Wednesday, December 31, 2008

porridge yum yum

this is how my porridege looks like p/s: minus the chopstick. took this from someone else's page. hihihi. creedit to him@her

the reason on why i picked porridge - i'm so clueless right now on what to write at the moment but yet, it is one of my favourite food. hahaha. so yesterday day i cooked porridge because there's no more fish @ chicken in the freezer. so i just mixed the porridge with carrot.

bobo: sab, kita ni macam somalia je makan bubur letak carrot. nasib baik ada carrot. hahaha

me: tau xpe. huhuhu

i made the porridge as requested by bobo. so when i put the salt, i can't really see the quantity of it because the kitchen's light is yellow. it's so dazzling but i thought i didn't pour that much of it. when i taste it, god knows how salty it is. so i pour more water in it. later, i asked bobo to taste it and she said "sedap molek". so i turned off the fire, i pour some for me and i eat it while i watch romantic princess. hell it's still salty but i just finished it up. thank god i was distracted by the series during that moment :p

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