Friday, July 22, 2011


hello hello hello...

ok i sound jakun as if i haven't said it for such a long time. well yes indeed. it has been a month and a half since i last blogged. how you readers been doing? good i hope. oh my how i miss blogging so... much that words can't describe =) finally the exam has ended. Alhamdulillah... that's all i can say. let us all aim for mumtaz insyaAllah. right now, i have no plans for this holiday. i guess i'll just finish watching all the series that's left unwatched inside my hard disk. then maybe i'll just walk around aimlessly. haha. pathetic i know =_=' bare with me cause you readers will be seeing me updating my blog like once per day maybe? :p one more thing, i'll be coming home soon. soon enough to celeb raya and my BFF's birthday. i can't wait. till then. night peeps!

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