Friday, May 16, 2008

bored?? shouldn't be

feeling bored ryte now. actually not bored but maybe a lil bit of lazy. wait a sec! not a lil bit but a lot. gosh sabrina! what are you thinking ryte now? blogging while actually you are supposed to be studying for exams? man.. i am sick. haha. what to do. some sort of lazyness struck me since the anat paper thingy. guess im not in a good condition.

i've just finished watching season 3 supernatural. that bella girl is a pain in your ass. always make trouble for the winchesters. luckily my boy sam handle it very well. haha. serve her ryte. bella was dead at the season finale. hate her. she shouldn't be in that series. good to know that the producer ended her character. the reason you should catch the series is because ruby. surprisingly, she's a demon trying to save the winchesters whila she's actually supposed to kill them. she's a hottie. seriously damn pretty. jesse's ex- girlfriend. she's willing to kill herself for the sake of the winchesters. another thing is the deal between dean's contract with the demon. seriously wana know what will happen to him. is he gonna make it or is he gonna die? please don't let him die. im sure he manage to pull himself out of the contract.

whoa! its nearly maghrib. gtg now. then have to study. studying is like never ending for me. hahaha. k k k. daa

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