Friday, July 29, 2011

goodbye to you? never!

people said that i should come out from my shelter, stop being invisible. but for me, i love keeping a low profile though i must admit, exposing yourself is a good thing in a way or another. what shall i do? i'll take the safe approach. be in the middle i.e not too exposed and not too invisible. agree?

the post-exams should be something that we should celebate right? not with a party like what all those mat salleh do but just hanging out with friends, watching movies and chilling around. especially now that ramadhan is coming soon, we can do iftar together, terawih together. having fun while doing something for pahala in return =) . but i realize, all of my friends seem to be stressed out though it's over. why oh why? just let me know and perhaps i can do something to cheer you guys up. ok? ;)

and to YOU, i miss the old you. where have you been? come out come out wherever you are. i've known you for 4 years now. it makes me sad watching you behaving like that :( . ya Allah, please help her find her inner peace. i'm begging you. amin ya rabbalalamin


CICIPUNG said...

milik siapakah gadis ituu....
selamat berpuasa cik sab.
maii la dtg berbuka di bait mithali stylo.tehehee~ :D

Sabrina Halim said...

blh ke?
i demam
smlm xmkn pape pun
makan muntah

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