Saturday, May 31, 2008

beyt keberkatan

introducing my beyt keberkatan member (from left upward: kak nani, sabrina a.k.a me, izati, syahida, ilani). actually there are 6 of us but kak tirah didn't want her pic to be included. she's such a modest person. after the end of this summer holiday, we are moving out from our house insyaAllah because the rent is quite expensive. hahaha. maybe there won't be six of us. don't know how the orientation will be yet but so far 3 of us are staying together (me, cida, lani). the rest are still in consideration. hahaha. kinda sad because we are no longer staying together. the saddest thing is that kak nani didn't wana move out with me. we're so close. we go everywhere together but i guess i just have to get use not having her around me. my best friend, alia is also moving out and that makes another lost for me because we don't know whether we are staying nearby or not. i was hoping that we could stay nearby so that it will be easier for me to hang out with her because we both love to shop. though she's younger than me by 1 year, i fell like she's a big sister to me. the way she advise me, guide me and she's always there whenever i need her. she's not perfect but i'm glad that i have her as my bestfriend. hopefully our friendship will last forever yah alia! love u so much. -xoxo-

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