Sunday, June 13, 2010

10.06.2010 - 22 y/o

yes i am 22 now. OMG!!! can't believe it. when i reached here in egypt, i was 19 and now i'm 22. how time flies.

on 9th of june, 6.30 pm - i jus had my shower and came out of the bathroom. suddenly someone rang the bell. jajana came to my house

jajana: sab baru mandi eh?

me: aah. hehe

jajana: tolong kita bukak pintu. xley bukak

me: ouh ok2 jap pakai bju

so we went down

me: nape x sruh ammu islam?

jajana: ada tetamu kat rumah dia so malas nak mintak tolong

me: mana yang lain?

jajana: sume kat restoran makan. kita sorang je

me: ouh ok2. jaja tarik pintu then tolak

suddenly when i opened the door "surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!". ok it was really a surprise cause i didn't expect that they would plan anything at all because of the exams and everything. i was like so speechless i couldn't say anything. terharu nak nangis ok!

so we had pizzas and cakes from baron. it was well-planned i must say cause i never guessed it all. big thanks to jajana, ime, ad, chuby and eza. love you guys mucho mucho. =p

during the celebration, we played a game. "sape paling lama x cakap dia pemenang". for sure i da kantoi awal-awal. haha. so the winner goes to ime and the reward is - cuci pinggan. they didn't say a thing for like nearly an hour. crazy huh? but it was fun watching them. haha.

thanks to ad for the chocs. i ate them all and now i think i'm fatter and i'm having toothache. =_='

as for the exam today, it wasn't that good but i'm still hoping for the best insyaAllah. thanks mye!!! felt so good after talking to you. a 19 y/o girl who talks like a big sis to me. love you adik!

last but not least, thanks for all the lovely wishes that keeps pouring on my facebook. i'm deeply touched by every bit of it. sure it's a bit tough having birthday 2 days before the exam as being told by wan j cause i didn't study at all on 10th of june. ym-ing with lotsa people and replying all those lovely wishes. if only i can can store it somewhere and keep it =(

anyhow, to all mansouriyyans, bitaufik wannagah. kita boleh!!! kita hebat!!!


nur aida zainuddin said...

hepy belated belated besday!
semoge mumtaz xm
dan bertambah comel

Sabrina Halim said...

thanks aida ;)