Monday, July 14, 2008

in malaysia

music: no music at all. hahaha
tv series: power rangers dino thunder
movies: attack of the pin up boys

i'm so happy happy right now. been in malaysia for nearly 1 week. miss egypt so much. didn't do anything much here. just got to online. can't connect my laptop with the net. my mum's laptop has been with lee all this while. finally can land my hand on it. during this 1 week, i just stay at home and adoring it.

just got a new bedroom set and i don't hate it. to my surprise, mama finally decided to change the colour of the house. my room would be pink in colour. so cute... and mama just sewed a purplish pink flowery curtains for me and i love it so much. my bed looks like the princess-kinda bed. it's a queen size. gave my previous bed to aunty suha. she's actually younger than me by 1 year but i call her aunty because she's my mum's cousin. her dad is working with my mum so our family are kinda close. her mum died few years ago. her dad lost his job after that. it's been a tough time for her and her family.

after i got off the plane, i finally laid my eyes on my dad, nenek and my siblings after 2 hours waiting for the luggage. luckily klia is nearby to my house. later, i met wit all my parents' family. sangat best ( can no longer say best giler coz nenek dah tegur ). they said i look different in tudung. for me there's nothing much because i've been wearing it for nearly 1 year but they just see me wearing it here so it's kinda weird for them. hahaha. when i iron my tudung, ed was like " nape nak iron tudung. kakak bukannya pakai pun" . i just gelak-gelak after that.

the most anticipated person that i wanted to meet were aunty na and her family. after i tidy up lee's room that morning ( she's been staying with my gram for quite some time now), i went down to watch a movie ( atok's been conquering the tv. can't say much. his house. hahaha). when i'm about to open the laptop suddenly harith and huzayl enter the hall and keep on calling kak sabrina. i was like so excited i ran to go and see them. after i salam with them, i saw aunty na and i straight away go and hug her. finally, i get to hug qash too. she's one year and 6 months now. dah besar makin kurus plak dia. i played with her all day and not to forget, kissed her a lot. hahaha. so i chit chat wit aunty na and uncle israrr. they too looked so surprised when they see me in tudung

yesterday i finally got to eat my mum's cooking. she don't cook during weekdays. she just cook only on sunday. i ate tom yam and udang masak lemak tempoyak. it was awesome. so i learn how to cook them. it was so easy actually. later i have to berguru with my mum and nenek to cook delicious food before i go back to egypt soon.

before that, i woke up quite late yesterday morning. we had our breakfast at khulafa at seksyen 7. i had maggie goreng and milo ice ( yum yum ). later, we went to mydin subang. tol seafield was like so lengang and so does the mydin. maybe because harga barang sume dah naik. i met kak nora and family there. angah had a lift with us because it's quite full in cik din's car. later singgah at cik aman's house and met mak su and pak su there. later, i went back home after zohor.

at night, i chat with hanif, my best buddie during my matrix time. we decided to meet each other tommorow after zohor at mid valley. long time never see him. he's my first friend that i'm going to meet with since i landed on malaysia. wonder how he's changed. it's been nearly 1 year since we last met. so whoever wanna meet me, feel free to drop at mid valley tomorrow. hahaha

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Anonymous said...

sab!! bestnyeeeee.. im goin back soon. nnt kt jumpa lah eyh. u went to khulafa? x aci ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!