Sunday, September 14, 2008

in malaysia again

alhamdulillah.. finally i can celebrate eid in malaysia. felt really thankful to my parents. thought of not going back next year but bah already bising kata nape xmo balik. huhuhu. on 12th september, i woke up at 7am in the morning (slept really late the night before that coz went for a last minute shopping. i even missed my sahur), took the bath and prepared to go to block b where the tremco waiting for all of us to go to the airport. luckily. kak nani and aten sent me there so i'm not all alone. too bad bobo didn't go coz she slept after subuh that day. so just say goodbye from home. i left mansoura at 9am and reached the airport at 11am. left egypt at 2.25pm and had a journey for 2 hours and 45 minutes. transit at bahrain for 3 hours and continue a 7 hours and 30 minutes journey to malaysia. reached here on 13th september at 9.20am local time. p/s: will continue later. had a busy day. ciao


nadyra aiza said...

yeah.. welcome back sab!!

jaja said...

seronoknye die kat msia da.. huu.. have fun kay? nak balik gak.. sab, byr kn tiket.. brape ribu je pun.. dlm RM3k je..bole la sab.. hwaaa~