Friday, October 22, 2010

sayonara =)

do you people know what cheers me up everyday when i wake up in the morning? when i online and read all the updates from the bloggers. blogwalking is one of my favourite pastime. therefore, thanks to all the readers who update their blogs as frequent as possible cause you guys put a smile on my face. keep updating so that i won't be bored.

1 week left till i hit the air as in flying back to my 2nd hometown, egypt where i spend part of my life there. sad that i have to leave malaysia but as mama said, you are a student. you have a responsibility towards your country, family and the one and only Allah. be blessed that you can come home at least once a year. yes mama i am grateful. who said i didn't??? guess i have to wait another 9 months=273 days=1092 hours=65520 minutes=3931200 seconds. august 2011 - see you soon Malaysia. i'm gonna miss you so much. till we meet again

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