Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ramadhan al-mubarak

few days left till ramadhan. a month that most of us been waiting for. hopefully this ramadhan, i can do more deeds than the previous year insyaAllah. i already booked the ticket and i'm coming back home soon. to all my friends, i can't wait to meet you guys up. right now, i'm at the new house. so far so good. it's weird having malaysian housemates after almost a year living with saudian. back to polishing my bahasa skill =p. i hereby would like to wish all the muslims, happy ramadhan and do have a good one =)


fannie said...

ouh beb, before ni u dok ngan saudian ke? kat mane? gile bole survive eh.

Sabrina Halim said...

aah. after knani n aten kluar 2 org bdk saudi msuk. rmh kt gala'. skrg balik samanoudy dok dgn jiran rmh lma i kt gala' tu