Wednesday, November 10, 2010

berihitam yang putih

i just unlocked my blackberry yay! regret that i didn't do it when i was in malaysia. if not, i can use it with my malaysia's number. after i paid for the unlock code which is 15usd, i came across other website that offers cheaper price which is 9usd. hish! what a waste! i could save 6usd which is rm18. but it's okay. sometimes, you gain some money and sometimes you'll lose some.

me: ma, kawan balik bulan 1. nak kirim baju boleh?

mama: ha? again? bru 1 week balik da mintak baju baru ke?

me: hihi. stock for 1 year la ma

when i arrived here, i logged into my bsn account using paah's laptop. somehow i didn't enter the correct password. after three times, my account got suspended. i'm just worried that i might not be able to withdraw my money cause i only have 1 atm card. then i remember i got a cousin working at bsn. she really is my lifesaver. hopefully, everything goes well and i'll be able to log into my account =)

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