Thursday, December 30, 2010

pecahkan minyak tengah malam

congrats to malaysian team. finally you guys did something that's worth the government's money by winning the game. sila jangan terasa. betul la kan. i didn't watch the game by the way. anyhow, mid-sem is around the corner. i can't wait for it to be over. first thing first, i have to study like hell so that i can get a good result and then i can have a family vacation with my loved ones. like daddy said "focus on your study and exams. forget bout everything else for a while". ergo, let's start studying and stop twittering, facebooking and blogging. haha. to all mansouriyyin, good luck with the exams. have a great month of burning the midnight oil. till then, see ya when i see ya

us with husna's daughther (husna is my colleague here)

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