Friday, July 18, 2008


my gram just passed away.... it's been a tough time for me. i was the first one who got there since everybody were at work. i was about to go to my other gram's house when suddenly i got a call from cik no crying non-stop. so i calmed her down and asked what exactly happened

me: cik no jgn nangs. cba bgtau ac nape dgn atok
cik no: cik no tngk atok dh ttup mata sabrina. dia x ckp lgsg. cpat dtg
me: ok2. jap lg sabrina smpi

so i got there, there were cik no and bibik. so i checked her pulse and there's nothing. so we started calling all the people and i was among the ones who helped to clean my gram. so we quickly wrapped her up, clear the house and i cut the daun pandan. i'm not so sure exactly what daun pandan has to do with the ceremony but they said that they want to make it as a pillow. so bibik and i prepared 2 basins of it.

after asar, the ceremony began. they did the sembahyang jenazah. 1 thing i feel sad about was that i can't read Yaasin and go to the cemetery because it's my red flag day. so i just stay at home with cik no and bibik. cik no is not feeling so well right now. she has a cancer and it makes her really weak.

so mama and i went back home to cook for the kenduri tahlil. we got back to my gram's house after maghrib and quickly prepare the food because the guests will be coming after isya'. Alhamdulillah everything went well. so we are having gotong-royong to cook for the kenduri tahlil for the next couple of days. i can only help for tomorrow but i can't attend the kenduri because im off to singapore.

everybody keep mentioning how lucky i am to be at my gram's funeral just at the right moment. honestly, my gram hadn't been so well since the last few years. she's been staying with me for 1 year. in egypt, i keep praying that if she has to go, i just hope that i can be by her side. she's been taken care of me since i was in standard 1 and i was so close to her. to all the readers, do pray for my gram. semoga Allah mencucuri ramat ke atas rohnya amin.....


ningurlz said...

Innalillahi wa inna ilahi rajiuun..
semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat..
salam takziah..
jangan sdey2 yer kak sab..
inilah lumarah kehidupan..
there will be people come in and go from our life..
the ones go will shall remain in our mind and stay in our memory forever..

silence said...

salam takziah. be brave ok. u should be grateful that u were there beside her. take care.