Friday, April 15, 2011

our day at cairo

just got back from cairo last night. what a tiring day. thank god we rented a car because we bought lots of stuff and i couldn't imagine myself going back to my place by bus while carrying all of them. haha. the net is already back on track after nearly 2 weeks. gosh! but right now, i'm at mithali stylo's place. a bit jakun cause i haven't online in a proper manner but thanks to BB i still can catch up with my friends :D right now, i'm still waiting for paah to finish making her kuih cause i'll be cooking nasi briyani for lunch today. hehe. suddenly, i feel terrible for making my dad upset. i am a bit mad at him cause he's been postponing the thing that he has to do for like nearly a month! month not days! so after he did it he text-ed me but i din't reply him. so he text-ed me again this after noon and i've decided to text him back as i'm a bit cool down this morning plus i just used the credit card. haha

dad: sab nape x reply text? macam marah je. anyway, be careful and take cre. bye

i guess he's a bit upset because there's no i love you there. hehe. so i tet-ed him back

me: no la. buat apa nak marah kat parents sendiri yang bagi makan, pakai, minum and education. xde credit je. hehe

after an hour, i'm still waiting for his reply. daddy please reply my text :(

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