Thursday, May 8, 2008

exam mode

im currently in exam mode. haiya. tons of thngs 2 study. honestly, i din finish reading d books. just imginela.. 6 books 2 study for 1 subject. matila.. haha. i guess i'll jst go out there n answer my paper wit crossng finger. hopefully god will help me this time. amin.. really need d luck. 2 all my friends, do pray 4 me yah. huhuhu. can't wait 4 all of this 2 b over. senpai must b really relieved ryte now coz they already started their exams n mostly finished their 1st subject. we all d 1st year still terkedek2 2 answer d paper. haha. kla. that's all from me now. long time din blog. miss typing it here. well, i'll continue soon. dunno when but d least s till i finish my anatomy paper. daa peeps!!

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