to leave me here all alone by myself. living in egypt doesn't feel like living in overseas ok! (menggunakan quote k.nani). she's such a lucky girl. get to meet all the sm, jyp artists. i was running through lots of website and feel like buying stuffs online but too bad i don't have any credit card here. if in malaysia, the least i can do is to use my dad's. the stuff that i want to buy of course la the stuff that's not available in malaysia. if malaysia also don't have, obviously there won't be any in egypt. haiz... what to do. just have to wait for another 8 months before i go back to malaysia. if i go back la kan... 8 months is like 8 years if u stay here in egypt. seriously!!! i wouldn't persuade you guys to come here. such a waste of money. better go to vietnam. way nicer! well.. gtg now. so damn cold and so sleepy. off to bed peeps.daa ~~


NaNi said...

sab!! dok egypt jek oke! hahaha
sab nak bli ape?? takyah bli..membazir tuhh~

kan akak dah bagi badge JAEJOONG

sabrina halim said...

hihihi. ad la. 2la.. trimas la bnyk2 ksi jaejoong kt sy. kekeke