Friday, April 8, 2011

when is the winter gonna be over???

im still waiting for the winter to be over. it's raining season here so the weather i tell you,,, very the cold ok! just when i have the thought of putting my heater into the box and sending my duvet to doby, that's when the chill strikes again. aigoo!!! anyhow, when it's summer, i want winter and vice versa. mankind just know how to whine but not thankful eyh? especially me myself. well, that's life as we know it

by the way, i haven't online for like what? a week? i was thinking of resuming my broadband service but later there will be people around me telling "ala, online kejap-kejap je pun. tak berbaloi la bayar 150le untuk net" then i'll be like "aah kan betul la. xpela" but my patience has its limit. if the service is so shitty, i might as well just resume my account back. hurm... the BB service has increased from 80le to 100le. tsk tsk. not just the BB service. i think most of the suff here has increased. well what else can be done. this is the life you have to endure when you are living in a 3rd world country. after living here for almost 4 yours, i feel like a stranger in my own country =_='

the exam fever is back peeps! talk about stress. i can see lots of pimples popping on my face right now and my hair is in the worst condition ever! haha. hence, i would like to this opportunity to wish all the mansouryyin, good luck and all the best on your exam. bittaufik wanagah fi imtihan insyaAllah. toksah dok pusher sangat ok! till then. see you when i see you =)

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