Tuesday, October 20, 2009

back at usm

i can't stay longer in penang. i'll be super fat thanks to aunty fina. hahaha. wanted to go back tomorrow but have to postpone it till friday. right now im still searching for the flight to go back to kl this friday. lots of stuff to do here. i had lots of fun today. too bad atok left early in the morning and i don't even have the chance to say goodbye. woke up nearly 11 today cause i slept so late last night. after i arrived here last night i straight away text-ed haziq who was still driving back home from his college

me: haziq, ur luvly cousin is here. cpat balik

haziq: eleh... don't lie2 ye

i straight away dialled his number

me: i da kt sni la. cpt balik

haziq: yeke? i da smpi da pun. cpt bkk pntu

me: ok2

ain't he a darling? hehehe. this afternoon, i went to usm and met ramesh there. we went to queensbay and we chit chat chut and shopped till we couldn't walk no more. then haziq picked us up and we sent ramesh back to fajar harapan. tomorrow, i'm going to meet sharifah and most probably going to queensbay again. can't wait for the day. yippie!!! did i mention that mama never gave me cash? thank god atok gave me some. hahaha. saya sayang atok saya

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