Sunday, June 20, 2010


Sofina Atan (aunty) and Abdul Karim Alias (uncle) dah ada. Rafina Atan (mummy), Abdul Halim Abdul Malik (daddy), Zarina Atan (aunty), Israrr Ahmad (uncle) and Mahadzir Atan (uncle) bila lagi? hahaha. anyhow, facebook welcomes aunty fina =). it's nice to see lots of families on facebook. me to nad "OMG nad ur mum already has a facebook. kena control kegedikan sikit. hahaha".

enough with the mukabuku thingy. yesterday, a truck hit the electric pole near the fruit stall. the electric cables were disconnected. it fell to the ground like "ular mengesot" as sarah said with thousands of volts i presume. i was surprised when i heard a "dang" and sparkles were everywhere. i straight away close the window when i saw the electric cables were disconnected. there were no electricity for nearly 6 hours if i'm not mistaken. i haven't had my shower because there's no electricity. if there's no electricity, the motor is off. when the motor is off, there's no water. i laid on the floor wrapped around my towel and fanning myself with paper. it was really really hot.

i went down to take my shower at eza's and chubby's place. then had a talk and stayed for a while at jaja's, ime's and ad's because their house is less hotter than my room. later they came to my room to see the progress of the elctricians. alhamdulillah the electric is back. no longer need to check in at ramadha's hotel.

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