Friday, June 10, 2011

10th of june 1988 - 10th of june 2011

10th of june - the day i was born. im 23 this year now. alhamdulillah... another year has been given to me to live and breathe in this world. nothing special occur to me this year. here i am in egypt, struggling to pursue my degree in medicine. as for my wish, i hope i can pass this exam with flying colours and be able to go back home with a degree in my hand soon. i wish happiness for both my parents and siblings. i hope i can give them everything they want when i have all the money i can offer to them and i wish i can be a skillfull doctor an open my own clinic one day. uh-oh, did i mention my mum got me when she was 23? ehem ehem. :p no worries, i won't be getting married soon. still a long way ahead of me :D just hoping i can find someone rich, handsome and religious. hehe. thanks for all the wishes my dear feinds and family -x0x0-

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