Saturday, June 11, 2011

my kinda party

thanks for those who made it to my birthday party last night. sorry if there was any lack in terms of food, hospitality or anything. im so happy. that's all i can say. hehe. thanks to alia's house for the fried mee hoon and chocolate cake, ime's house for the baked macaroni and ummu's house for the drinks and fruits. love you guys mucho! as for the photos, i'll upload it once i get my hands on it yah! ;) btw, i cooked chicken rice for the first time last night and thank god it turned out well. all the guests were satisfied i assumed :D let's do potluck next time before we go back to malaysia for our summer vacay. alright girlfriends? jajana,,, are you reading this? we always think of you eventhough you're not here. we all miss you missy ;)


SZ said...

hey you! i AM reading!! sorry can't make it to ur party. was there in spirits. hehe. so sweet of u sab. muah muah muah muah. miss u n love u gf!

hapi said...

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Sabrina Halim said...

so sweet of u jajana :) can't wait to meet you up