Monday, October 18, 2010

ed and qash early birthday celebration

it's been a while since my last post. frankly speaking, i feel like i've lost the momentum to blog. i'll try to update my blog as much as possible. the days that i went through here was superb! im still in malaysia and will be leaving on 31st of october. it's gonna be soon i know. sad to think of it. wanted to come back home during winter but come to think of it, it's better if i spend the money to travel elsewhere right?

so how do i spend my days after raya? well, i spend it with my friend of course. i went out with my BFF put couple of times. thanks to her, she's willing to travel quite far just to pick me up. don't worry buddy, i won't charge you any consultation fee if you come to my clinic in the future insyaAllah ;) . did lots of shopping with her. god knows how much i spent since i got here. when i checked my acoount with mama, she asked me "berapa duit tinggal?" and i went "rahsia!. haha". not that i don't wanna tell her, but i just couldn't bear the nag that i might be getting if i tell her the truth. haha. but she knew eventually when my brother spilled the amount.

besides put, i managed to went out with my coursemates from egypt of course since most of them stay nearby to my place. not to forget, my friend from my primary school. imagine meeting them after 10 years of not seeing each other. quite awkward in the beginning but it went well. thanks for coming over and insyaAllah we'll see each other again next year insyAllah :)

when i feel sad counting the days to go back home, this one man said, stop counting the days and enjoy the rest of the days left sab! what a good way to cheer me up buddy! haha

i just got back from my 4 days 3 nights of vacay in medan. it was superb i must say. mama scored herself curtains from there. it's quite cheap compare to the price here in malaysia. usually, mama sew the curtains herself to reduce the cost because if you buy it ready-made, it costs you double. but now, i guess she could just fly there and buy herself the curtains.

since daddy went to bandung last friday and there are only mama, me , khal and ed, we made a lil' trip to aunty na's house. we cooked lunches and made mama's famous fruit jelly cheesecake and we brought it over and had at aunyt na's. later, we made a tour around shah alam and we went to pesta bunga at PKNS before we went back to aunty na's home for tea. had some chit chats and we went back home by maghrib. i went to bed early last night and woke up with piles of dishes to do and dusty floor. my brother is so gonna get it from me later when he gets home. argh!!!!

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