Thursday, July 22, 2010

samanoudy - a place call home

OMG! t's been ages since i last updated my blog. blame the exams. tee hee. so what's with july? the month of putting on kg's. i lost few kg's during the exam period and now i'm gaining it back and why is that? it all comes from the foods and cakes of birthday partayssss!!! to jajana, lina, umu, and ime fathi - happy belated birthday. i'm sure you guys had a blast during the party. many happy returns and may you guys find your mr. right ;). the exams are finally over and now i'm still waiting for the result from gamaah. i hope it'll be a good one cause i'm dying to go back home. i miss malaysia badly =(. if only i could fly back home right now. i miss fasting in malaysia. i miss the bazaar ramadhan. it's been ages since i last went there. malaysia i miss you... uh-oh and btw, i'm moving out from this 2 years house of mine. i'm so gonna miss my neighbour (peluk cium). hope it'll be fine for me at the new place. do wish me luck with everything people =)


FR said...

selamat pulang :)
msia is still waiting 4 u 2 come back
balik cpt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sabrina Halim said...

tq. farid kn ni? i blk scpt mngkin =)

FR1101 said...

its fakhry laaaaaaa
1st time komen
ptt laa dia x knal
slamat berpuasa!!

Sabrina Halim said...

tngl la nma pnuh next time. ad my fren pun initial dia FR