Friday, August 15, 2008

12 september

music: the jonas brothers - burnin' up
movies: tristan & isolde
tv series: got something to do with super junior but i don't know the name of the series
book: physio (the least favourite subject)

can't wait for that day to come and why is that? because i'm going back home. yay! can't believe mama would actually spend her money again so that i can come back again to malaysia for raya. thank you so much mama. i will alaways love you forever. thanks to abah too.

this time around, i'm going back alone. supposedly im going back with dino but he cancelled the ticket because he couldn't pay it on time. fortunately he offered to send me to the airport but i prefer my housemate to send me there. if he wanted to send me, sure he's going to tag his friend along. i got no money to pay for the tremco alone. if i go with my housemate then maybe we can just go to the airport by bus. savela my budget.

i feel so lucky that i can celebrate raya with my family this year. thought of not going back to malaysia next year because i'm going back for the 2nd time in just 1 year but we'll just wait and see. i think i cannot tahanla. sure i'll go back. u guys can start betting from now on. hahaha. just joking. fyi, betting is haram in islam.

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silence said...

sabrina!!!!!!! u r so lucky because u dpt balik 2 times and the gap pon x lama. and u dpt raya malaysia. im envy you!!!!! :(

my first yr in UK, i x dpt raya msia pon. isk isk. siap ade class lg. :(

and when is the date u r going back? hee heee