Friday, December 5, 2008

cooking cooking ~

woke up quite late today. got the new speed for my net. so a bit excited downloading hannah montana. kekeke. went to muhafzah with bobo around 3.00 pm and waited for the cab nearly half an hour. the same goes when we went back to our house. so suey. haiz~. got back home around 4.30 pm and i changed my clothes to cook. as requested by my housemates, i cooked the fillet that was given by our landloard. yum yum. i cooked in the dark because the light went out. another suey. though it's only 5 something but it's already dark outside. so i used my hp's light. pathethic huh? i don't know how to cook the fillet so i asked aten how to cook it. she told me to mix the flour with jintan before i deep fry it. confidently, i went to the kitchen and suddenly i asked bobo

me: bo, jintan tu ap?

bobo: entah eh! aku pun x pernah nampak

honestly, i don't know how does the jintan looks like. how stupid is that? luckily i found the kentucky flour and i used that instead of mixing the jintan with the flour. it turned out so yummy. i cooked sambal and as for the veggies, i just cut the cucumber and tomatoes because i can't do much without the lights on. we enjoyed the meal so much and hopefully our mama and baba will give us food again in the future (i'm crossing my fingers. kekeke)


nadyra aiza said...

hehe.. sab.. sab..
cm lwk je ur post this time.. ;)

sabrina halim said...

hahaha. tau xpe. 2 yg xcted tulis psl bnd ni.