Monday, May 16, 2011

after a month

hello friends and foe (hopefully i don't have 1. tee hee). well it has been a month since my last post ey? my my. talk about the bad internet connection here. well, it just that something is wrong with god knows what it is with the connection at my landlady's place. we ended up not having the internet for nearly a month! so i ended up subscribing to the broadband service. again! but this time around i'm using vodafone as my last modem i.e etisalat was stolen. why not etisalat again? because the centre is just so far away from my faculty. well enough with the internet thingy. i think i keep on saying bout this stuff in every single of my post. well not technically but i assume you guys get the picture right?

i'm broke this month. i have only 50le to survive till the end of the month and i've used some of my allowance from next month. blame it on all the electrical devices that i have to send to the electricians to repair and i just bought a vacuum. yippie! finally. after years of post-poning on buying it, i finally bought one. ouh plus i spent some on buying a new modem and for the next few months i have to put aside some money to pay for my bill :( there goes my money again. tsk tsk. living on your own is not easy but it definitely teach me how to be independent i must say. now i understand how hard it is to gain some money. sorry mum and dad! hopefully i can graduate as soon as possible and work really hard and pay back all the money that you have given to me

btw, i've just finished my practical papers. my next paper is going to be around june till end of july. wish me luck readers. i hope i can pass with flying colors and go back as soon as possible =) sometimes, i wonder who reads my blog. besides those that i know. hurm,,, mind leaving ur comment perhaps? ;)

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